Mascara Monday: CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

Happy Monday, family!!

Ahhhh, the year is passing us by, uh? I could have sworn I was juuust making my way to Long Beach in California early February. But I’m not complaining because I am one of those annoyingly happy people during the holidays. I adore Christmas time and was ecstatic to hear Christmas music as I was strolling through Sephora on Saturday. It will only be a matter of time until I start getting my Christmas tree together. Yessss!

Okay–back to business. This was a reader requested mascara. I received several emails about this mascara waaay before I even saw it in stores. And then I saw the display featuring the omnipresent Rihanna. I swear that chick seems to be everywhere. Did this mascara live up claim of brightening the eyes? Hmmm….

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

Price: 5 out of 5 ($6.00 from CVS)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 1 out of 5

What it claims: “The unique eye brightening formula combined with the patented No Clump brush technology brings out the color of your eyes and gives you gorgeous clump-free lashes.”

The truth: Wait, what? I’m looking for my eyes to be brighter? What the….is there a mini flashlight in the mascara tube or something? I don’t get it.

What I loved about it: Uh….I love how the tube is white and then fades out into a gray and then black. Seriously the only good thing about this mascara.

What I didn’t like: Gee, where to start…..okay, here’s the wand.

Not bad but not spectacular either. I didn’t like how the “hairs” of the wand weren’t elongated all the way out. You see how they start small and then get bigger? Well, what sense does that make, CoverGirl? How am I going to get the inner lashes? Yikes!

Overall: I don’t really know what CoverGirl’s motive was for this mascara. Some promise length. Others promise curl. And then some promise clump free separation, volume, long lasting wear, etc. But how many people have actually said, “Gosh, I wish my brown eyes looked brighter!” *looks around* One would assume that if for whatever you reason you wanted your eyes to appear “brighter” then you would perhaps play in around in eye make-up that compliments your eye color, right? CoverGirl has tried to be innovative and failed, in my opinion. This mascara does nothing. See for yourself…

Lashes with NO mascara

Lashes with TWO coats

The length isn’t bad but that’s not what I l’m looking for. Do my eyes appear brighter to you, folx? No. I was extremely frustrated with this claim not delivering. And while the mascara itself didn’t clump on me, I experienced terrible fall-out in my eyes. Each day that I wore it, I had eye irritation allll day. Not good. And then I figured out why. Look closely at this picture and enlarge if you have to.

The mascara apparently has little glitterly flecks that are supposed to “illuminate” your eyes. I get it! But nope, take it back to the chopping block, CoverGirl. These little flecks are irritaters (made that word up) that should not be in a product that goes so close to the eye. That’s a no-no. And I’m sure it would be far worse if I were a contact wearer. Not a good idea.

Would I recommend it: Absolutely not. I don’t think it’s very safe for the eye. I mean, at all…plus it doesn’t do anything. Definitely not a fan of this mascara.

*wipes brow* I’m trashing this baby here. So what do you think? Has anyone else tried this mascara? I hate to give such a not-good report but I must keep it real with yall. Still interested in testing out this mascara? What say you?

CoM TV featuring B…..haha, that rhymes!
*crickets* Oh….never mind

Click the link to visit video review:

CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

Have a wonderful Monday and Happy Veteran’s Day!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    B. this is totally the subject of my post today. I purcahsed this crap…umm I mean mascara on Friday and couldn’t wait to destroy (excuse me) review it today. I know you hold down Mondays with the mascara reviews but I thought this would be perfect timing to tag team just kidding…kinda.
    Happy Monday.

  • prettybeautiful

    i hate marketing gimmicks that don’t live up to their promises, esp mascaras that promise long, curling, or volume or whatever but do nothing at all for me

  • Askmewhats

    thanks B for the honest review, If i’ve seen this anywhere, I would definitely give this a go and think this is a great product ! Thanks

  • Wes

    Thanks for the heads up! Soon as I see a new mascara on the market I’m anxious to try it, but thanks to you I don’t have to waste that money anymore!!!!

