FOTD Friday: Travel Edition

Okay so don’t you love Fridays that come too soon? I mean it really feels like a Thursday for me. But hey—I’m so not complaining. Last Friday I was livin’ it up in Chicago so I figured I would show you wonderful people a few shots of a city that I fell in love with. Because I went on business, I didn’t get a chance to do much. But that’s more motivation for me to go back. Who wants to plan a trip with me?!

How beautiful is the lobby of my hotel? I stayed at the downtown Hilton Chicago.

My first trek down the Magnificent Mile (aka Michigan Ave). This street is located in the middle of downtown and is full of stores, shops and restaurants.

Downtown Chicago! Gorgeous!

Every time I visit a new city, I love to take pictures of famous streets. I have everything from Sunset Blvd to Bourbon Street and Broadway.

The beautiful Millennium Park…

Looook! An HK scarf? Had to have it!

I visited the world’s oldest African American museum. And here I watched Barak Obama’s historical speech. I will never forget that moment.

And what’s a trip to Chicago without some Chicago-style pizza? I could only eat one piece. While it was yummy, I had to hit the hotel’s track a good 7 times before I felt like myself again.

The Sears Tower from my hotel room….

Ohhh Chicago…how I miss thee!

Have any of you visited Chicago? It had such a wonderful “vibe” to me. Next city to visit? Vegas, baby!!! Where are you trying to visit?

Uh? What? Orlando? *wink*

Have a beautiful weekend, kids!

  • Amina

    thank you for sharing the pictures girl!
    I’ve been to Chicago 3 times….it was so fun!
    The Du Sable Museum is great…i had a hard time at the beginning when you approach too much the paintings, the alarm will go…

  • Anonymous

    Hello. I actually live in Chicago…well…the south suburbs. However, I attend college in Chicago so I get to see it every day. I love this city, just not when it’s raining like it is now.

  • Askmewhats

    I love your photos!!! I am the same, if I travel somewhere, I would take shots of those famous places! and i love the hello kitty scarf! and i love your “longing look” photo!!! so cute!!! I’m glad its friday!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I loved seeing your photographs. :) That last photo is gorgeous by the way. Very artistic.
    I’d love to visit Chicago.. I really want to see NYC, though. And Seattle!! That would be truly wonderful!

  • Shen

    everytime i travel within my coutnry.. i take pics of the oddest places that people get bored lookin at it coz they can’t relate.. but when i tell them stories about it, that the time they get hooked up. :) i like taking pics of pics you don’t normally see in books.. i mean, they are already there.. so i try to see what else is in store for me… :) hmm… is that weird.. btw your hair is rockin! and your photography skills are sooo impressive!! great shots! :)

  • Lorie

    The pizza is my fav! My bestie lives in Chicago, so I’m always hoping for someone to visit that wonderful city with. I’ve never been to that museum, but it looks magnificent. You got to see the river, did you get to ride the L? I know I was terrified to ride it at first, too many episodes of Law and Order. Glad you love that city as much as I do. I don’t know if they closed Michael Jordan’s restaurant or not, but the mural next to it, was beautiful.

  • Alyssia

    Chicago is beautiful, I love to visit…but could never live there! Traffic is a B****!!! Did you go to ChinaTown…I got a ton of great Hello Kitty stuff for my nieces … (and me lol) while I was there!

  • B

    Amina–> I had the chance to go to the Mexican Art museum but ditched it to go run some errands. LOL, I suck. And OMG, I would have died had an alarm gone off on me. The museum is soooo pretty though.

    Anon–> *jealous smile* Okay, so let's do trade places for like—a year. LOL! I so wish I could just up and move to Chicago but I don't know how I'd be able to handle that snow. Yikes!

    Nikki–> I'm coming to see you next so make sure you vacuum. 😉 Happy Friday!

    Anon–> I would loooove to visit Seattle. Why isn't that on my list? Or is it? It just seems like it would be so pretty. And girl, NYC–definitely one of my favorite cities.

    Shen–> A true photographer speaks, uh? Before I got heavy into beauty editing, I was doing photography. I have a portfolio and everything. I looove taking "different" shots too. Having a story behind a photo is the greatest feeling ever. :)

    Lorie–> I saw the river but noooo, I didn't get to ride. :( Next time, next time. LOL @ Law and Order episodes. I know what you're talking about. MJ had a restaurant? Hmm…missed that.

