Beauty Review: Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner and Juices and Berries

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Day 3 of Week ‘O Reviews! Are you enjoying it so far? I’m just going to pretend that yall are nodding your heads out there. :) We’ve covered a mascara and finger nail polishes. Let’s talk hair! I try to make hair a regular here at Clumps of Mascara but the truth is…I don’t spend much time on my hair. I very rarely purchase products and now that it’s shorter, I seriously just wash and go—if I even wash. LOL! My belief is that if and when you find good products, you don’t need to spend a grip (and check the stats, us women spend millions on haircare stuffs!) on products.

I recently purchased Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner and Juices & Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-in. I did a mili-second review in THIS YouTube video of mine and since then I have gotten a few requests asking for a more in-depth review. So here we go!

Honey Hemp Conditioner

ingredients include:
purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate (a veggie emulsifier derived from colza oil), raw honey, hemp & coconut oils; veg. glycerine, hydrodolized silk extracts; citrus essences, fragrance; optiphen (preservative); and love.

What Oyin Handmade sounds says about the Honey Hemp Conditioner: A creamy rinse-out conditioner has been an often-requested product at Oyin. We are very proud of the Honey-Hemp Conditioner – a light, penetrating, silky blend enriched with aloe vera gel, hemp oil, honey, and hydrolyzed silk protein, it’s got nice detangling slip and serious moisturizing power. It rinses cleanly and also makes a nice pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment. It can even be used as a creamy, nourishing leave-in! (source)

The verdict: Ohmigoodnessthisstuffissogood! Wow! I mean….wow! First of all, the smell is intoxicating! It is simply divine. While it works as a great rinse-out conditioner, I actually prefer it as a leave-in and for several reasons. (1) That yummy honey smell lasts longer, (2) my hair is smoother, and (3) my curls POP more! I just love products that make my 4A curls pop. BTW, to get more information about “hair types”, check out this link.

Look how creamy HHC is…

Oookay, that looks strange. HA!

For $9, you will get a healthy 8 o.z. bottle which I find is a reasonable price for such a great product. I love that it doesn’t have parabens, harmful sulfates or any cones. I may not spend a ton of time on my hair but I am very picky about what I put on it and usually only deal with natural products. Honey Hemp Conditioner is ideal for short-haired naturals, loc’ers or even relaxed ladies needing extra moisture. And check this—it works as a WONDERFUL shaving cream too. Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner gets an A+ from me!!

Juices & Berries

ingredients include:
purified water infused w/ horsetail, lavender, nettle, roses & chamomile; organic flaxseeds; organic aloe vera juice; vegetable glycerin; essences of lavender, sweet orange, & ylang ylang; grapefruit seed extract; citric acid; fragrance & love.

So can I be honest, kids? I initially only purchased this product so when people asked what I put in my hair I could say, “Just juices and berries, “


Doesn’t anyone remember Eddie Murphy in Coming to America?

What Oyin Handmade says about Juices & Berries Nourishing Herbal Leave-In:
The therapeutic effects are the same as for Greg Juice – spring water, strongly infused with a variety of herbs known to help stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth; vegetable ingredients for detangling, moisture and suppleness; vegetable glycerine for humectancy and shine; and an essential oil blend nutritious to the scalp. (source)

The Verdict: So yeah….I can dig Juices & Berries. The smell is amazing and long-lasting. What turned me on to it is the fact that it is oil free. Most of the products I put in my hair (wet or dry) have some type of oil. As long as I have some glycerin in my products, I’m great! I find that Juices & Berries works well on my dry hair as it doesn’t seem to do much for my wet hair. It is a great refresher and seems to wake my hair up when it becomes dull and I start to loose some of my curl. I don’t think it’s a NECESSARY product considering I make a glycerin/olive oil/water blend but the smell is so wonderful that I love incorporating it in my hair regime when I can. Snaps for the Juices & Berries!

Richeau on YouTube has phenomenal reviews on most of Oyin Handmade’s products.