  • yummy411

    wasn’t quite interested in this one. as far as the vids… just put your link and name as a subtitle in the vid. it’s actually more exposure for you.. if they like the vid they will double click like me and go subscribe!

  • Kristine

    I just recently bought the loreal mascara on saturday and wanted to return it now. i hope rite aid will take returns!

  • GypsyDancerMacaholic

    Thank you for posting this. I LOVE honest reviews, regardless of how hars they might seem. I am a contact wearer and I can’t even imagine the pain and damage those flex could cause. I’m a sucker for gimics too and might have tried it thinking that brightening my brown eyes would mean making them look lighter sparkley or something and would haven ended up with red scratchy eyes. Great review!

  • SuzieC

    Now I know to skip it. I could not for the life of me figure out what was so fab about this mascara. The great thing I could find was the packaging which I thought was cute. CoverGirl needs to stop with the nonsense. Glitter by your eyes are they insane and waiting for a lawsuit!

  • Katee "e-polishblog"

    Thanks because I wanted to try this but now I am going to skip it. Love to save money!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    this thing just sounded like a fake. Seriously. Brighten eyes?? C’mon.

    thanks for the review!

  • iowagirl301

    Thanks for posting the honest review. You this is one that I was wanting. You saved my a good waste of money. I wear contacts too, not good. Thanks for being real!!

  • Taryn

    I heard someone raving about it, but honestly I don’t think anyone with dark eyelashes is going to see a difference. My lashes are very dark and those colored mascaras like Bad Gal Blue and Plum and some of the “brightening” ones like these didn’t show up at all.

    Now there was a Maybelline blue mascara in the late 80s that turned my lashes turquoise! I think I overdid it with the application though… 😛

  • Kim (Blog Writer, A Life of Style)

    Thanks for the great and honest review. I saw this in a CVS or Walgreens ad and I had a feeling it had craptastic potential. I hate gimmicky products. CG should be ashamed of themselves for even putting this mess on the market. An eye brightening mascara? Yeah, right…

  • CurvyGurl

    Wow, I’m loving your blog! You just saved me $6 :). I’ll definitely be back!

  • diana

    I’ve tried this product and I felt the same way. I hate how companies lie and cheat people into buying their products. Especially products that don’t deliver.

  • Naomi

    Thanks for the heads up on this mascara, I was just about to purchase this and I read your honest review. I’m a contact wearer so non-irratating mascara is VERY important to me.

    So far my absolute FAVORITE is Physician’s Formula Mineral Masacara. It’s buildable, it’s non-irratating, it gives my tiny lashes length, and the best part is it’s CHEAP!!! Yay! I only paid like $5.00 at my grocery store for it.

    Keep up the great reviews!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well your eye is a slight bit brighter than the first picture with no mascara. lol… just a little bit.

  • Leah

    I am way late commenting on this post but just wanted to say I completely agree. This mascara was just released in my area this past week, and curiosity got the best of me and now I want my $8 back to spend on something else!

    I didn’t really like the mascara much anyway but figured I’d try to use it a few times anyway, give it a fair shot and all. It didn’t hit me till today – the third day of using it – that it was the culprit of my watery, itchy eyes! I DO wear contacts… the lack of a “safe for contacts” on the package should have warned me but to be honest since most brands and formulas are safe for contacts these days I didn’t even think to look for that till after the fact. I have never had any luck at all with ANY CoverGirl products either, that should have stopped me from trying this mascara too. I am NEVER going to stray from my usual mascara again… especially not for a CoverGirl product!

