Mascara Monday: Rewind, Part II

Happy Monday, family! Every once in awhile, I like to give the lashes a rest and update you beautiful people on the mascaras I’ve been reviewing since our last update. Since then I have reviewed the following:

I decided to have a little awards ceremony for this batch of mascaras!

Best All Around: Max Factor Volume Couture provides amazing volume with clump-free application. To be a drugstore brand, it definitely delivers better than most of the higher end brands that I’ve reviewed. I love love LOVE this baby! And we won’t even talk about how amazing it is with my current HG (haven’t reviewed yet) primer. Oh-my-goodnessgraciousitshot!

Maybelline XXL Extensions: Daaaang, this gold and black tube provides crazy length!

The “Oh Hell Nah” (sorry Mom, gotta keep it real): Urban Decay Fatty Mascara in Black Cherry. Red lashes? Now that’s hot! But UD could definitely work on their mascara’s formula. It was crazy flaky and lacked length and volume. Um….ew?

The Biggest LOL: Wet ‘N Wild MegaVolume Mascara. Dear, Wet ‘N Wild, Just stop making this stuff. Like….seriously. Yours Truly, B.

The biggest exaggerated claim: Neutrogena’s Healthy mascara…granted the mascara is pretty amazing, but claiming that it will make your lashes 400% fuller is just a little bit dramatic; even for me.

Best Curl: *looks around* No one up in here, babes!
Best Length: Maybelline XXL Extensions
Best Volume: Max Factor Volume Couture

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these mascaras? I will answer any of your questions and as always, you can send me any requests at But I may give you a cyber side-eye if you request any more of those Wet ‘N Wild mascaras. I love yall dearly but I just….I can’t. LOL!

Stay beautiful!

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  • Amina

    rolling on the floor with the oh hell naw award!!! as well as LOL..wet n wild..

    overall, I think Maybelline makes the fiercest mascaras out there!!

  • Marsadie

    Loved this review! I want to try this Max Factor mascara badly. And, I'm convinced that no mascara will give you a curl. That's what that good tool is for.

  • Askmewhats

    thanks for this!!! A lot of mascaras out there, I needed a summary ! :) This is so informative, I have to try Max Factor Volume Couture! It’s NOW OR NEVER!

  • B

    Amina–> Girl, that Wet 'N Wild was just….no words. LOL! I co-sign with you. Maybelline's mascaras really are amazing!

    Marasadie–> You know what? I'm starting to think that too. To get a beautiful curl, you'll just have to use the tool, uh? Maybelline's Curl Power ain't half bad though. OMG, get that Max Factor in you life like….yesterday.

    Nikki–> Get it, mama! You will loooove it!

  • Wes

    I’m going to try the Max Factor, I’ve never really tried of any of their mascaras. My FAVORITE favorite is Lancome’s Definicils.

  • Beauty Fool

    Hey, have you tried out Lancome Virtuose? It’s a really good curling mascara! :)


  • Product Junkie Diva

    Hey B
    Happy Monday!
    Thanks for the flashback reviews.

  • PBW

    I bought the Maybelline XXL on your recommendation, but haven’t used it yet.

  • yummy411

    happy monday! i tried lancomes new glitter mascara!

  • *Jen*

    yay for volume couture winning the best all around!! i just recently gifted this to somebody i like mine so much! =)

  • Erica

    If you have short lashes, Armani’s Maestro is it!

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    Thanks for the roundup! I have yet to try that Maybelline XXL Extension but I must! I had that Neutrogena one, but I gave it to a friend.

  • lelaelena

    I am genuinely obssesed with lengthening and I found XXL….not impressive.

    It`s so sad, but I remain obsessed with Chanel`s Inimitable for knockout showgirl length with amazing lasting power and separation.

    Sigh, come on drugstore brands, outdo them.