Clumps’s Blast from the Past!

It’s Tuesday, family!

A friend of mine goes, “Why do you often call readers ‘family’ on your blog?”.

“Because they are!” I reply.

Yall have been there with me through it all. The dramatic brow incident. Me cutting off all of my hair (again). My baby steps in lipsticks. Clumps of Mascara readers/subscribers/fellow blog sistas are the best. And I plan on showing you kids just how much I love yall through giveaways and features that YOU have requested. 2009 will bring great things. Just you wait!

I got a little caught up with packing for my trip home for the holidays and was unable to put up the post that I REALLY wanted to put up so instead I thought I’d do some “Blast from the past” posts.

  • Politically Pretty—ahh yes the challenge that Kia from Yummy411 and I colloborated in. And who says you can’t mix beauty and politics?
  • Purple on the cheeks—now exactly what I was thinking? Can yall believe this? Who remembers this craziness here? LOL!
  • MAC’s Bing—Remember the super dark lippie? This was back when I had the nose ring and longer hair. Ahh….the memories.
  • Hair Hair Hair Hair–Wow! Look at the changes my hair went through. I can’t look at that big fro picture too hard. I almost miss it!

And who was reading back when I
was a AmeriCorps volunteer in Los Angeles living in a convent?

I so miss those days.

Random tidbits:

1. I didn’t know of any beauty blogs prior to starting Clumps of Mascara.

2. The blog was initially a goal called “Perfect make-up designing” at

3. Clumps of Mascara means “beautiful imperfection”.

4. I did my first post in my university’s library when I was supposed to be studying for an exam.
5. My closest friends didn’t know about Clumps of Mascara until it became a dot-com site.

6. Clumps of Mascara is nicknamed Clumps and

Whether you are a Clumps of Mascara veteran or a newbie, I love you to pieces! Do you have any Clumps memories? When did you first start reading the blog? OMG, who remembers me awful pale pink layout? Yikes!

Stay beautiful,

Check in later. The winners for the Chapstick True Shimmer giveaway will be announced!

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  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I just started reading this blog about a month ago. I’ve told all my friends about it. It’s a great place to learn about cosmetics, skin care and to make new eFriends!

  • Tam Tam

    Hello Brittany.
    I wanted to say thanks for your great blog.
    I am subscribed to your blog via Google Reader. I don’t know if that enters me into any contests you may have. If not, that’s okay, I still love your blog!
    I put together a little video giving a shout out to my fave makeup blogs. Please check it out at:

    Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Askmewhats

    I’m not a clumps veteran but I grew to be part of your blog! :) I still remember clearly the time you did that purple blush and it works so well on you!!! :) Love ya to bits!

  • Jamila

    OMG! I remember the lash debacle! And the WnW Mascara is the worst. I talked a lady out @ Walmart out buying that Covergirl Eyelights mascara. It was my good deed of the day. lol.

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    I’m on your page everyday, so I guess that does make us family, huh? Keep up the good work into the new year, I’ll be here.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Heyyyyyyy B
    I love your blog so much. You know, I can’t recall when I started, but I know I was reading when you had the old background (I don’t even fully remmeber what the old background looked like) but i was reading.
    You are doing such a great job, keep it up.

  • yummy411

    aww that was fun! i’m a vet around her.. but the pale pink layout.. i dunno girl.. google reader got me spoiled! here’s to another great year in beauty blogville!

  • KM

    *first comment*

    I’ve just subscribed but I feel already like this is my favorite make up blog. And I enjoyed the Hair Hair Hair post…. especially since I decided to do the big chop tonight, Christmas night.