Let It Clump: Hair Update

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It’s time to do a hair update! Remember in this post where I cut of alllll of my hair? I promised my YouTube fam that I would continue to update them on the products I’m using, my hair regime and my growth.

So here we are a month later!

I’m shocked at how fast my hair is growing. Granted, I don’t mind if it grows at the speed of light, but it’s great to see how much I have after only a month.

Here are the products I’ve been using:

-Elasta QP Deep Penetrating Conditioner
-Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner
-Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries
-Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Oil
-Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap
-Trader’s Joe Nourish Spa Conditioner
-My homemade blend of water, glycerin, olive oil and lavender oil.

Up-Close Shots:

I honestly don’t do much with my hair. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I don’t need to! The products I use are phenomenal! And I have very little desire to spend money on more products because I am extremely happy with the things I’m using now.

I wash my hair about every other day. I never use shampoo. I deep condition every 2 weeks. I don’t use any heat, combs, brushes or hair accessories. I have Dark and Lovely’s Honey Blonde permanent hair color….which I love quite a bit!

Here’s a video version of my hair update and a little extra detail about those hair products.

Fellow nappturals, BCers and transitionals, don’t hesitate to ask me any of your questions if you have any!

Stay beautiful!!

  • Sunshyne

    Your hair has grown so much in just a month! Congrats. I love the texture of your hair, it looks so soft. I see your using DPR-11, I lovessss it. Great Update :-)

  • Askmewhats

    aww in just a month! it grows too fast! I’m happy for you though coz I know you wanted a longer hair! You look great in any hair length sis coz you’ve got such pretty face!

  • Luxe Tips

    Hey Clumps!

    Love love this video…I am going to try some of these products..I have a natural too, but I straighten my hair all the time!

    Thanks for sharing. You have a great voice!

  • Amina

    wow! your hair has grown so much in a month! I loove your texture.
    I am glad the TJ condish is working for you and especially oyin’s Honey hemp…
    unfortunately i am allergic to orange oil so my scalp was on fiyah…

    anyways….thanks for this video :)
    and like you, i am too lazy to make my own products.
    Actually i realized that i spend more money trying to buy all the different butters and i never get the right mixing

  • B

    Sunshyne–> Thanks lovely! I'm lovin' my texture too. It has seriously NEVER been this soft before so I can't put my finger on what I'm doing differently, but I love it. And your hair is gorgeoooous!

    Nikki–> You are such a doll. Thanks so much! *hugs*

    Luxe Tips–> I didn't know you were a natural. Coolness. *clears throat* Why, thank you. I didn't know I had a great speaking voice. I think I sound too high-pitched and nasal-y. HA!

    Amina–> Girl, yes…that TJ conditioner will always be one of my favorites. Ohmigoodness!! I'm sorry that the hemp conditioner did that to you. Yikes! You're like me, uh? Yeeeep, way too lazy to make products even though I probably could. We suck, LOL!

  • Koffee Dyme

    Oh wow, B.. your hair is on the grow… Thats whats-up!!!

    I need a deep conditioner… I can’t come up with what to use.. However I’m not sure if the Elasta Qp would work for my hair texture… or my length…I cut some hair off.. (not exactly trimming) I’m frustrated right now so I’m going to braid it up…

  • Wes

    Your hair looks really healthy- the color looks great too. Whenever I try to color my own hair it never takes b/c my hair is so dark :-(

  • rmcandlelight

    Yes your hair is really growing. It goes to show doing less to your hair is best. I love your color as well. Before I got my locks I use to condition wash and didn’t like shampoos because they dried out my hair. You got some really good products. Now I have to go see your video.(*_*)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Your hair looks amazing and it grows so quickly…

  • B

    KD–> Why you all frustrated with your hair? Do you need an intervention? LOL!

    Wes–> OMG, I know what you're talking about! My hair is super dark too so I have to use an extremely LIGHT blonde to get my color to turn. I once streaked the fro with a blonde streak and it took 2 hours to take. CRAZY!

    RMC–> I soooo can't wait until I get locs.

    PJD–> Thanks babes!

  • Gangstarr Girl

    That Honey Blonde is gorgeous on you! I looooooove hair color, especially on natural hair (as long as it complements a woman’s complexion). It’s so pretty.

  • Joi

    Great Growth! I love the color too!

  • Ma’at

    OOOOOoooo looking great Miss Britt. Now if we can teach you to dial out on the berry we’re good…

  • yummy411

    love the color. i like colors like that. i don’t think mine looked that light though.. short hair is so funky and fun!

  • prettybeautiful

    wow! your hair is awesome! i wash my hair 2x a day, once in the morning and once at nite, yeah i know its bad but i can’t stand the sweaty hair after exercising in the evening, and i have an annoying oily scalp to deal with. :(

  • Motorcycle Fairings

    that is so awesome! i love the color

  • lelaelena

    Looks AMAZING!
    Though my hair is far from nappy it is curly. I recently tried my first sulfate free hair cleanser, the Chaz Dean stuff that’s advertised on QVC. It definitely weighs down my curl.

    The castille soap….where would you get something like that.

    By the way I JUST discovered your blog…love it! Your writing just brings so much fun to the subject.