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Hi lovelies!

I am in the process of re-organizing my site series. Not just their names but their definitions as well. To not confuse the “Sista Sites” series with the Top Sista Sites website, I have decided to change the name to Sista Show-off. The series won’t change. I will continue to brag about the blogs on my Beauty Marks blog roll. I have added an extension to Sista Show-Off in which I will interview some baaaaad women. I’m talkin’ entrepreneurs, authors, fashion designers, business women, the workin’ Mommy and more.

This extension is meant to inspire any and everyone who reads it. Please shoot me an email at if you know of fabulous women I can interview. Sista Show-Offs come with beautiful Black art like…

Eyes of Mystique by Jerome Brown

Anytime you see a contest, it’s going to come out of the Honey Pot. The Honey Pot contains…




My Mommy, the herbalist came up with this name and I think it’s quite fitting. Especially considering I just adore bees. Whaaat, you didn’t know I had an affinity for those cute honey makin’ black and yellow wonders? Sure do. My nickname was Bee Buzz as a little girl. Loves it!

Want to showcase a beautiful new look? Hairstyle or gorgeous shoes? Allow me to introduce another series:




Going along with the Bee-theme, I would love for any and everyone to submit me some of their favorite pictures of anything you would like to share with the Clumps of Mascara family! Beautiful banners for these new series will be coming shortly and I am still in the processing of updating the “Site Series” links to the left.

I would love to get your input, recommendations and suggestions about the current themes and the upcoming ones. I am trying to make Clumps of Mascara as user-friendly as possible. In a few days, you may notice the new Mission link in which I lay out the “purpose” and goals of COM. I want to incorporate more than just “make-up” reviews and products on the site. Aaaand…..I’m in the process of creating a Clumps of Mascara MySpace site. And I am quite obsessed with Twitter. Stay tuned as I make “our” home bigger and better.

Stay beautiful!

  • KoffeeDyme

    As the Kueen of switching up layouts, I’d say ummm how about moving the site series navi at the top?

    Oh i have to mention i love the “BEE” theme.. too cute….

    anything u know where to reach me.. 😀

  • Amina

    aaw…so many changes…..i am excited for you:)

  • Jaimie @ Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

    I love the new ideas darling.

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    LOL! Have you classes on lesson planning inspired you to iron out your “goals” and “purpose”?:)

    I keep meaning to sign up for Tweet Later. Sigh. Don’t forget to add me as a friend on MySpace;) I started one two years ago and now check it once every 3 months.

  • Danyelle

    How about doing a Sista Show-off series on this lovely site I came across today called Makeup Fiend(

    Oh and the Bee themed series? Thats toooo cute! Can’t wait…;)

  • Been looking for this, thank you!