Sista Show Off: Divalicious Designs & giveaway

Welcome to the first installment of the re-named series: Sista Show-Off! This series is where I interview and/or feature women of color doin’ their thang in all areas!! “But Brit…that ain’t beauty!” Are you kidding me? Being inspired by women everywhere is a beautiful thing! Know of someone who would like to be featured on Clumps of Mascara’s Sista Show-Off….shoot me an email at

I am proud to show-off not only an impeccable web designer but wonderful workin’ lady who I can call a friend, as well. Candice is not only responsible for that beautiful banner you see and my new menu bar, but also the complete make-over of my personal blog. Her work is unique and she is fast and professional. Professionalism is a big deal to me and my girl delivers all the way. I could talk about how fab she is all day but let me drop you the little chit-chat session we have so you can learn more about her and Divalicious Designs.

Tell us a little bit about how Divalicious Designs was born?

Well, I would say about 2 years ago, I started making my own blogger templates. I felt that the ones that were available at the time didn’t represent me. They were nice and all but, just not my style. Girly yet sophisticated. Then when I did find some that I felt were, they were ridiculously priced. So since I have a computer programming background from being in the Air Force I decided to make my own and was I was very happy with it. After that an online girlfriend of mine saw it, and loved it, and wanted me to make a template for her site as well. I really enjoyed the whole process of making templates. So I first decided to make ones for free to see if people would actually be interested in downloading any of my free templates. I put them on one of my other blog sites.

After I saw that people were interested. I made a site completely dedicated to free blogger templates. And that was fun. So after a while, I decided I was ready to start selling some. I really love designing templates. And I figured why not have this as a way to supplement my husbands income. I am a SAHM, and I was spending up my honey’s money so I could do my hobby. I really felt bad about that, plus I saw so many beautiful illustrations at stock photography sites, that I just had to use. And I can’t give those for free even if I wanted to because I’d be cutting into someone else’s way of living. So I decided to go ahead and make a go for it. And poof Divalicious Designs was born! I try to be as versatile as possible, and I also try to focus on making some templates for the brown sisters as well, because I noticed there weren’t that many out there.

Your templates are just amazing! I am proud to endorse you and I know that fellow bloggers who have worked with you would say the same thing. What are your goals for Divalicious Designs?

Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me. I do this because I love to do it and that just helps me along. I do hope to one day branch out into doing full websites, and also WordPress themes. That would be a big step and right now, I just don’t have the time to do that. I need to wait till my babies are older. Plus I wanted to go back to school for web/graphic designing so I can be proficient in what I do. And so I can also provide web support when a customer has a problem, if need be.

What advice would you give to ladies who are trying to “get out there” in terms of web/template design?

First be patient, everyone is not gonna come running to you for your designs. You need to first build a repertoire of HAPPY customers. Most people are are gonna be afraid to try you if you don’t have some sort of background with people. Secondly don’t be stingy go ahead and do some projects for free. If they have good traffic they will be helping you as much as you are helping them. This is also a good way to build your portfolio. And be honest give credit where it due. I try to always give credit to where I get my resources from, and not try and pass them off as my own.

What has been the biggest reward so far in your venture?

I just LOVE to read (LOL) the joy in the customers email when they say how happy they are and how much they love the design. All the positive reviews and comments that I’ve gotten from the customers make me SOOOO happy. I have all my customers in my favorites, in a special folder. And I just love to go back by and see the site, and how they are doing, and to see the positive feedback from their readers on their new design, is just icing on the cake.

What are some of your other hobbies?

OH goodness, where do I start.I also make matching Proboard and Myspace Templates (if the customer requests). I play the piano and make urban gospel music with my hubby. I have another site, HipehopeUrbanGospelSpot. Where me and my husband showcase Holy Hip Hop among other types of Urban Gospel. And we put together a free music podcast. I also have another site, dedicated to brown mama’s but I ain’t gonna tell you that site info, because I been neglecting it, LOL.

And because we are beauty obsessed folks around here, tell us your favorite beauty product!

