Beauty Review: Citrus & Spice All Natural Body Scrub

FACT: Your Head Newb here is a fan of bathing.

Granted I hope you ALL like to bathe but what I mean is I truly enjoy soaking in a hot bubble bath after a sweat fest at the gym or particularly stressful day. As a matter of fact, as I type this post on my lunch break I am already looking forward to a nice warm bubbly.

But what can take an all ready blissful experience to the next level? An exfoliant to scrub off of those dead skin cells to reveal beautifully smooth and luscious skin. And not just an kind of exfoilator. Many contain hash ingredients that do more bad than good to your skin. Some are too harsh while others aren’t grainy enough.

Face it, finding a great exfoilator isn’t all THAT easy.

Let me introduce to you:

INGREDIENTS Ultra-Moisturizing, All Natural body scrub by M.B. Carey & Co. Ltd.

Everybody say “Ohhh” and “Ahhhh”! The line-up is as follows.

Citrus & Spice, Lavender/Mint, Patchouli/Pine – MSRP: $40.00 – 19 oz. /538.5 gm. Tub

Citrus & Spice, Lavender/Mint, Patchouli/Pine – MSRP: $6.00 – 2.5 oz. /70.8 gm. Jar

I used the Citrus & Spice and wa-wa-wooow….I would have never thought of actually using cinnamon in a scrub but it works out beautifully. I used it in a bubble bath and wanted to just sleep in the tub for hours. It was wonderful!

Is it just me or does this look….edible? Yum!

The scrub consists of only a few products: coarse sea salt, mineral oil, petrolatum, cinnamon, clover and Sweet Orange essential oil. I’m finding that using SALT in an scrub as far better than sugar because not only dissolves but it isn’t sticky. See the dissolving action?


SCRUB with a bit of water

I was a little weary with the scrub containing mineral oil as mineral oil can be a property that clogs pores. However, Mommy the herbalist said that its use in small doses is not harmful. I found that I didn’t even need to apply lotion after using it so I definitely understand its purpose in the scrub!

Overall: A+ from B. You too should pamper yourself with this and other wonderful products from M.B. Carey & Co. Ltd. Visit their website at:

Sound like a product that you would like to try? Tell me!

Stay beautiful!

  • Askmewhats

    yes definitely sounds like a product worth trying! :) I get to be scared if a product contain oil..but if its minimal, definitely it’s ok :) Love the look of it!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Yes! I ‘d definitely try this scrub!! Thanks for introducing it to us!

  • Amina

    sounds yummy!!
    i also love bathes….
    i am telling you great minds think alike because that’s my next post :)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Yes I would try it too…I love a great scrub.
    thanks for the great review B.

  • Miss Anjela


    I’ve just started to use a shower scrub to help get rid of my bacne and just to feel super clean. I’m using the Soft and Beautiful Skin MoistureSoft Exfoliating Body Polish right now and it smell so freaking good! How about your scrub looks like chocolate chip cookie dough?! Lucky duck!! I’m adding this to my list to just because it looks like ice cream! :)

  • Smirking Cat

    A good scrub is hard to find! I couldn’t stand Sephora’s brand body scrub. I just tried a body salt scrub with oil in it, and I felt greased even after washing it off, ick. I stick with good old St. Ives until I find something better!