FOTD Friday: Purples & Pinks

Happy Friday, family!

I am literally bouncing off of the walls today because well…it’s the weekend! Tomorrow I get my locs installed by my wonderful and beautiful loctician. I am tracking the journey to locs at my hair blog: The Crowned Chronicles. The “crown” would be my hair. Yes, another blog..I know. What can I say? I love blogging! Of course I will do mini hair-updates here at Clumps of Mascara. Stay tuned!

So in make-up news…there have been soooo many holiday sales going on in the cosmetic world. But the BEST one I’ve stumbled across is Sephora’s spend $35 and get $15 code. Whaaaat!! That’s amazing! Take that little gift card that I had plus this deal and I was one happy lady. I roamed Sephora trying to decide between something from Philosophy and Tarte. And then I strolled past NARS again….NARS, how I love thee, let me count the ways. And then I saw that Make Up For Ever shadow that I have been crushing on forever. Introducing…

(left) NARS Caravaggio eyeshadow-$32
(right) Make Up For Ever #92 eyeshadow-$19

I doubt I would have ever purchased these shadows so freely at their regular prices. I mean, really…$19, MUFE? However….when I tell you that MUFE matte purple is the BEST color I have ever purchased….I ain’t lying! I mean…I have no words for this shadow. It is THAT amazing. I just…wow. NARS Carvaggio duo, I find has the perfect deep pink and medium purple. They work beautiful together and MUFE 92 only adds a bit of magic to the duo. I am loviiiin’ these purchases.

Check out the look:

[NOTE: The skin has been bare all week. Not even a dash of blush. I’ve been trying to keep as many products of it as possible to clear up the little break-out I have on my left cheek.]

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Make Up For Ever #92 eyeshadow
NARS Caravaggio eyeshadow
Clinique Almost Peach eyeshadow (highlight)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye liner in Electric
Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Navy
Rimmel ‘Glam Eyes mascara

Not a thang, mon!

MAC Nightmoth lip liner
MAC Hot ‘N Saucy Tendertone

What do you think? I am finding these colors extremely wearable! It was a pleasure playing with MUFE shadows for the first time and if those babies weren’t so darn expensive, I would love to invest in more. And I will always have a weak spot for NARS. *sigh*

Do you have any favorite pinks and purples? Tell me!!

Don’t forget to stick your hand in the Honey Pot to snag $130 worth of products from Rx for Brown Skin! Hop to it! This would make a wonderful gift!

Have a wonderful weekend, family!

Stay beautiful,

  • pixie-a-la-mode

    Holy crap those look beautiful on you!

  • Askmewhats

    You are lucky to have a gift card! I wouldn’t pay that much for one single pan of eyeshadow, that’s the reason why I still don’t own any MUFE e/s!! The purple looks fab on you darling!!!

  • Malca J

    Oooooh I love those colors!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Love the colors on you. I dont have any colors like that for my face.
    Ok did you say $130 worth of RX products? You know I love that line right??….on my way to the honey pot !!!!!!

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    Those colors look great on you, B! I recently got brave and started using brighter colors on my eyes. I’m loving it. I absolutely live for my MAC Nightmoth lip liner. :)

    Oh, and of course I’m following your hair blog!

  • Jamila

    OHEMMGEE! What are you trying to do to my wallet chica?!?!?!

    *Gasp* *thud* *dead*

  • T

    you wear those colors marvelously. I am excited for on getting the locs. I think locs are beautiful.

  • B

    Pixie–> Thaaaanks!

    Nikki–> I knowww, I wish MUFE was cheaper. I'd have a dozen more!

    Malca–> Thank you so much!

    PJD–> Thank you, mama. And yessss, pleas stick yo hand in the honey pot.

    PBG–> Thank you! Okayyy, nightmoth is amazing!

    J–> You so dog-on silly!!