Hon I don’t know where to start! I LOVE mascara and eyeshadow and blush and lip gloss. Can’t live without it! As far as brands I haven’t been able to go and get the top notch of everything but I love Iman for foundation. Right now since I am on a budget,I am a AVON girl when it comes to mascara. When I curl it, it stays, nuff said, LOL.I’ve just recently been hipped to the Black Beauty Blogs so I will be making the rounds as far as what’s best for us, because I am totally clueless and have wasted so much money on stuff that didn’t ‘work’ for ME. So I guess I can say now because of that I am stuck in a rut, scared to try anything new basically…

I can’t thank Candice enough allowing me to interview her and working with me! For all of your blogging needs, shoot her an email her at And tell her Brittany from Clumps of Mascara sent you! I want to give one lucky blogger one of the templates from Divalicious Designs! The Package Includes: Header, Customized Title & Description, Background, Sidebar Background, RSS feed icon and Menu. Wowsers!

…..and all you have to do is visit her template page and come back and tell me which one you like best! Candice and I will randomly choose a winner on Friday, October 3, 2008! Good luck all!!!

  • Amina

    What a beautiful interview! I had no idea she did your template!
    I got introduced to her work through Anjela and she did my template too!!
    i loove her designs and she is so sweet!!
    great interview!!

  • yummy411

    aww that was an awesome interview! thanks for sharing her with us and her great designs!

  • Glamarella

    I love her templates…they are all fabulous but ‘fashion diva’ is my favorite!! Great interview!

  • Koffee Dyme

    As someone who can relate a lil bit (love making blog templates) i feel encouraged to come out with my own templates as well.. thanks for this interview… nice designs Candice….


    i enjoyed this interview! it’s nice seeing someone making money while doing something she loves.

    i like the ‘working girl-african american’ template…add me to the drawing please :)

  • ExoticMommie

    Thanks hon for the interview, you are just TOO SWEET!

  • Askmewhats

    I have loved you the first time I read your blog! You are so honest and sweet and I’m glad to know you more darling!

  • AnnaBanna

    i saw her work on anjela's page as well & had planned on giving her a shout to hook mine's up.

    i like the 'my makeup stash'…of course :)

  • Blaquebt

    She has great designs on there….I love “the shopping boos”. it’s my favorite!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I just clicked over to her one work BEAUTIFUL. Love the designs- please keep up the great work.

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Great interview. I love reading about talented brown girls! :-)

    That’s an awesome prize too!

  • LovelyBella73

    I think this was an excellent interview. Thanks for sharing her talent.

    My fav design is ” African American Working Girl”. I loved this template mostly because I can identify with working the 9-5, and still trying to be sassy and funky. It also has great shades of green, and that’s my favorite color.

    Be well!!

  • iowagirl301

    Wow thanks for granting us a wonderful interview! I love all of your templates they are so gorgeous! But being a total girly girl as always my favorite has gotta be Hearts of Flower!

  • Scandalous Beauty

    LOVING the layouts. I couldn’t pick just one that I loved! She’s definitely the first on my list when I decide to re-vamp the blog at the end of the year. Thanks B! Contacting her now…

  • Erica

    Okay, maybe this is a bit off topic, but I love Candice’s makeup in this shot. What does she use?

  • Mami Dearest

    I just found your blog and love it!Divalicious designs has some great templates. My favorite is the Classic Floral Black and White. Please enter me contest :) I need a new look.

  • ExoticMommie

    Hello Erica, just came by to see all who entered and saw your post. right now I am using Avon since I am on a budget and as a favor to a friend. Mascara: Avon Super Shock. Shadow: Avon’s Mark. bronzed bronze. avon mineral powder for face. (will be ditching it soon for IMAN! Yeah!) and lancom lipgloss, forgot the name but it’s a bronze color too.

  • Jamila

    Hey! Great interview! Her templates are fabulous! She has so many good ones that a favorite is hard to choose. Since I can only choose one…. I guess the Makeup Stash is my fave.

  • Francesca

    Great interview! I love her work, thanks for putting me on to her. My favorite template would be Afro-American Working Girl. I’m a full time student but sometimes I think having a 9-5 would be better than having classes all day and hitting the books all night. Love your blog!