    Alyssia–> Girl, traffic in Chi-Town can't be worse than traffic in LA. It is insaaaane. I didn't go to China Town. Might have been a good thing. I would have been madd broke b/c I drop too many pennies on Hello Kitty stuffs. And I'm a grown woman. Go figure!

  • Mrs. Lynne,

    Oh that looks so gorgeous. I’m so glad you were able to see some of the great things in this world.


    Chicago looks beautiful! My next stop is Vegas and I’m soooo excited! I’m going before the end of the month :)

  • Jamila

    I am so glad that you had a good time. Mr. Brown and I are trying to find some time to make it to Florida to visit his family. Not near Orlando though. Up in the pan handle. Yeah… he’s country for real! Lol!

  • ohsoshy

    I’ve only been once, but I fell in love with the city immediately! I want to go back so bad!

  • jhazline

    Wow, fabulous shots, seems taken by a professional photographer, are you? Thanks for sharing the photos to us. I wish I could come to you in Vegas….


    – – – – – – –
    Your life deserves a place like this.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful decor in Hilton Chicago, but the tiniest rooms I have ever seen in my life. We stayed in the continental suites and still the room was tiny because the hotel in the first one built in Chi-town, I think. Chicago is great though, nothing like it.

  • Savvy Mode SG

    chicago looks wonderful. i should have gone with bf on his trip. darn it.

  • Gangstarr Girl

    It’s funny you ask that because i have a list of cities to visit before I turn 30. I’ve crossed LA off the list in July but now there’s Paris, Shibuya (Tokyo), Atlanta (again), Chicago, and Lagos (or somewhere in West Africa TBD). I’m gunning for Tokyo in ’09 and working on saving up some dough because I’m going to pay for it with cash! No more credit cards!!!!! Hmm, this sounds like a blog lol.

    P.S. When you go to Vegas, make sure to visit Fruition LV. It’s a vintage store that specializes in 80s and 90s gear. Girl, they have Africa medallions lol.

  • tokyostargirl

    I have never been to Chicago, but I have some friends that live there that I’ve been meaning to visit.

    How about a trip to Tokyo? =)

  • Tiffany

    Grew up in Chicago.
    Northside girl
    I LOVE that city!

    Vegas is cool.

    Next trip is back to New York and then I want to take my husband to Boston.


    Love your twists!
    Did you do them yourself?

  • Just_Wondering

    Those pictures look awesome and you’ve convinced me to take a second look at visiting chicago!

  • Coffee

    Oh how I LOOOVE Chicago. I was out there for 3 months doing an audit. Work was pure HELL but Chicago made up for it. My goal is to live there one day. It’s a cleaner, better, friendlier NY.

    Next up, Vegas March 2009. I can’t wait!

    Love your blog!

  • Afrodite

    Vegas is the jam!

    It’s like the go-to weekend/vacation spot for west coasters because it’s so close. Do your research on the hotels before going because u might think ur getting a 4/5-star experience and you get there and they have ants (Monte Carlo). Eek!

  • Pumps And Gloss

    Wait a minute, You did not let me know about HK Scarf…Oooh B, we need to talk LOL I need 2 of the scarves!!

    Where can I purchase?!?!

  • nilla cookie

    Love seeing your photos of this beautiful city! I was there back in April; every time I go, it’s like the first time :)

    And coincidentally, I’ll be heading off Las Vegas in November!!!


  • Product Junkie Diva

    Hey those shots looks great.
    I have some friends in Chi. who invited me to come down…looks like a great place. That hotel is BEAUTIFUL.

  • PBW

    You look so pretty in that purple dress. Then again is there any color you don’t rock the heck out of!?!

    Chicago is my hometown, and I love it – until it gets cold and windy.

    Great photos! That pizza photo has me practically licking my laptop screen!

    I used to play in front of the DuSable museum in the late 60s/early70s. Back then it was the size of a shed.

  • SuzieC

    Love the window shot! Chicago is on my list of places to visit. We have a conference there so hopefully I’ll get to go.

  • Nicole

    Chicago is definitely on my list. Actually its in the top 3. You should definitely check out Seattle, its a great place. I’m heading up there on Saturday for a friend’s wedding (I live in Portland so its just a 3 hour drive). I wouldn’t trade Portland for Seattle, but I love that city. Go in the summer if you ever make it up there, unless you love the rain.

  • Grayburn

    I absolutely adore Chicago and the Magnificent Mile when I visited. They have such a beautiful skyline.

    hope all is well,
    x Grayburn

  • jim

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