Eyeliner 101

By popular demand (okay, only 2 of yall asked, lol), I bring you some eyeliner tips. When I tell you there is no RIGHT way to achieve the pretty simple line on the waterline, I ain’t lyin. I used to have crazy thick lines. Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A (May ’08)….

Yes family, I have learned a thing or two and thought I’d share them with you.

First–don’t think that your line has be perfect.

My preference is a gel eyeliner with an angled brush because you can control the width of your line. Pencil and liquid liners don’t allow that.

You can start any where on your lid. For the pictures, I started in the corner and worked my way out. Normally I start in the center. Do whatever works for you.

I imagine as if I’m drawing at the base of my lashes—not ON my lid. Does that make sense?

I take small strokes. Trying to make a complete straight line is sooo hard for me. Shoot, I can’t even draw a straight line on paper.

At the end I simply turn my brush for a little extra “winged” look.


But look closely at those mistakes…

A swip swip of a Q-tip dipped in make-up remover can clean that baby up.

Bam bam! The video actually does a lot better job at explaining how I do this.

Preguntas? Just let me know! What do you use to get the line on the waterline? Any tips or suggestions for me?

  • Traycee

    I love both looks on you…All depends on what look your going for..great tips

  • Sunshyne

    I love your tutorial. Im one of those girls that wear liquid liner. I would like to try the brush method but I have no clue were to get a brush like that or the brown/blk powder for it…help!! lol

  • prettybeautiful

    love this tip. no wonder i can never seem to draw a tiny line with liquid eyeshadow!

  • Grayburn

    Look good and fool-proof! Well done!

    x Grayburn

  • B

    Traycee–> Thank you, gorgeous!

    Sunshyne–> You can do liquid liner? Giiirl, teach me some tips! You can get that brush from MAC. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it! Target may have some good cheap brushes too.

    Prettybeautiful–> So glad that you learned something new!

    Grayburn–> Thank you!

  • Jamila

    Great tut as usual. Felt tip liners are easier when it comes to liquid liners. Or just transfer it to an angled brush.

    But… umm… What polish are you wearing though?

  • LovelyBella73

    Thank you ma’am for sharing this!! Great tips as always!!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Great job, looks wonderful B. I only apply liner to my bottom lid but you have certainly given me other options.

  • Glamouricious

    wow. great tip!! i though i prety much knew the basics of make up and liner, and i use liquid eyeliner think that it’s the best effect.. i like how ur gel liner looks, plus it looks easier..
    will have to look into it. which gel liner did u use? do drugstore brands make them?

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I am so horrible at eyeliner application only b/c of my fear of things getting too close to my eye so I normally have a thick line lol

  • B

    Jamila–> Thank you, thank you. I actually forgot about that NYX Felt tip liner. That baby is wonderful!! That polish ih (not is…lol) China Glaze's For Audrey.

    LB–> Thanks sis!!

    PJD–> Thanks sweets. Yeah, I didn't do the line there forever but once you find what works for you, it's easier to do. And I looove the way it looks.

    Glam–> I used MAc's Blacktrack fluidline. I also own L'Oreal HIP's gel liners in black and blue. They aren't as "smooth" as MAC's but pretty good.

    FD–> You must be a contact wearer, uh? LOL–practice makes perfect, darling. 😉

  • Gangstarr Girl

    Call me slow, but it never occurred to me to draw a lashline using a brush and a gel liner. I prefer thin lines so it was always frustrating trying to get my ideal line with the very point on a pencil. Now I know. Thanks Brit. =0)

  • Amina

    what are you wearing as an eyeshadow?
    it’s so pretty!

  • Amina

    i am silly..i am watching the video and you’re telling us everything..

  • AJ

    did you line your bottom lash line? do you do that the same way? also, thanks for the tip about not stretching my eyelid with my fingers, I do that all the time. wrinkle city!

  • Alyssia

    great tutorial lol…my eyeliner still looks like the first pic majority of the time…but I never tried to take short strokes..i just go all the way across and THEN i clean up w/ the q-tip. Ima try this…doin homecoming makeup this weekend! Help me Jesus!! lol

  • SuzieC

    Great tips! I can’t master the liquid liner to same my life hence it sitting in the makeup funeral home since I haven’t buried it yet.

  • Askmewhats

    Hi Darling, this is a wonderful tip!!! lovely of you to do that for your readers :)

    I used pencil for my waterline..lol so I wont’ be much help to you at all :)

    Thanks for wishing me well, I’m back to work but not 100% well but getting there :) Thanks sistah!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    I love me some eyeliner!! Thick or thin, I gotta have it!

  • Motorcycle Fairings

    eyeliner rules! i love it thick or thin, must buy one!

  • lacouturiernyc

    you look gorgeous!!

  • Mocha

    I love the thin line :)
    You eyes come out nice! Lovely