    T–> Thanks a lot! I can't wait to get those locs in. :)

  • yummy411

    fabulosa! the ud liner is the business. i love my set so much, i want the other set velvet rope!

  • rmcandlelight

    Brit, Wow, you are going to get your locks installed tommorrow. Can’t wait for your new blog. Hey please email me back because I accidently erased it before i got to read it. LaTonya sure is beautiful.

    Those eyeshadows are beautiful. I have to get that mufe #92.

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    I love the look. Pink and purple go so well together on darker skin, in my opinion. I have a deep purple and blue duo shadow that I heart from Black Radiance, I add a touch of pink and TADA! a great look that I love to wear with almost every outfit.

  • Wes

    Ooooooh pretty, I love it! Is the code only good for online purchases?

  • pinkyblue

    i’m so jealous! i tried to buy #92 yesterday, and it was sold out. it looks great on you so i’m going to have to keep looking!

  • Amina

    the colors look amazing on you!!
    I still haven’t used my $15 off coupon…you gave me ideas..

  • Bella

    Holy mother!!!! You girl are doing away with nonsense stereotypes about us women of color and beauty. This post “HAS to go on the “But Black Women Can’t” section!
    Luv the look, luv the hermana!!!!

  • SuzieC

    I love the color combo!

  • Anonymous

    shelan {a.k.a your Legal aid}
    I really enjoy all these give ways. even though i never win!!! But that never stops me from trying!!!

  • B

    Yums–> Don't even get me started on those UD liners. They are amazing! And so affordable and just perfect in every way.

    RM–> I dedicate my locs to you! It was you that put me on to her. So thank you ever so much! I'm going to shoot you an email.

    Mrs. Young Fashion–> I agree! The combo ain't so bad, uh? would have thunk?

    Wes–> Thanks mama! That code works online and at the store. I went the store route. 😉

    PinkyBlue–> I was on Sephora last night and saw that it was sold out! Giiirl, it's sold out for a reason. If you can get it in stores, get it!

    Amina–> Thaaanks…well, if you don't use yours uhh…*sniffs* don't let it go to waste. LOL!

    Bella–> You're right!!! And you just gave me an idea…..te amo!!

    Suzie–> Thanks mama!

    Anon–> LMAO! Silly rabbit!

  • Milan

    This is a hot look! I’m going to try it.

  • Anonymous

    what kind of locs are you getting?

  • slvrlips

    B, This look is gorgeous!! I’m loving the blue liner. Pure hotness:) I want that MUFE 92 eyeshadow sooo bad. Now I’m on a hunt to find it.

  • Dwana

    Yeesss! Miss Diva! I’m going to have to recreate this look. I love it, thanks.

  • Danielle

    Really gorgeous! I am a huge NARS fan too.

  • diana

    Those colors look fantastic! As soon as I saw the picture with the NARS palette, I fell in love. I love purples and pink eyeshadow shades.

  • Toma

    The blue liner with this is amazing! I love unusual color combos and you nabbed it perfectly!

  • GS

    Oooh Miss B, that´s a beautiful EOTD!!! I wonder how can I dupe those colors -there´s no NARS nor MUFE here :(-

    Have a nice weekend!

  • NiKita Wilson (

    Purple is my color- maybe I should look into MUFE!

  • Jennifer

    so so so so cuteee

  • Dominican Enigma

    you look amazng mama!

  • ladebelle

    that is soooo super hot!!! I LOVE IT!!! i’m tempted to get some more from sephora but i’ve already used my $15 coupon!

  • Amber

    That eye makeup is gorgeous! Loves it, looks great on you girl!

  • Scandalous Beauty

    OMG…I am in the very early stages of planning locs! I’ve been thinking about it for months now, and I think I am going to get them done in a month or two! Great FOTD!

  • Krystal

    this is really cute. i love the touch of the blue eyeliner :o)

  • Harlem Loves…

    love, love love, your eye colour… I am now a woman on a mission.