She is a beautiful sista and gives amazing and HONEST reviews. Gotta love it! Keep in mind that if you do order from Oyin Handmade, the products will take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. The reason for this is because they are made to order. Which frustrated me at first because I’m an impatient little thing; hence why I hate ordering online in the first place. But it makes complete sense since the ingredients they use should be at their freshest!

Have any of you people tried Oyin Handmade products? Good experiences? Bad experiences? Let me know!

Stay beautiful!

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  • Amina

    First of all, congratulations again on being featured on Clinique Insider. I am so proud of you!!
    Congrats to Crissi too!!

    I’ve tried Oyin products and have mixed reviews. The conditioner is amazing unfortunately i am allergic to orange oil and it just sets my scalp on fire. Same thing with shine and define.. I was so sad. I asked Jamyla if they have it unscented and she said no..
    so that’s why i haven’t tried the juices.
    Same thing with the burnt sugar pomade, all i wanted was to order pancakes. I’d be happy to try their hair products again if they are unscented..

    the whipped pudding is amazing but in the long run shea butter weighs down my hair..
    so although i said bye to the hair products, the bath and body is another product!!
    I loove the afterbath oil. I could buy it by the gallon if she made it!!
    whipped pudding is an amazing body butter…honeywash..although it doesn’t lather much, i just love it..

  • Askmewhats

    Sis!!!! I was nodding when you asked if we’re enjoying the day 3 ofg week ‘o reviews! I am enjoying it so much!!!

    This is a product worth checking out after I read your reviews!!!! You got me all excited!

  • KoffeeD

    I wanna try this… 3 weeks is a long time.. i’ll bet its even longer to ship to canada.. glad you found something…

  • Wes

    Sounds like it smells really good too… lol

  • Scandalous Beauty

    Girl….I placed yet ANOTHER order for these products, and I am starting to realize that I can’t live without them. They smell so good that it’s really, really hard not to just stand there and sniff them! I use Honey Hemp as a leave-in, it works much better that way, for me. I use Juices and Berries every day as a “refresher” for these ragedy twists in my head. I also got the Shine and Define, b/c my twists looked SO much better when I used it!! But yeah, I ordered about a week ago, so I have a long wait ahead of me..

  • <3 Shawnta

    “She’s your bride to be…..”
    You know I had to do it cuzzzo!!
    Well you know I don’t do much with the locs here but their stuff smells divine!!!

  • <3 Shawnta

    “She’s your bride to be…..”
    You know I had to do it cuzzzo!!
    Well you know I don’t do much with the locs here but their stuff smells divine!!!

  • <3 Shawnta

    “She’s your bride to be…..”
    You know I had to do it cuzzzo!!
    Well you know I don’t do much with the locs here but their stuff smells divine!!!

  • <3 Shawnta

    “She’s your bride to be…..”
    You know I had to do it cuzzzo!!
    Well you know I don’t do much with the locs here but their stuff smells divine!!!

  • jacqueline

    I was just savoring my last squirt of juices & berries last night – It's one of the best oil free moisturizers out there for natural hair. I use the Honey hemp in shower, and out of the shower after I spray with J&B. I was surprised something so thin & light could moisturize so well.

    You should do a review on their foaming black soap once it comes back out! That's good stuff too.

  • yummy411

    now your review.. and with the raves of amina and scandalous beauty.. ummm i guess i’ll have to try the products. you have to order it online?

  • Kristin

    I love your blog!!! I’m following you on twitter (my name is: minordetail) and i just bought the honey hemp condish and greg juice ’cause of your suggestions. I’m anxious to try ’em!

  • Gangstarr Girl

    Of course I remember that line from Coming to America. That’s only the best movie ever! lol

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I. Must. Get. This.

    Seeing the raves for it is kinda making me wat to order. But 3 weeks…=(

  • The Home Spa Goddess

    So this is mail order:( I hate buying stuff online – I can’t stand waiting. Did you co-wash with this?

  • B

    Amina–> Thanks mama! You are the greatest. Thank you so much for supporting me. That means more than you will ever know. *tear* It's kinda disheartening that Oyin's prods don't agree with the scalp. Ugh, they should definitely make them unscented.

