Mascara Monday: CoverGirl Lash Exact

Happy Monday, pretty people! I hope that you all had wonderful weekends. Between checkin’ out Tyler Perry’s newest movie, shoppin’ at Ikea (OMG, I loooove that place), studying for the GRE and workin’ out, I was able to stay pretty busy. And I doubt I will ever love Mondays except for no other reason that Mascara Mondays. Yessss!!! Check out what we have this week.

CoverGirl’s Lash Exact Mascara

Price: 3.5 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

What it claims: “No clumps on the brush means no clumps on the lashes for a DEFINED and LONG lash look.”

The truth: Hmm, it’s not bad. I didn’t get any clumps so it stands up against its claim!

What I loved about it: I really like the brush….but then again, I’m becoming a fan to the 3D wand since I’m learned how to use it efficiently.

What I didn’t like: Ummm, I would have liked if it gave me a little bit of curl. But I got nada. And even after I pumped the lashes with an eyelash curler a few times it was still didn’t a hold a “decent” curl.

Overall: I know this mascara isn’t new. It was reader requested by a lovely reader. Hey Claire! CoverGirl has since released LashBlast so LashExact is a bit on the “throwback” tip. But can I say something? Um….the wand, beautiful! You all know that I am a sucker for packaging so it was pleasant to have this baby girl in the mascara stash. As far as performance, hmm….it’s okay. I was able to achieve a good amount of volume. Length was pretty decent too. I didn’t get much of the flaky-flaky and was impressed with how well it stood up all day. Snagged this baby for about $7. Not too shabby.

Would I recommend it: Hmmmm….if you have something decent, stick with it. If you want to purchase this mascara just for experimental purposes, go for it. Otherwise….I say let it slide.

Check out the video review by clicking the link below:

CoverGirl Lash Exact

What do you think about this mascara? Have you tried it and liked it?

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  • *Jen*

    hey B!

    looking gorgeous as always. i always eye this one longingly when i pass it in the drugstore aisles, so at least now i know i don’t need it! i’ll definitely be letting it slide =D

    hope that had a lovely beautiful weekend!

  • yummy411

    i was introduced to mascara with this and it was one of my faves.. i loved the length and definition it gave my lashes. it’s a great match/combo for a volumizing mascara!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I feel the same way. If it weren’t for the purple tube I’d prob let it go lol

  • Danyelle

    I agree, this mascara just doesn’t do it for me. LashBlast has upstaged it for sure. BTW…I like your hair!!! 😉 xoxo

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I’ve never tried any CoverGirl mascara, but since they’re typically inexpensive I just might give it a try.

  • SuzieC

    This was and still is one of my faves! It gave fabulous results.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I have this mascara and I think it is cool, it isn’t life changing but for me it works. I like that I don’t get that clumpy mess that goes along with some of the other mascaras.
    Happy Monday.

  • Milan

    I love this one. It gives me incredible length so when I want long lashes I reach for this and when I want more volume (not necessarily length) I reach for my Lashblast. Definitely a fav and I’ve repurchased a few times over.

  • Tammy M

    I really think you are rocking the short hair! I am not a huge fan of CG mascaras…for drugstore mascaras I tend to go for Loreal…

  • Askmewhats

    I have tried the tester and you’re right, its nothing bad but nothing great too! thanks for this!

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    Not impressed with this one. It’s one of the ones I threw out when I cleaned out my mascara stash.

  • slvrlips

    This was my first experimental mascara purchases and I must say I liked it but for some reason didn’t rebuy it. I do like the 3d wand and its ablity to volumize w/o the clumps. Great review

  • Anonymous

    i just bought this mascara !!! (yesterdary).. im trying today.. i heard so many good lets try! do you have a review on sky high curves by maybelline? (waterproof)…if no..u should do one!! ITS MY FAVORITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… :) have a nice day and i love ur blog xoxo

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