My hair is goooone.

I’m hoping that everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day! This post isn’t on the schedule (yes, yall…I have a schedule, crazy….) but I had to share it with you. Being a Black woman with natural hair isn’t easy. What should be easy, isn’t. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I love my natural texture.

Buuuut—I mad a horrible horrible HORRIBLE mistake in straightening it. For a week back in May I was rockin’ this:

I mean….I was fly. Trouble with wearing this cute wrap was that my natural hair would not come back! I spent 5 months working with half straight-half nappy hair. It was so difficult to work with that I pretty much wore wraps and scarves 90% of the time. And even while hair looks pretty decent here:

…..looks can be rather deceiving. So I decided to start over. Don’t be shocked. I mean, it really is a HUGE difference. And I can’t say I am in love with it but—it had to be done.

….ummm, so yeah. Can’t quite crack a smile yet because it is still growing on me. Took me 5 hours to convince myself that I didn’t look like a Black man named Tyrone. Of course I had to do a vid. The more I watch it the better I think it looks.

So what do you folx think? Be honest! And you don’t have to be “Anonymous” to tell me your thoughts. LOL! Seriously. And I have to work with this since I don’t dig weaves or wigs so *sigh*…..I’ll make it do what it do. I am one step closer to sportin’ beauty locs!

Hope you are all to a wonderful upcoming week!

Stay beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I think its cute!!
    Love the color. :)

  • Amina

    First Empressri, then you!!
    My jaw dropped but you look BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I loved it and don’t you love the feeling of the water running through your scalp??

    The more I look at it, the more I really see your cheekbones, how it frames so much your face….it looks fab!!
    And this time around, it will be easier than the big chop because you know how to take care of your hair, the products that work!!
    Did you cut it off yourself?

    Are you still locking? The more time goes by, the more I think they are not for me…
    Don’t worry about looking like a guy?
    When I was in NY, my BFF who hasn’t seen me in 2 years( I had relaxed hair) told me I looked like a guy…I was a bit sad but I’d rather be Tyrone and natural…lol..

  • janel

    hey b! love the new ‘do! yay for you–it looks really cute–and it will grow out so quickly you won’t know what to do with it! LOL “lookin’ like tyrone” huh?–NOT!! are you seriously considering locs? you go girl–i sarted mine back in january of this year, and i still can’t believe how much growth i’ve experienced in just 8 months! whatever you decide, you can definitely rock the look…be blessed! janel

  • B

    Anon–> Thank you so much!

    Amina–> Sis, you've made me feel so much better. LOL @ being Tyrone and natural. I feel you. I didn't cut it. I went to this sista at SuperCuts and she charged me $13 and did a great job at even-ing up everything. And yes, washing the hair is just glorious. I forgot how much fun it was having short hair!

    Janel–> I have been wanting locs for awhile so the 2nd BC is definitely going to be the jump off. Yours are looking beautiful so you are definitely an inspiration!

  • naptress

    Oh lady u look great…loving the color…and I speak from experience…I used to have a natural hair salon in the midwest..soo I’m all about natural hair! lol when I cut my hair I changes up my wardrobe to very ladylike..I’m working on a new makeup palette…but I feel very chic and I love the ease of it…a new color may be on the horizon

  • naptress

    ohh try after shampooing putting some product(i’m using curly custard at the moment) and doing chunky twist then pull them apart to funktify it a bit

  • Askmewhats

    Being nice aside —- (totally true comment ok?)

    I honestly think you don’t have ANYTHING to worry about B, I love this look, to start with, it was surprising after scrolling down from straight, to long, then to super short! but when I watched your video and look at your photos again, I honestly think you look great, you know why? Coz I can see your face better! You just lack the “Glow” of smiling! But when you put back that happy smile! I wouldn’t even care if you’re BALD! 😀 *hugs* I LOVE IT B!!!! Work it girl!

  • SuzieC

    B you look great! I understand the feelings. When I first chopped I think I just stared at myself for a good hour, like WTH did I just do!!

    I second Amina your features come out so much more and I love the color!

    I hear you on the earings. My mom branded it on my brain that girls NEVER leave the house without earings. When I first chopped my earings just got larger and larger…lol

  • Gangstarr Girl

    Your hair looks gorgeous! But I can def relate. My hair is loc’d now, but I went through the same thing when I first went natural but I was worse. I chopped my own hair off on a whim one day and after that, I was so in shock that I wore a head wrap every day for 3 months. It was so bad that people thought I had converted to a new religion. But one day, my college roommate got sick of the head wraps so she demanded that I dye my hair and then put it in some nice little plaits. I got so many compliments that i realized how ridiculous I as being. Now I love my hair and I haven’t changed it from the color I dyed it then, it’s been 7 years. Good luck with your journey and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up. I’ve dibbled and dabbled with so many different products because I refuse to pay the exorbitant costs for natural haircare at salons. I’ve become a walking hairikipidia lol.