    Nikki–> You are such an active participator! And who says blogging can't be interactive. LOL!

    Koffee D–> Check and see if they ship to Canada. I think they do!

    Wes–> It does smell divine!

    Sister Scanda–> Okay, when the fro gets longer I'm going to try the Shine and Define. I know you are a super advocate of Oyin. That weight time makes me want to cry though.

    Shawnta–> You so crazy. Gon somewhere wit that gorgeous hair of yours. Lemme get a loc. LMAO!

    Jac–> I looove the fact that J&B is oil free too. I'm going to check out that black soap. 😉

    Yums–> Yep, you can only order online. Ugh!

    Kristin–> Adding you on Twitter now, chica. You won't be disappointed. Promise!

    GG–After Friday…yep, you right! LOL!

    FD–> Get. It. Now. LOL, enough said.

    HSG–> Girl, you don't hate ordering stuff online more than me. It really drives me nuts. But this stuff is the definitely worth it. And yeeep, I co-wash with the HH Conditioner. Works beautifully!

  • jacqueline

    You can order from's Curl Mart & it gets shipped next day I think! I'm thinking it might not be as "fresh" but my Juices & Berries didn't seem different – just got here a lot faster.

  • Ma’at

    I LURVS Oyin. The whipped shea stuff(brain fart) and the grand poo bar are life savers. Though they’re supposed to be hair products they actually helped me “save face” during a really bad break out. I discovered by accident that the bar is good for washing my face.

  • Laura

    Wow! Nice website. :) I’ve recently just gotten addicted to cosmetics, so it’s really helpful! Anyways, I just watched Coming to America today on HBO, that exact scene… I def. want some of that, just so I can say it, too! Lol. :) Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Hey B Congrats on all of your Clinique success whooooa I am cheering you on Chica.
    I have not tried Oyin product and I have been meaning to so let me end my comment here and let the ordering begin..LOL

  • floral decor

    it smell good, i think so

  • Anonymous

    I really like OH. I love the idea of supporting a family owned black business. Like a lot of people I do not like to order online or wait. However, i have come to accept the fact that the products I love require me to order them online (unrefined shea, Burnt Sugar Pomade).

    Right now I am waiting on some liquid black soap (Naturally Mimi’s) and shampoo and conditioner (Sizta2Sizta). I wish I would’ve just stuck with Oyin though. At least they send you notifications. I have yet to receive any from either company I am dealing with.

    Anyhow, about Oyin….my favorite product is their whipped shea butter in the Black Cedar Fig Scent. Talk about something smelling gooooooooooooddddddddd. I just HATE THE WAIT.

  • Anonymous

    Koffee D, is a website that is authorised to sell Oyin products among many others like afroveda, darcy's botanicals…and so on. They have the prices in canadian dollars and are based in toronto so the shipping isn't too bad ( I got my frank juice in three days!) The only downside is that the prices are very high compared to what Americans pay for it. I live in Alberta so I know what it's like to not have access to so many great products for our natural hair. Maybe I should move to the States…nah, I like it here, except for the cold weather.

  • dcford

    Thanks for this review! I love Oyin. Like…love! I'm actually addicted to ordering things from them because each time I get something new I want to try something else! Which makes no sense cause the shipping cost and time aint cheap…

    Anyway, I also love Honey Hemp; I use it as a leave in for my locs too and its the best. Ive never tried Juices and Berries but their greg juice has a wonderful smell and is a great refresher. Ive started spraying it on my locs before showers and it has made my hair super soft (since its a humectant and absorbs moisture in the air, it doesnt really do its job in the cold winter months – but if you use it before a shower it apparently absorbs all the steam). But, like you, dont think its exactly necessary to re-order…Im sure I could make that myself! I also love mixing the Shine and Define and Burnt Sugar Pomade for twisting. A perfect balance! It holds really nice, smells amazing, and doesnt leave build-up. I use whipped pudding on my skin cause it's waaaay to heavy for my hair – I mix it with good ole Palmers cocoa butter and use it after the shower – it makes my skin SO soft in the winter months :)