Hair Update: 3 Months…& giveaway!!

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Remember when I cut off alllll of my hair? Oh yes, chicas, I did. Actually I did it once back in 2004 but my crazy self went and did it again. If you are new to Clumps of Mascara I’m sure you are used to my shorter hair but the truth is, the short fro is fairly new. 3 months ago I cut it off and due to requests, I have decided to do updates. Especially for those newly natural or transitioning ladies.

Here was the 1st Month Upate.

And here we are at 3 Months!

LENGTH at 2 Months

LENGTH at 3 Months

-Aveda’s Dry Remedy Treatment (eh…check the video for details).
-An amazing Poo Bar that Amina from Coup de Couer gave me.
-Ojon’s Revitalizing Mist.

REGIME: I co-wash once/twice a week with Trader’s Joe Conditioner. For moisture, I massage my scalp with a lavender, rosemary/cedar and olive oil blend. For daily “refreshing” I use my homemade blend of water, vegetable glycerin, lavender oil and conditioner. OR I use Oyin Handmade’s Juices and Berries.

OTHER: I still don’t use any combs, brushes or any other accessories. I do wear the occasional beanie or African head wrap AND always a satin night scarf to bed. I was going to re-color my hair again but I haven’t just yet.

I like my hair at this point. I liked it more at 2 months because I really could just get up and go but now I HAVE to actually run my fingers through it so it doesn’t look too messy. I have officially decided to loc my hair and am searching for a loctian in the Orlando area. Hopefully by next month I’ll be sporting beautiful locs and before I know it I will be a beautiful brown lady with a crown on my head like….

Just gorgeous. Click the link below to see the hair update: video version.

Since we’re talking about hair…guess we might as well have a giveaway!

That’s’s time to stick your hand in the Honey Pot for your chance to win a Karmin Titanium Hair iron, a value of $99.99. All you have to do is submit your NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS to this post and I will use to select a winner. You have until next Tuesday, December 9, 2008. International readers are eligible too!

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Is it the season for giving or what? Tell your friends, your cousins, Mama ‘n nem….tell everyone who you think would love a new ceramic flat iron in their life.

Good luck!

Stay beautiful,

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  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I would love it if you did reviews of hair products, especially for natural hair. I’m a fan of the Oyin Handmade line too.

    Congrats on the decision to loc your hair! Welcome to the family! It’s a great way to wear natural hair. My locs are 3yrs. old and its the best thing I’ve ever done for my hair. Good luck w/the process. :)

  • Annastashia

    i think tha locs would be gorgeous on ya! i love locs but i could never be brave enough to let mah relaxed tresses go natural lol :)

  • Amina

    aaw..your hair is just gorgeous! I loove the coilies..your hair will lock in no time :)
    I am so glad you like the CV poo bar :) Facepaint101 is also loving it :) more CV fans…yay!
    I believe you can also use it on locks by diluting it in water..
    can’t wait to follow your loc journey.

  • Askmewhats

    Your hair has grown and time flies by too fast! it feels just like yesterday you cut your hair! :)

    I would love to try on my luck for the titanium hair iron :) :) :)


  • jomama


    Gorgeous hair!!

  • Anonymous

    Shaunteal Fowler

    Thanks for the contest. :) Love your blog. :)

  • Kat C.

    my hair needs the help of this iron!



  • Anonymous

    everybody is using the juices and berries; i’m going to have to give in!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Is your hair on some special fast growth its grows quickly and looks great!

  • Kelly
  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    Your hair is growing mighty fast, and looks great. I looked back at the longer hair pic and I think the short curlies fit you better.

    Love the idea of introducing other topics.
    I’m trying the opposite of adding beauty products to my blog.

  • Jamila

    Sooo…. What polish is that in the 3 month pic? Lol!

  • Claire

    Ooh, I want to play! : )

    P.S. Hair looks great and I’m excited to see your dreadlocks soon!

  • Judith
  • KoffeeD

    WOW.. HUGE HOT< FIRE>> INSERT WORD HERE.. growth.. Love it.. I agree with the first commenter.. reviews on natural stuff…

  • Annie

    I love your hair! My daughter, who is biracial, should wear her hair naturally, but she relaxes and straightens it!

    She’d love to win this Hair Iron.


  • Fashion’s Darling

    yay for locs!! I could never though lol…

  • Tricia

    New to the blog and I’m loving it. This blog reminds me – I’ve been meaning to try the Trader Joe’s conditioner you mentioned here. I’ve been having much success with Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In, but I’m always down to try new stuff!

    Anywho, I’m entering the giveaway!


  • Katrina

    You will look great and will also love the freedom of being locked. I have 1yr old sisterlocks and my youngest daughter has what they call rock locs. Both are maintained with a tool. My oldest daughter is a loose natural and this would be a great present for her when she wants to wear her hair straight. My husband has mandated that none of his girls go back to the cremy crack. Love your site – thank you for keeping us informed.