  • yummy411

    i love it! reminds me of when i did my big chop. i did a similar color! however, i didn’t feel as confident in big earrings… you work it ma!

  • Vi Anne

    although I love the old hair better on you (like the second picture), this is not bad at all… and no, you don’t look like a black man named Tyrone. You are still lovely. :)

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks beautiful! You look absolutely great and I think it’s wonderful how you don’t do weaves or nuthin :) You look great girl so work it ~

  • <3 Shawnta

    OK! A black man named Tyrone….now B you got the kids coming in and asking if I’m alright!LOL! I love the color hun and the tude in the pic above the video.

  • <3 Shawnta

    OK! A black man named Tyrone….now B you got the kids coming in and asking if I’m alright!LOL! I love the color hun and the tude in the pic above the video.

  • <3 Shawnta

    OK! A black man named Tyrone….now B you got the kids coming in and asking if I’m alright!LOL! I love the color hun and the tude in the pic above the video.

  • <3 Shawnta

    OK! A black man named Tyrone….now B you got the kids coming in and asking if I’m alright!LOL! I love the color hun and the tude in the pic above the video.

  • KoffeeDyme

    wow… I was waiting for this moment.. since i remember you talking about killing ur napps… but honestly you do pull it off… I dont think i could… so rock it for me sis…

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    You braver than me girl. I love it, it’ll be back in no time.

  • B

    Naptress–> Can you relocate to Central Florida! I can't find a natural salon to save my life. Ugh! I definitely can't wait until it gets long enough to do the chunky fro. That was my best friend the first time I chopped.

    Nikki–> Thank you sooo much, Nikki. You just don't know how good you've made me feel. *hugs*

    Suzie–> Giiiirl, don't I know it! I feel like I have to wear HUGE earrings now. But I like the change. I actually look older and not like a 19 year old anymore.

    GG Girl–> When my hair grows up and into beautiful locs, they want to look like yours. I mean, seriously!!! And OMG at wearing a scarf for 3 months straight. I feel you though–I did the same thing for a week when I first chopped. That intial reaction is the worst, uh? You know I'm adding you to the rolodex right? LOL!

    Yums–> Another loc'd inspiration. Thank you sis!!! And what? I know you can rock the huge earrings.

    Vi Anne–> Thank you so much for your honesty, sweets. *sigh* It'll grow baaaack. :)

    Anon–> Thank youuu! Yeah, I think a lot of ladies can rock wigs and weaves but I never really wanted to so I can to deal with what I have. :)

    Shawnta–> You so silly. And you know what I'm talkin' about so don't laugh at me, cuz! LOL—I laughed when I wrote it so yeah….

    KD–> Yeahhh, I told you I would do it, uh? Yep, it's gone. You're still a new napptural but honey after 3 years of going through sooo much little things like this don't even phase you. Watch.

    Jaimie–> LOL, thank you. Chile, I'm not brave. I cried about it for a minute—didn't add that party in the post, though. Hehe.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    you look great, are you kidding me, it is totally cute!!!!!!
    No you don’t look like you are a mess for writing

  • Nemesis

    Loves it!! Reminds me of my BC a couple of years ago…and that color is great on you…YOU LOOK LIKE THE DIVA YOU ARE!!!!!!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    You look beautiful!! The color is gorgeous! The length you want will be back in no time!! :-)

    I just admire sistas who can chop off they’re hair and not look back!!

  • Alyssia

    Look at you! It’s so cute! And the color fits you well. I love it! =) and I too can not wear my hair natural/curly because I press it so much that I have strands that LOOK like i still have chemical in my hair. One day I will be as brave as u!

  • Apple Diva

    I have been anticipating these pics. I like it, you look very Chicago-like.

  • Sass

    its beautiful sweetie! you definitely have the face for it. i know how traumatic it is though and i sooo admire your bravery, its never easy to do a big chop. but it is just hair like you said.

  • Nicole

    You look beautiful! Lovin’ the Obama tee!

  • naptress

    Girl I was just visiting friends in ft lauderdale and miami….it is way to hot and humid,lol…we have recently relocated to portland or…I’m digging it but sometimes I do miss all my natural hair clients…I love coming up with natural style ..when I put up pics of my clients on my blog I will send u the link..rock them naps lady!!

  • Lani

    lmfao “black man named tyrone”. oh please, you could be bald or have dreads down to your knees and you’d still be fab! LOL. you know i love you. 😉

  • Danyelle

    Wooooow B! I’ll be in shock for a while but its growing on me the more I look at your pic. I wish it could have been something else a lil less drastic as a 5 inch chop.

    And I feel you on the wearing big earrings and making sure everything on your face is on point. Thats the same way I felt when I first started doing braid outs; it takes a while to get used to it.

    Nevertheless, you still have a beautiful face and spirit thats helping you pull off the hair!

  • B

    PJD–> You know I'm dramatic, sis. LOL–thanks for the love!

