MAC Holiday Kits are now 25% off!

I usually don’t post sales but this one here is a shocker. I’ve lived to see the day of the first Black president and of MAC having a pretty decent sale. Heyyy!!!

I’m not too interested in these holiday palettes but I know just who to get them for!

All Holiday kits from the Passions of Red, Adoring Carmine, Little Darlings and MAC Exclusives are 25% off! That means…

This baby here:

….goes for $28.50 instead of $38.00!!

And of course is offering free shipping and you can also snag these 25% off in stores. I’m not sure how long this will last so act quickly if you are shopping for your favorite cosmetic lovin’ cousin. Click here to start shopping now!

Love yall!

  • Elena

    Hey Brittany,

    I’ve been checking up on your blog for a while now, but haven’t stopped yet to say hi. :) First, your blog rocks. :) Second, thank you so much for posting about the MAC discount! You seriously caught me right as I was ready to go shopping, and this is going to help so much. Thanks!! 😀

  • Big Cheekz

    fyi – in addition to this, if u already purchased a gift set w/in the last 2 weeks, MAC will credit you the differnce in this sales price (as high as $10 on some items). they did me this favor earlier today :)

  • B

    Elena–> Thanks saying hi!! And I am so glad that you are able so save a few dollars. The timing was perfect, uh? Yes! I would love to know what kind of goodies you pick up.

    Big Cheekz–> Are you serious? Wow!! MAC is really being generous. I have to let others know about this. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Amina

    It was such a shocker for me. I wasn’t planning to get anything 25%off …

  • Alyssia

    WHAT!?!?!?! Girl, I’m hittin the MAC store up TOday! As soon as I get off of work! lol

  • Kae

    I bought the 5 piece basic brush set and the 5 piece softsparkle eyeliners for a total of $56 including tax and FREE shipping! That’s 10 MAC items for about $5 each! I bought a shadow brush for regular price for $22.50 a few years ago… so I ended up getting 5 different brushes for the same price this time. SUCH A GREAT DEAL!