    Trina –

    Stay Blessed

  • Anonymous
  • Holly

    I could so use a new flat iron! I love all the nail polishes you blog about. Great colors!


  • Shefali

    Hey B –

    Your hair looks HAWT!!!

    I’m submitting my name and email through leaving this comment for the giveaway :)

  • rmcandlelight

    Your hair is really growing. I tell you having locks is the best thing ever.

    I sent you an email the locticians name and phone number.


  • Alisa


    Love your blog :) Esp. the hair and nail polish posts 😀

  • Anonymous


    I am soooa addicted to your blog!!

  • Mistress Meeyee

    Count me in!! I am just another Italian girl with a frizzy hair story to tell.Your hair looks hot and I am not just saying that,it really is!

  • tristinas

    Oh, I wish I could do the locs…atleast I’ve stopped relaxing, though! lol
    I just don’t think I could cut my hair. Since I stopped relaxing, it’s grown down to the middle of my back. I flat iron it every two weeks.


  • ohsoshy

    Your hair has really taken off!


  • Kylie

    yay contest! thanks :)


  • Beauty Maintenance

    Wow your hair has grown so fast and it looks great!

    I would love to enter the contest!

    gypsydancermacaholic @ gmail .com (no spaces)

  • Meliam

    I would love to enter the contest. I could use a new flat iron.

  • FrostedCouture
  • The Giveaway Diva

    ooo wow i’d love to win!! =)


  • katelin

    ooo i’d love to win this please!!


  • NuBeauti

    I am fairly new to your blog, but your hair looks really good. I would love to see a before pic because I can’t imagine your hair any other way.

    Bridget Bridges

  • Joi

    Looking Good!

  • NiKita Wilson (

    Your hair suits you and the color is fabulous!

  • sabrina

    You are making me want to cut my hair back to a TWA!. I love it….. and as far as the flat iron, I want it! I want it!


  • Olivia
  • around the way girl
    love ur blog

  • Anonymous

    De’Andra Jones

  • Noorie N

    Noorie N.

    Love your blog. Specially your video reviews which are entertaining and funny too.:D

  • Brittany
  • Anonymous

    I love your blog!

    Here’s my entry!

    Jennifer Cook

  • Wes

    Good luck w/ your locks! I can’t wait to see your transition- I know you’ll keep us posted 😉

  • yummy411

    yay for deciding to loc!! finally 😉 how will you start? comb coils, braids, twists???

  • LovelyBella73

    YAY for locing the hair!!

  • Kimberly

    You’re gonna luv the locs! The straight iron looks cool, I go through them so fast, they can never stand up to my hair, I really just need to invest in one good one.

  • Milan

    I could use a new flat iron!!

  • The JJB

    I put a new flat iron on my Christmas list. . .This woudl be perfect!

    Joyce Bell

  • cowgirltazz

    This would be a very Merry Christmas to ME!!

    Julie D


    Angel Clarke

    yay for deciding on locs! i think they’ll fit your face well :)

  • Anonymous

    Gloria Arroyo

  • Anonymous
  • Dwana

    seriousblacknj @ yahoo . com

  • Caitlan

    You know, my roommate dredded her hair but is saving her straightening iron for someday… even though they will have invented a way better one by the time she needs it.

    Yay honeypot:
    c8lanvan @ hotmail . com

  • Anonymous

    i hope i win.
    Name: Daniela


  • Rosanna


    sugar dot lemon93 at gmail dot com

    thanks so much, and congrats, your hair is looking healthy and luscious!

  • Jana


    spamisafish (at) gmx (dot) com

    woo hoo! That is some nice looking hair!

  • Joanne

    forevertwentyfour (@) inbox (.) com

    This is great, thanks for this giveaway. Great post by the way, it’s nice of you to catch us up on what has happened over the months to your beautiful head.


  • reana

    fantastic! Can you do some more lip products? I also really like your mascara reviews!

    ry2011 (at sign) mail (dot sign/period) com


  • Jane

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    you have the nicest eyes. They’re well defined.

  • Erica D.


    By the way love the hair!!

  • Michelle

    Great giveaway! Great blog as well! :-)


  • Anonymous

    Love your blog!! I got to get some china glaze thanks to you! god bless!

    -Jennifer S.

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  • Jay and Mai Wu

    What eye shadow are you wearing?! it looks gorgeous!!

    Shannon Wu

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  • Bella

    Sistah!! Don’t forget your sacred dose of Coconut oil. If I don’t do that, my hair looks sad and scary :(

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    Love the look! Your hair is growing sooooo fast!


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    Name: DeNotra

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    Contest Entry:


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    I wish my hair grew fast. Mine hasn’t grown even that long in about 4 months


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