But Black Women Can’t: Wear Bright Eyeshadow

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a post from this series, uh? I know you didn’t think I’ve covered EVERYTHING when it comes to Black women and what we CAN’T do in beauty or make-up. Oh no brothers and sisters….I have a ton of topics under my sleeve.

Let’s get stated with the most recent.

Remember my last FOTD Friday post?

The colors that I used were a hot pink and matte vibrant grape. Colors that I’m sure a great deal of Black women would run away from because they think that they would look like a “clown”.

First of all, I am so sick of Black women saying this. Ladies…yall will never look like this dude (and mind you I’m taking a risk. Clowns scare the mess out of me):

*shivers* No ma’am. You will not look like a Bobo or a Bozo so relax. But I think I have figured out why a lot of women shy away from bright colors on the lid. Look at this picture:

That’s why….a lot of you (yes, I’m calling you out. It’s okay. I had to learn too) tend to get the side eye when you wear bright shadow. I used to be the saaaame way. Now don’t yall laugh at me. I was very new to make-up and didn’t know any better.

Now what in the Blackberry Storm is going on here? Why is the pink shadow up to my brow? A mess. A very hot and tragic mess. Granted the colors used there were not as bright as my previous FOTD but the concept is all wrong. And because I’m a good sport and like to make yall laugh I decided to show what would happen if I rocked bright pink eyeshadow alll the way up to my brow bone….

Scary, uh? But check out the red fingernail. Gotta love that China Glaze Ruby Pumps..lol!

Black women, and all women for that matter, we CAN rock all colors but make sure that you understand your eyeshadow shape and placement…. As a matter of fact, I’ve been following this little diagram from Specktra.net (source) for quite some time.

I also did a 7-minute tutorial of this this look for the purpose of showing where colors should go. If you need to see things done in person, I think this video will be great for your viewing.

Bright Eyeshadow Tutorial for Brown Ladies

Do you wear brighter eyeshadow colors or not so much? Tell me! Have I helped some? Please let me know. :)

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Stay beautiful,

(photo source)

  • Amina

    this is the best post ever!
    For the longest time, i was also scared of bright eyeshadow..i was afraid to look like a clown!!

    I loove the chart!!!very helpful

  • Nudiemuse

    I wear some crazy bright eye shadow. I love it. Bright colors, odd shapes. If I think I might liked it I try it.

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    This post is awesome! I need that guide!

    I’ve just gotten into eyeshadow over the past year or so and I’m still learning to apply it correctly. I look great in it when I get it right. This will help me along to getting it right all the time! LOL!

    Thanks Britt and keep posting this beauty hotness!

  • Askmewhats

    YOu rock my dearest!!! We all have our inhibitions on bright colors, but you are right, it is just the right way to put it, the placing, and of course, how you carry yourself!! YOu rock girl!!!

  • Connie

    great post! I used to bring my shadows really high up too. looked so weird! It’s definitely possible to rock really really bright colors (which I love) as long as you know where to place em

  • Erin

    Girl, that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to Black women. Thats one of the reasons why I have a blog…to show that we CAN wear ANYTHING!!!

    Great post! :-)

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    This post sure will be an eye opener for many. Thanks for the tips.

  • Da_Kween

    This is a great blog. Especially for newbies. I’ve been telling all my sista friends (esp. the darker toned ones) that their skin is PERFECT for colors. You just have to know which ones work for you and how to apply. I am gonna send a few people here. Thanks!

  • Cynthia

    Thank you for this posting, I have been so afraid of wearing bright colors, why because I didn’t know the correct technique. Thanks every so much, you now have given me the courage to get out of my box and be bold.

  • T

    This is a stellar post. You are so right about keeping the color on the lid and not all over.
    I love this blog.

  • T

    did you get your hair done? It looks excellent!

  • B

    Amina–> Thank you, darling. That chart has saved my life too. :)

    Nudiemuse–> There you go! Rock on, sis!

    The Pretty Brown Girl–> Thanks a ton. I really appreciate it. You will get it. I'm still learning myself. Stay beautiful!

