Good news tidbits

I forgot to tell you folx….guess who is MahoganyButterfly’s first ever Blogger of the Week? Yours truly! You can check check out my interview here. You may find out some things about Ms. B that you neeeever knew. *wink* And if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for?

OH–and I have more news to share:

A few months ago, I entered a contest and uh, I won. Which shocked me because I was one of those little girls growing up who never even won BINGO (still sad about that….). I entered Clinique’s Beauty Insider contest. Applicants were asked to submit a 1-minute video and a bio of themselves. 20 people would be selected to review and post articles AND videos on Clinique’s website.

Um, can you say, amazing?

I feel so fortunate to be able to represent a company that is not only impeccable in the skincare area but cosmetics as well!

I wanted to let you, my readers know, in case you notice the increase of Clinique products in my FOTDs and skincare regime, should I post them.

I am so excited and thank you all for your continued support. I will do what I can to be a great Beauty Insider! In the meantime…check out the Skin Anaylsis. This short quiz not only tells you what kind of skin you have but creates a little medicine cabinet for you and shows you which products would work best for you. I’m Skin Type I. Tell me yours!

And I’m starting to work the hair a little more. I forgot how much fun it was to have short hair and be able to wash it everyday! Loves it!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

  • Askmewhats

    Congratulations for winning the Clinique contest!!! I am so happy for you!!! ANd Clinique is a good brand, i am a loyal user of their 3 step skincare program! :)

    I am loving your photo! now now, you are rockin’ your ‘do!!! *hugs*

    I am heading to the article on the interview! so excited! Congrats dear!

  • Amina

    yay!! congrats!! I am so proud of you!
    I am off to check out the article

  • antithesis

    congrats on your win! i’m all for hearing about clinique.

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Congrats on the interview! It wouldn’t let me leave a comment there, but this is what I wrote:

    I love Clumps of Mascara!! Brittany and I are like long-distance friends who have never met!! :-)

  • rmcandlelight

    Congratulations. Go gett’em tiger.
    I am skin type 2. I need to buy this product.

    Your short hair cut is gorgeous.

  • Jamila AKA Betty B

    Congrat! *commencing “Happy/ you go girl” dance*

  • Ms. Aja B.

    Yay & congratulations for all of the blessings that are coming your way! Clinique & I have had an interesting love/hate relationship, so I am interested to see what tips you have for Brown skin beauties!

  • Dominican Enigma

    Wow mama! Congrats to you!!!!!!!! You go girl!

  • Alyssia

    hey lady! congrats! I’m so proud of you! It seems like I’ve been around for quite some time, and you’re doing soooo much and growing everyday! It’s important that we don’t become complacent, you are inspire me to do more with my blog…cuz Lord knows that it’s as basic as BASIC can get! =)

  • B

    Nikki–> I think Clinique's 3-step program was my first REAL skin regime ever. I am so excited to be working with them! You diggin' the hair? Heyyy!!

    Amina–Thanks sis!

    Antithesis–> Thank you so much for your continued support. I really appreciate it!

    BGG–> Okay, you know we're like total BFFs. Remember when COM and BGG were babies? Awww—they are growing up!

    rmcandlelight–> You've been there for such a long time and I realllly appreciate it. Muah! And I thought I should have been Type II but hmm….interesting.

    Jamila–> LOL, thank you. Why can I picture you doing that dance?

    Aja B–> I have lots of goodies in store for COM readers and supporters. Just you wait and see. Thanks so much for the love!

    DE–> Yaaay, thank you!

    Alyssia–> I knowww!! You've been there from the beginning too. And it just takes time, chile. We'll all get to where we need to be. Muah!

  • The Ish

    I’ve never won BINGO either; never been the lucky type.
    CONGRATS on your win. I think it was more skill, personality, talent, and less luck. You deserve it.
    ’till next time…

  • Product Junkie Diva

    WOW, I am so happy for you and proud of you.
    CONCRATS, you totally deserve it!!!

  • Luxe Tips

    Congrats girl! I wanted to enter that contest, but did not…I am so glad you will be representing! Also congrats on the interview!

  • Toya

    Congrats, Mama!

  • My Fashion Frenzy

    YAY! YAY! YAY! =)

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve never tried Clinique as I am a die hard Neutrogena fan. I have been using their Oil free acne wash gel and I love it. I really want to try Clinique’s DDMG, especially since Sephora has the kit with the large lotion. Hmmm, maybe after I see a review posted……

  • janel

    hi b! congrats on the interview–really nice job! i love it; you seem to be getting it together–yay!! on your contest win: again congrats! this must be huge for ya–i’m off to check out the skin analysis! be blessed! janel

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    I guess you were do for a win:) Conrats!