FOTD Friday: Clinique’s Holiday GWP

I’ve always been a Clinique skincare girl. But since getting into make-up (like a year ago, ha!) I never really looked twice at them for pretty lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes. I managed to scoop up a few of their eye pencils and maybe even a gloss here or there but I never had any crazy indulgences. It wasn’t until I heard about Nordstrom’s Trina Turk gift with purchase that made me want to scratch that Clinique itch a little more. I literally fleewww to Nordie’s here in Orlando.

Spend $25 and look at all of the fabulousness you get:

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser (1.7 oz.)
Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift Firming Cream (0.5 oz.)
Lash Doubling Mascara (0.14 oz.)
Long Last Lipstick in Blush Coral
Bamboo Pink glosswear
Color Surge eye shadow/duo
silver lipstick case

… I ended up with that extra lipstick, I don’t know. But you don’t hear me complaining!

What did I purchase to snag those goodies?

Quickliner for Eyes in Navy ($14.50)
Long Last glosswear in Mystic ($14.50)

The best lipgloss in the market, in my opinion? Clinique’s glosswear! Not lyin’. This is actually my third one and I LOVE the staying power of these babies here.

I know that many women of color may think that Clinique’s shadows and blushes are not brown girl friendly. I, too, thought the same thing for awhile so I thought I’d do a FOTD using all Clinique products to convince some of you, pretty people otherwise.

I decided to do a look using these shadows and blush.

I also used some of my other favorite Clinique products:


Colour Surge eye shadow (lid)
Almost Peach eye shadow (as a highlight. My FAVORITE highlight of all time!)
Bewitched eye shadow (to deepen crease)
Brush-On Cream liner in Black
Quick Liner pencil in Navy
Lash Doubling mascara (this is a niiiice mascara, I approve!)

Clinique Twilight Nude lipstick
Clinique Mystic long last glosswear

…I went a little heavy on the blush so that it would show up on the camera. I am loooving this smooth matte pink.



…I was trying to hide my bra strap from the camera but got it on the other side. I am a mess, people.

So that’s that….I found that Clinique’s shadows were extremely workable. Were they pigmented? Absolutely! Especially that frosty gold. I think it works well on the brown skin. What say you, beautiful people?

If there has ever been a time that you wanted to play around with Clinique’s…now is the time! Head on over to your nearest Nordstrom’s stat!

Have a beautiful weekend!

  • Kristine

    i love the tube lipgloss of clinique.. aye aye to yah.. i have always been a clinique girl myself.. i purchased the big set of number 2 and until now im still finishing it. It’s waaay to practical huh? anyhoo.. about the lipgloss.. i so love the rootbeer.. try it!

  • Amina

    beautiful :)
    the colors are so pretty!

  • Askmewhats

    I love GWPs there!!!! I see some of the GWPs are sold here! In small specialty stores! How sad huh?

    Happy Friday B!!!! YOu look pretty!!! When do you NOT look pretty?? Tell me!

  • SuzieC

    I have a few Clinique shadows and I like them a lot. They’re really pigmented. Their mascara I’m in love with and their primer is the business!! Now the lip glosses I don’t know about. I use to wear them faithfully until it had my lips looking like a Braille tablet. I want to try their longer glosses but I don’t want to go through that madness again.

  • rmcandlelight

    B, you look so pretty. The shadows came out nice. I never tried Clinque. Now you know I gotsta check out the CCO. (lol)

  • Missy

    Very pretty look! Your skin is flawless…what skin care regimen do you use?

  • Starry x2 night

    That is gorgeous! You really pulled off the look beautifully! And wow, that’s quite the GWP 😉

  • B

    Kristine–> Rootbear, uh? I'm going to check that one out. I've been a huge fan of their lip glosses for a while!

    Amina–> Thank you, sis!

    Nikki–> They sell GWPs? Aww, that's messed up. And thanks a ton, mama!

    Suzie–> Don't even get me started on Clinique's mascaras! I've across some great ones. Try their glosses again. They have reformulated them and added some SPF!

    rmcandlelight–> You knowww it! Maybe I'll go there this weekend. Of course we'll run into each other again—watch. LOL!

    Missy–> Thanks a lot. I actually use Clinique's 3-step skincare system and before that I was using castille soap, a homemade scrub, cocoa butter and Olay Complete moisturizer during the day. I keep it really simple. Drinking lots of water helps too.

    Starry–> Thank youuuu. I emailed ya too, mama!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    enough is enough!! every blog i read is gushing about this trina turk gwp and I have been trying to avoid it! lol….ya’ll are not helping my “new and improved budgeting” self lol. And all you had to buy was two little items and you got all that greatness lol…

    looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I love the look :D. i like clinques lipglosses too.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Looks great on you as always.
    Have a fab. weekend.

  • Glossy

    Wow! You look beautiful! Awesome gwp :)

  • GS

    Beautiful fotd… I´ve been meaning to buy my next compact powder from Clinique but I´m a little hesitant because the reviews I´ve seen are not very favorable, and at least here, Clinique is a little on the high price side… so dunno.

  • ishtastic

    Clinique used to be my college makeup (b/c it was sold in the student center and I could charge it to my student account which was pd for my scholarship/student loans) but I haven’t used it since then. Maybe I’ll take a 2nd look.

    ’till next time…

  • NaturallyAlise

    I raided my mom’s unused Clinique stash and found some goodies, I am loving the eyes, I am trying to learn the finer points of lining my eyes though… HELP!!!!

  • Katee "e-polishblog"

    Love the silver makeup case!!

  • PBW

    I’d have to buy something just to get that silver case!

    Those colors look very soft and feminine on you!

  • yummy411

    gorg! my sister uses clinique products (cosmetics). i tried a gloss in sephora and i do like them (after all, it is an EL company!). though my disappointment started when i tried a mascara. what made up for it? the shimmer face powders!

  • Seymone