Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Double Extend mascara

Happy Monday, fam! I hereby declare this week as “Week ‘O Reviews”! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve reviewed some products (the requested and the randomly snagged) so I have a lot in store for you beautiful people this week. But a Monday wouldn’t be a Monday without a Mascara Monday. This has been a crazy requested mascara. L’Oreal’s newest has been quite a buzz among cosmetic junkies. But is it worth it?

L’Oreal Double Extend mascara

Price: 2 out of 5 ($10.00, kinda pricey for drugstore)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

What it claims: “L’Oreal introduces New Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology, a revolutionary lash extension effect mascara that provides up to 80% longer-looking, nourished lashes.”

The truth: Wowsers! It’s a Imju Fiberwig drugstore kinda mascara. Groovy!

What I loved about it: I did a ton of comparisons (in the video) between this mascara and Imju Fiberwig and one thing that I love BOTH about them is the way you wash it off. Simply wet your fingers, massage your lashes, and it’s off. Amazement, I tell ya!

What I didn’t like: I’m not a big fan of the wand. I really wish these mascaras with “fibers” had smaller wands. Granted it may make it a little messy but I feel like I could get better control if the wand was a little smaller….or no, wait—a 3D wand instead!

Overall: This mascara is seriously the cheaper version of Imju Fiberwig; except Fiberwig does not come with a primer. Oh yeah…and Fiberwig performs better. HA! What mascara hunters have to realize about about lengthening mascaras is….that’s really all they do. Lengthen. I have to keep reminding myself that because I’m a “volume, plush lashes” kinda gal. I would rather like my lashes to look full than be long. If you desire length, then I think you’ll like this. Although, I wasn’t a big fan of the primer. It didn’t really do much.

My lashes didn’t plump up any more than usual. Here’s step 2:

See, it’s just okay. I’m not crazy impressed with it. That side angle really makes me lashes look funky, uh? I should have tried the mascara without the primer to see how that worked. The good news is, I didn’t experience any smudging or flaking. Overall, I do give L’Oreal a thumbs up for coming out with a pretty cool mascara—it’s just wasn’t all that for moi.

Would I recommend it: If you’ve ever wanted to try Imju Fiberwig and didn’t want to spend $20+ on it, then I recommend this for you!

CoM TV’s video review! Click the link below to visit.

L’Oreal Lash Extension Effect mascara

So what do you think? Have you tried this mascara? Interested? Thinkin’ about passing on it? Hmm….

Have a wonderful Monday!!

  • Askmewhats

    I have to give Mascara with primers a try, I will check on local L’oreal counters and see if we have this one here! 😀

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I’m not one for mascara primers as I’ve been told that they do nothing for you really except weigh your lashes down. I don’t know how true this is as I always just skip primers all together.

    thanks for the review!!!

  • *Jen*

    I’ve been wanting this for the cool-factor and because I’m trying to get into tubing mascaras, but I just haven’t heard such great things about it.

    Fab review B and thanks for dissuading me!

  • Katee

    Thanks for reviewing this! I have been drying to try this but now I am having second thoughts and will probably spend my $10 on nail polish instead :)

  • Brenda

    Thanks for the review. I actually brought this masacara and I too like volume so after not much success with this combination I used the primer with my lash blast and so far i like it but will probably just go back to using my CLS booster with my lash blast or Max Factor Couture

  • Connie

    Thanks for the review! I’ll give this a PASS. I’m never intrigued with mascaras that come with a primer and I guess I’m not about to change my ways just yet. and it is pretty pricey!

  • yummy411

    thanks for the review. yeh we gotta stop having expectations for lengthening mascara when we are really looking for volume. i like this primer though.

  • Beautifully.Conjured.Up

    I tried it, and it was horrible. I have long eyelashes, and it made me look like a Bratz doll with huge clumps.

  • SuzieC

    I thought this was just ok, which is how I feel about the new XXL. I felt like it needed something else. I really don’t like the brush, if it had a brush more like my HG Max Factor Volume Couture I would be happier.

  • Amina

    another mascara to try. I remember the volume shock came out, i ran to buy it and it was terrible!!

  • Christy

    Thanks for trying this out! I’ve been intrigued by it because I do eyelash extensions and the tv commercials claim you can get the same results with this mascara. Judging from your video, I would say not! I think my job is safe for now. :)

  • amanda

    i bought this mascara and other than the brush i loveeee it(:

  • debbydebbo

    It is not sweat/moisture resistant at all. I have long lashes, and happened to wear this on a very hot day. Although I followed the the instructions correctly, I was mortified to find I had big black smudges on my upper eyelid (just below the eyebrows). Who knows how long I’d been walking around like that!! Also, you really feel as though you have a lot of stuff on your eyelashes and can come out looking very clumpy. I don’t really like the brush either. At least with Kiss Me, although the volume isn’t there, it’s nice and light and really IS water/sweat proof. Kiss Me is a nice “daily” one, just to take the “naked” look away.

  • Anonymous

    When Shoppers Drug Mart released this mascara I got my mom to purchase it and when I got home to try it out well it was soooooo horrible it was only horrible because on the day I had bought it the season was infact winter so i guess the shippment of this product didnt go to well and so in the end i found out that while it had been shipped to the drugstore I bought it from it had also froze up inside the mascara tubes so whenever i opened the tube up to apply the mascara it was garbage because all the mascara inside the product container was flakie and not good mascara and once again it was not at all the products fault it was just that during the product shippment to the store i bought it at the product inside the mascara tube was no good because it was frozen and all dried up so yaa!!!And i really did want the mascara because if that mascara had worked when i purchased it from the drugstore i would have been able to keep it and have my very own first mascara ever and seriously that would have been my very first mascara for myself and not just for my friend or mom or sister but for meeeee!!!!!And i dont think that i will ever forget that suckie suckie bad day when my own first ever mascara would be mine and would work but sadly it did not because mascara like that should not be shipped and sold during the winter where its freezing outside and not to mention but is also freezing the mascara up!!!!
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Amber

    The price on this has dropped a lot. I managed to get a double pack for around $7 at Wal-Mart about a month ago. Personally, I like this one since I have short little lashes. It adds a lot of length for me and no clumping or flaking! I still think some of you folks will love it.