  • Beauty 365


  • Sirisha

    Wow. Everyone really seemed to hate this stuff, but I actually thought it was pretty awesome. I never use drugstore mascara, but I feel like I lucked out with this one. I don’t use it to lengthen or add volume or anything like that though, just to brighten. I use my usual Givenchy dipped in Lancome for all that, then sweep the covergirl stuff on once to brighten. I can see the difference, plus I have dark, almost black eyes AND I wear contacts. I’ve never had problems with little glitter flecks in my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely loved this mascara, actually. And I’m a contact wearer whose eyes get easily irritated, and I’ve been wearing this stuff for a month without it bothering me in the slightest. I have green eyes and it does emphasize them – purple is supposed to bring out green eyes, but I like to keep my makeup pretty natural, so this black mascara with a hint of a purple tinge and a bit of shine was perfect for me. I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but I would definitely recommend this product!

  • Suzanne

    I hated to see all the postings against this mascara. I like it. It has just this little hint of something that does not make it just black (I don’t like black mascara)and it is not clumpy. I think it looks great on my blue eyes personally, and my daughter bought some as well, and thinks it is great. Neither of us experienced any eye irritation either.

  • Anonymous

    I am 55 and have just recently started wearing the Cover Girl Eye-Brightening Mascara, switching from Lash Blast…I don't see where it 'brightens' my eyes any (whatever that means), but it is the FIRST mascara in a decade to stay on my eyelashes and not cause the racoon-eye syndrome!! The last mascara that I never had problems with was CG Long & Lush back in the 80's that had those little filaments in them. I never had to check a mirror wearing that mascara. Never. But then opthalmologists put pressure on CG and they discontinued and I never found another mascara and didn't have me checking mirrors all day. Whatever formula CG uses to keep these "specks" in the mascara just happens to make the mascara more durable and long-lasting. At least for me and my puny lashes. I hope pressure is not put on CG to reformulate this one. I have cried, put drops in my eyes, and slept in this mascara and don't look like a goon afterwards. Interesting that others have such a different experience. JB

  • B

    JB–> Hmmm, I really wonder what those specks are. They seem to do more harm than good for me. It seems to be 50-50 with mascara users. A ton of people love it whereas others (lol, like me) have such problems with it.

  • Celine

    Thanks for the review! I myself don’t mind the mascara so much, I bought the one with gold flecks and I like they way they look on my lashes. Of course, my brown eyes don’t look brighter but I do like the glimmer!

  • Megan

    I bought this recently, i got the waterproof formula and this thing doesn’t budge. i have had no problems with the flecks getting in my eyes. i have very sensitive eyes. i wear it when i want a bit darker lashes (i have light blue eyes with light lashes) so i don’t wear it often but when i do the results are pretty good. i found that the brush is great for smaller eyes. i also own lash blast and lash exact, i have issues with the brush on lash blast, it is too big and i almost always poke my eye with it. i use the lash exact for my bottom lashes because it doesn’t really do much.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, this was an amazing mascara! I have blue eyes and reallitively dark/long lashes. First, the brush: clump free and tons of volume and lashes are pretty separated. The eye brightening claim really came through, nearly all of my friends said "Wow your eyes are soooo blue!" Overall, i was very happy and will also go out and buy the lash blast or even lash blast luxe.

  • B

    Anon—> Blue eyed girls says this stuff is great. But I really can't get over how irritating it was. Boo! But I'm glad it works for you, lady. :)

  • ShimmerCoconut

    i actually really love this mascara. I don't think it does much for thickening so I pair it with lashblast.Anyway, I love the intensity of the black and I am a fan of the flecks. I do find that my brown eyes pop somewhat with this mascara.

  • RachelGilmore!

    So i tryed this mascara a little while back. I was really surpized when i found out there was glitter in it! i was also kinda confused because ive got kinda light hair so my eyelashes are hard to see, so usually i buy black mascara and i figured this would be too! but i was so distracted by wanting my blue eyes to stand out so much that i forgot to check. Anyways….i didnt dislike it as much as you did, the glitter didnt bother my eyes at all. But it definitly didnt do anything to lengthin my eyelashes or volumize them. And i ended up putting more coats on than i want to adimit(10+) thinking that it would make it better! hahaa not! anyways just wanted to share(: THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Andrea

    You know I actually liked this mascara, I think it looks really cool, you can see the flecks in only light, and it doesn't irritate my eyes, but Idk.. I like that is is very waterproof.