    Nemesis–> I wanna see your BC pictures. Show me, show me!

    BGG–> Thank you, lovely. Sometimes I shock myself at how we can just cut off the hair like it's nothing. Yikes!

    Alyssia–> Girl, I still have some straight strands and they look sooo funny. HA!!

    Apple Diva–> Thank you, Twitter fam!

    Sass–> You're right. I'm choppin' it up to the game (whatever that means…lol).

    Nicole–> Thanks sis! Obama '08 all the way!!

    Naptress–> Well next time you visit maybe you can pay Orlando/Tampa/St. Pete area a visit. LOL! Hook a sista up with some locs or somethin'. Can't wait to check out your pics!

    Lani–> My sister for liiiife. How I love thee! Thank you!

    Dany–> Okay, I've known you for like what? 15 years? LOL–probably longer. I'll make a trip to Tally hopefully before next month and you'll see it. I'm startin' to dig it the more I look at it!

  • Lish

    I like it with the big earrings…didnt i already tell you that you look like a queen?????? its cute on..but with all haircuts they look better as they grow out. no worries your still hott! lol.

    Tyrone??? LMAOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Sunshyne

    LOL @ “black man named tyrone”, gurl your funny, the BC looks good on you. The color is cute too. You’ll get used to it in to time!

  • so blu is ninja too

    Lady you know you’re rocking this hairdo don’t you?
    natural hair is beautiful on a beautiful woman like you.. (oh but you already know that don’t you?)

  • tokyostargirl

    super duper cute! i wish i looked good with short hair!

  • The Ish

    I think it’s gorgeous! As a Sis who has had locs for 7 yrs, I can tell you it’s always good to start the locs w/virgin, chemical-free hair b/c if you don’t the chemically treated hair will begin to break off anyway, leaving you w/raggedy locs. And nobody wants raggedy locs! Good luck in your napptural journey!
    ’till next time…

  • The Ish

    One more thing – LOVE the t-shirt!

  • Belle Cheveux

    Girl, when you said “I cut it all off” I thought you meant just a few inches! I LOVE the BC though! Now you can start fresh.

  • B

    Lish–> Okay, you're my best friend. I love you!!

    Sunshyne–> Thanks sweets. I'm actually realllly loving it now!

    Blu ninja–> Yay!! Thanks!

    The Ish–> OMG, I can not WAIT until I rock the locs! Another Obama fan? Alriiiight!

    Belle–> Thanks sweetums. LOL, yeah girl…I cut it allll off. Literally. :)

  • Afrodite

    Lmao! What about you looking like a grown man named Tyrone?!?

    Um, no…but short hair does take a while to get used to so I can dig it.

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  • AnyaPosh

    WOW!!!! I haven’t been here in such a while so I had no clue you cut it off. I plan to straighten my 4a hair this weekend with a flat iron so I can trim the end but darn… I hope my natural hair reverts to it’s normal curl after I wash it. Sheesh…yikes, i’m scared.

  • Big Cheekz

    i'm all up in ur archives, but i had to comment on this. i am natural now for the 2nd time around. the first time around i got a press, it was half staight like urs & i said eff it & put my perm back in. 2 yrs later i cut it back down, but straightened it again (stupid me) and i thought if i used an iron instead of a comb then the results would be different & i was wrong. so for the past 5 months or so i been stuck putting heat to my head every day bcs i don't want to cut the straight out (again). when i had short hair my son called us "twins". not cute!
    jus wanted to share my story. love ur blog by the way!

  • Debbie D.

    Wow, first of all let me just say that I am so impressed with you. I am natural (and have been since January 2006; almost two years as of the 15th), but stumbled across your page as I was browsing the web for pictures of Rihanna’s cut so I could duplicate it. (I actually have an appointment for tomorrow) In short, I am getting TIRED of being natural and am ready to just bleach/color, cut it, and call it a day. Although my hair has grown tremendously since the big chop, (and I get sooo many compliments from brothas) I get my hair flat ironed every now and then b/c I just can’t seem to get along with my hair. I don’t feel as beautiful as I used to (as a relaxed girl) and….I don’t know I just have a hard time dealing with my hair. I’ve looked at your vid’s on youtube, your “newbie tuts” and really appreciate your posts, but this one reaaaally caught my attention. I have to commend you for your efforts. (Cool blog title too) You have another follower :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi,i saw your video…i really have issues with my hair..I used to have long hair but talk abt chemical n ceramic damage..I hv vut my hair several times but i still dnt like d look(its d kinda rihanna cut..u knw with d bangs n all that..but when i saw hair,I knew i wantd it so bad….so im gettn an haircut 2morw..hw do u now take care of the short natural hair..

  • B

    Anon—> Hi darling, don't fret, I have a pretty good video on how to take care of short natural hair. Check it out here:

  • Anonymous


  • Martha

    Hilarious @ the Tyrone thing!