  • B

    Anon—> Whaaaat?! Were you able to return it?

    Amber—> You're right. It was waaay expensive when I first got it. I think this is a great mascara for ladies with shorter lashes. Right you are!

  • Anonymous

    I've used this one in the past, and it gave me pretty dramatic lashes, but there were a couple of drawbacks. (1) I'm not a huge fan of the primer mascaras. I like to keep my make-up application as efficient as possible, and adding the extra step of the primer is too inefficient for me when there are other great mascaras than can achieve their greatness in 1 step. (2) I really didn't like the lash "extensions" — the fibers that wash off freak me out! And I really feel like I could only get my lashes thoroughly clean when in the shower when I could more easily wash my eyelashes from various angles and adjust the spray on my showerhead. That's a little too much effort for me!

  • Anonymous

    love this mascara, gives me length and thickness, 2in1

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I might be one of the few for whom this mascara worked REALLY well. I switch around a lot with mascaras because I hadn't found one I was obsessed with. My eyelashes are already on the thicker and longer side, so most mascaras seem to work pretty similar to me. But my mom had an unopened package of one of these so I decided to try it and I think I found my perfect mascara.

    The first thing I love about it is that it doesn't smear around my eyes. Most of the time I'll wipe a lot of my makeup off with remover and then head in the shower, but there is almost always mascara that is left and smears everywhere giving me slight raccoon eyes even when I try to wash it all off with soap. But these tubes come off quickly, don't smear, and don't leave any color/residue. I really like that it lasts for a really long time without shredding or smearing but it comes off when you want it to.

    Second, maybe I'm the only one, but it did do a lot of volumizing AND lengthening. Though I didn't go skimpy on the primer, I made sure it wasn't clumped but coated each lash by fluttering my lashes in the wand and then smoothing it out, which I then repeated with the mascara. Wow! I really got a lot of compliments all night. This was a pretty dramatic mascara for me, but I found that using the dark end by itself worked well for the daytime.

    Third, there ARE a couple things I'm not obsessed about. Firstly, because it's a thicker mascara it might occasionally clump but I found that if I'm careful with it (just thoroughly combing it through with the wand with each step) then I can 90% of the time get my lashes just how I want them without clumps. Second, it gives my lashes an interesting feel. It feels almost latexy but not at the same time. Lastly, I don't think it holds a curl very well. Though I don't curl my lashes, when I apply in the morning it looks extremely full, long, and dramatically curved, but at the end of the day it seems to have lost the curl though it's still full and long.

    Ok, so this is a really randomly long comment but I hope someone tries this and likes it as much as I do. It might not work for everyone, but it has worked wonderfully for me so I hope it works as well on someone else. :)

  • B

    Anon—> Thanks for sharing! You're making me want to try this mascara all over again!

  • ivy

    I do tv in Asia, so I’m very familiar with the mascaras you’ve blogged about (I used Fiberwig for about a year, then switched to this one). My lashes are very long so it’s great bc I never use fake lashes on TV, but the downfall is that they’re very straight. I have to curl my eyelashes like a psycho before applying mascara and even afterwards.

    The first time I tried this mascara, I hated it. It was clumpy, it made my naturally long lashes droop down, just not good overall. I don’t know what made me give it another shot, but I tried it again after about 2 weeks, and I realized that there are tricks to applying this one at least when it comes to my lashes. The first thing is, the primer must be a very very thin layer rather than a generous coat. I just barely brush the lashes delicately. Then I do the coat of the mascara over it. I give it a few seconds to dry off, then, I curl them again. After I have them curled up again to my liking, I use a lash comb to break up any clumps (but by now I’ve mastered my own lashes so that there aren’t usually any clumps). If I need a more dramatic look, then I repeat the mascara step and the curl-comb step for one or two more times. Sounds like a long process, but I can do my makeup start to finish in less than 10 min if need be.

    This mascara continues to amaze me, I think I’ve used it just about 2 years now, but I still try new mascaras all the time. I haven’t found one I like better than this one yet. I have yet to try Revlon Grow Luscious (just bought it bc things take longer to distribute to Asia). I do outdoor tv, sometimes in the rain, and I’ve never had a smudging problem. At most, my lashes will lose their curl, and all I have to do is re-curl them. I once got thrown into the water during a tv game show, and the mascara came off a little bit, but the good thing is that it doesn’t smudge or give you raccoon-eyes. It comes of in manageable bits, and it just takes a second to brush them off and reapply.

    Another benefit of the mascara is that since I no longer use traditional waterproof mascara that dries out the lashes (the major downfall I had with Fiberwig), my lashes almost never fall out. I used to lose one a day while taking off my mascara, but ever since I’ve used this one, I almost never lose any. Only when they are at their longest (they seriously get to 2cm) they fall out. I really love how I can soak them a few seconds in warm water and it comes off so easily, much less stress on the lashes IMO.

    Anyways, wanted to encourage everyone to give it another shot, esp the other girls I saw that wrote about how they have long lashes but weren’t happy with the mascara. I have long lashes, and this mascara is a godsend. I guess I’ll see if I like Grow Luscious more, but I doubt it.


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