    Nikki–> You know iiiit! It starts with bashing the myths and then educating. I learn from the best!

    Connie–> You got it!

    Erin–> I know, right? I got sick of talking about people without actually helping them. 😉 All hail beauty blogs that "help". I have so been meaning to link up with you. Expect an email from me soon.

    Mrs. Young_fashion–> Thank you so much for supporting. I love that you're always "around", Mrs. It truly means a lot.

    Da_Kween–> I would realllly appreciate it. And so would your girls. 😉

    Cynthia–> That's right! Baby steps, baby steps…you'll get there. :)

    T–> Thank you so much! I did get my hair done (alll honeyyyy, you noticed…lol). I'm rockin' baby locs.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    You look awesome, but I’m still scare for myself…can I do it? AHHHHHH we shall see.
    Thanks B

  • Tenia

    I am new to your blogs and I must say that this was an AWESOME post! I love make up, but tend to shy away from it for the fear that I will look like a clown. Thanks for giving some step by step instruction on how to not look a hot mess. I will be trying this!

  • Milan

    I used to be scared of the bright colors until I learned proper eyeshadow placement that would complement not look scary. Now I wear brights all the time but I keep the bright colors on my lid…blending up into the crease for a gradient effect. Works for me! I’m all over bright colored liners too. I love them!

  • Anonymous

    Great post!!! The little “put it here, not here” diagram made me laugh. I’ve always wanted to wear bright eyeshadow but didn’t know how. Now i do, and knowing is half the battle. Thanks Clumps!

  • Bsquared86

    Honestly, all I wear is bright, vibrant shadows! I’m not a neautral girl unless I’m rocking a fresh washed face!

    Also, I feel that black women look AMAZING in bright, rich, vibrant colors! Be it clothing, accessories, makeup, whatever!

    Thanks for this post!

  • yummy411

    wow you put ppl on bozo blast! great post for every days looks.. next! the newbie goes dramatic. you know everyone wants to get a bit more dramatic for night time and special occassions 😉

  • The F$%K it List

    I use to run away from bright colors until my Mac guru held me down (literally) in the store and applied all these lovely colors, no more hiding for me.

    I love purples mostly, and recently found a great peach shade that rocks!

  • NiKita Wilson (theb-spot.com/blog)

    Now this is a very useful post!

  • Malca J

    I love your blog. Thanks for the eyeshadow tips…I’m going to click on over to get help with my nails (nubs) as well lol My Mother has the most beautiful nails but mines refuse to grow! I just keep them filed nice and get them painted at the shop…acrylics are not in the budget.

  • nick-nick

    There is some folks on you-tube who really need to read your post!!!

  • MarieDenee

    HAHAHAHA! I love your Posting! I thank my Momma so many tmes over for putting me in ettiquette class many years ago. Now, I am fearless when it comes to shadow and liner.
    Thank you for giving ladies tips about the proper application… now if you could only tackle the BLEND thing!
    LOL… Get it girl!
    Marie Denee
    The Curvy Fashionista

  • Anonymous

    Can you PLEASE do a post on nail polish colors that black women can or cannot wear? Could you cover from the light-skinned(more like you) to the dark chocolate(more like me)….? I am so confused about what nail polish to wear. I really like the funky blues but all I keep hearing is that I should stick to dark red or crimson…boring!! Can dark skinned black women wear OTHER colors…just curious…and by the way, I LOVE YOUR BLOG….

    Stay blessed.

  • Chahailus

    Great post! I had to give you credit for this one. I especially love to wear green and blue eyeshadows and eyeliners. I get compliments all the time on my eyes and i dont think people even realize its the makeup. I hope to see a gallery one day of everyone who’s leaving comments. I love to learn and get ideas….

  • Sey-Sey

    OMG!! Thank you sooooooo much. I’m guilty of the browbone color faux pas–& like many I didn’t even know =(
    Recently bought a 100pc palette. Thanx again. Very Helpful

  • danielle

    si si si i used to do that all the time with my shadow…. why , ill never know ! but i do love bright shadow . like Maybelling Color Expolision in Forest Fury looks good with my extreme yellowness