Beauty Review: Sinful Colors nail enamel

Welcome to day 2 of Week ‘O Reviews. I have dedicated this week to providing your reviews in all areas of beauty….face, hair, and nails!

My love for nail polish and at home manicures and pedicures continues to grow. I can’t help it! Growing up I always had a nice little caboodle dedicated to nail polishes. 60+ polishes later and I am often found with polishes in my purse, applying top coats in my office and moisturizing my cuticles during traffic. I just love nail care and design. And I love doing it myself!

One of my favorite nail enamel companies is Sinful Colors; a brand found at your local Wal-greens. When I tell you the performance of these polishes is amazing….I mean it! They come in a variety of colors, have seasonal collections and check this….they are only $1.99 a bottle! And sometimes you can catch a BOGO! Can’t be that with a stick, as my Mommy would say!

For these polishes to be so cheap, they certainly have fantastic staying power. I’ve been wearing Purple Diamond for 3 days in this picture.

Wait…pause for the cause—I looooove this color. I’m not a glitter fan but the finish of Purple Diamonds is fantastic!

Of course the number of coats is dependent on the color and finish (cremes, glitters, opalescent, etc) but either way, I am always impressed with the initial application. I can’t say how great they are with touch-ups because I am usually changing my nail color every 3-5 days. Are they comparable to the O.P.I, Essie and China Glaze? Absolutely! Here’s my SC family…

(from left to right)

-Coco Diamond (Lumines Que Collection)
-Burgundy Apple
-Purple Diamond (Lumines Que collection)
-Bahama Sunset
-Black On Black
-San Francisco
-Pink Diamond (Lumines Que collection)

-The Lumines Que collection is currently in Wal-greens’ beauty department. However, you won’t find them by the regular stash of Sinful Colors. Check near the door where the “new collection docks” are. <--former Wal-greens employee here, trust me on this, lol!) Online shopper? They do have a website but the polishes run $2.50 a pop. Oh no, I don’t THANK so. 😉

I give Sinful Colors an A+!! Have any of you purchased some of these polishes? Your favorites? Any recs? Oh–while you’re exploring SC, check out cosmetics from Jordana. They are usually located right by Sinful Colors. Jordana has the cheapest liners/glosses ever and they are amazing!

Stay beautiful, fam!

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  • Sunshyne

    This is such a pretty color. Sinful colors is my favorite. I caught a BOGO sale while I was in NC for the summer, thank God. However, Sinful colors is not sold in Canada (where I reside) which sucks! How did you do the nail art?

  • Askmewhats

    wow the color is super pretty and I love the nail art!!! I love all the colors! I collect polishes too!!!!1

  • prettybeautiful

    love the nail art! 😀 looks simple yet sophisticated

  • Anonymous

    Love your blog….just wanted to know if you have tried Zoya nail polish because it is safer and better for your health than the others you mentioned…I know you are natural sister so I thought you may be interested…

    Much love.

    peace & blessings

  • PBW

    Pretty nails! I picked up a Sinful nail polish a few days ago, but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the review!

  • B

    Sunshyne–> I didn't know you were in Canada, mama. Coolness. SC polishes are the greatest. That nail art is just a little swipe swipe of a black nail brush. Pretty simple.

    Nikki–> Well, you know I didn't start getting into nail designs until I (cyber) met you, right? LOL, you're my inspiration and long live polish junkies!

    PrettyBeautiful–> Thank you! I think so too. I can't really do designs that are 'over the top'. :)

    Anon–> Thanks a ton of droppin' by and NOOO, I have yet to try some of Zoya polishes. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Can you only get them online? Hmm…as a natural sista, I need to get with the program, right? LOL! Thanks for the reminder.

    Auntie PBW–> I think you will be pretty impressed. :) Have a day as beautiful as yourself, Auntie!

  • yummy411

    sinful colors are great. for me a kick butt top coat is essential for this polish for me since i have acrylics. i don’t remember how they held up when i was wearing natural nails. i have a few colors in the stash but nothing to write home about. thanks for sharing haul!

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up


    I’m used to purchasing China Glaze, so $2.50 is perfect for me compared to $6.00 for CG.

  • SuzieC

    I get my Sinful Colors at the beauty supply. They make one of the best reds I have ever seen! I can’t remember the name if it right now to save my life but it’s not too bright and not too dark the perfect in between.

  • Ms. Aja B.

    I'm going to have to give Sinful Colors another try. I purchased a pink from them this summer that did not live up to my expectations at all. It didn't last at all, and I had it done with a professional manicure & everything.

    I love Walgreens though, so I will definitely give them another shot based on your review! If the colors don't work, I will send them your way *smile*

    Love your week of reviews so far!

  • Sunshyne

    Yup Im in the Cold North right ’bout now. It can snow anyday now..LOL. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that!

  • Anonymous

    I just went to Walgreen’s today and got quite a haul ^_^

    I got Cream Pink, Dream On, San Francisco, Hottie, Daddy’s Dirl, and a pink glitter I think called Pinky Glitter. I DO have a tip for those who can’t find Sinful Colors….

    Sinful colors is also market as Wild N’ Crazy. The only difference is that Sinful colors has a little more polish and the colors are named differently. For instance in Wild N’ Crazy, Dream On is called Bombay.

    The fun news….polish marketed as Wild N’ Crazy sells for only 99cents!

    So maybe in Canada they sell Wild N’ Crazy ^___^

    Good luck~

  • Fashion’s Darling

    whoa I need to find a walgreens! diggn' the nail art. I'm a spaz and end up getting bubbles in my polish, it ends on my jeans, I'll get hair into the nail while it's wet…i'm a mess lol

    cool color <33 purple

  • Witty

    I can’t believe I slept on Sinful Colors for as long as I did. The staying power of Sinful puts some of my OPI and Essie colors to shame. I got around to getting one when I was at my fiance’s house and needed to do my nails…I was amazed!!!

  • Rachel

    This is really cute. I’m getting that color!

  • Kristina

    I’m wearing sinful colors right now! My mother and I spotted them in walgreens on a trip to find printer ink; we bought three colors, and each is beautiful! I think your blog has turned me onto nail polish, now.

  • Anonymous

    I started using SC about 2 months ago. It goes on smooth, last long,best of all, it dries quick. They have pretty colors for Summer 09. I have used "Dream On" which is kinda Purple Pink, I love it! The new color today is "Show Me The Way", which is a Green Glitter, so far so good. Beat's OPI any day!

  • Mary

    SC is pretty darn good polish – especially for the price! I usually have to put on 3-4 (thin!) coats to get the color deep enough, but that's OK. I am VERY rough on my nails – I work on the house, work on the car and go fishing every week – and this stuff lasts! I get some wear at the nail tip, but no chipping, no peeling. Awesome AND cheap!