  • Stephanie B

    I have blue green grey eyes. nt mostly blue. so i bought the blue eyeliner first. i liked it alot because it looks black, but REALLY made my eyes pop. So i bought the mascara and again i was impressed. earlier today i bought the eyeshadow and wasnt as impressed. but i will try it for a while. if it isnt working i will have to find another eyeshadow thats works with the eyeliner and mascara because im in LOVE with lose two.

  • Anonymous

    Got the same for brown eyes. I got mines at Walmart and I don't like it. When I first used it, I noticed that its kinda dry. Dont know if mines been on the shelf too long or what. It clumps up on my eyelashes bad. I dont even see the glitter specks in mines. Does anybody know if I can return it back to Walmart and get my money back?

  • B

    Anon—> Girl yesss!! Wal-Mart will return anything. I think.

  • Elizabeth

    Yes, have tried it.
    To say the least, a HUGE disappointment.
    The brush was baddd
    And it definitely did not brighten in any way me eyes.

  • Anonymous

    i have to say that i've used this mascara, i have hazel eyes and this mascara really did bring out the greeness in my eyes but everybody is different

  • Anonymous

    i have to say that i've used this mascara, i have hazel eyes and this mascara really did bring out the greeness in my eyes but everybody is different

  • Jessica

    Agreed! I bought the blue eye one and it didn't really make my eyes "brighter." It did however HURT a lot – I had to remove my contacts because that weird glitter was irritating my eyes. It also clumped my eyelashes together like crazy! I normally shop at sephora for mascara…this exact eyelight bit reminds me why! I'd rather spend 20 dollars on a good quality mascara than 8 dollars on one that has false promises and is painful!!

  • Anonymous

    This mascara is AWFUL!!!! My eyes are very sensitive and the few instances that I used it, I had nothing but problems with irritation. I got the waterproof and it was indeed waterproof, coming off easily with eye makeup remover. It does NOT hold any curl, which is what I need. I would curl my lashes and put the mascara on and it was as if I never even curled them to begin with. The lashes were separated and never clumpy, but those are the only positives to the crap.

  • Anonymous

    I use this mascara every day. I have never had any problems with it. I love it. And if you rub your eyes with any kind of mascara on, it's going to flake! I thought that would be kind of obvious. And no, it don't make your eyes "glow" it just enhances the color of them. And yes, many people do want to make their eyes look brighter. And it's not only mascara that does it. The color of your hair, the color eyeshadow you wear, the color shirt you wear.. No, none of these things have "mini flashlights in them". Don't you think many people gave gotten compliments that something they're wearing brings their eyes out. I have. Eyes are one of the first things people notice on other people. So yeah, most do want to enhance their eye color. And if it made your eyes hurt or feel sensitive or whatever maybe it's just you. Not everyone is the same. Some people break out from certain lotions… that don't mean everyone will

  • B.mein

    I just bought this and decided to do some researching on it. btw, i bought the mascara and eyeshadow. I think that if you just use ONE of the exact eyelights line that it won’t work as well as two or all.

  • BabyBlueBabe

    I have been using the black sapphire mascara for a couple months and I honestly love it. I disagree with your review. The no-clump mascara doesn’t not irritate my eyes, and it makes my lashes look much longer and fuller, as well as making my eyes look brighter and more blue. I honestly think that this product should have been given a better review.

    • Brittany

      Different strokes for different folx. Maybe you could be the one to write a better review.

  • V

    Great review. I haven’t personally found even one CG mascara that I really love, but I really need something-anything-to brighten my eyes on days when I don’t get enough sleep (which is often). I haven’t tried this yet, but in the second picture, your eyes do look *slightly* brighter & I can’t see the tiny veins as much. Since you don’t like CG, is there another mascara you would recommend to brighten eyes? Thanks :)