Mascaras of 2008: 2-rating

Hey fam! It’s Part Deux of the Mascaras of 2008 installment. First is the worst but in this case, second is not the best. These mascaras were disappointing. Either they didn’t do what they SAID they were going to do or they gave me basic mascara problems. You know….clumping, flaking, disappearance in the middle of the day, etc. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these mascaras but Lord knows I’ve seen worse.

Mascara’s with a 2-rating by ClumpsOfMascara

Clinique High Impact
L’Oreal High Drama Volumizing
Christian Dior: DiorShow Blackout
Maybelline Define-A-Lash
Avon Supershock

To be honest, I have since re-reviewed DiorShow and I would rate it more than a “2”. I still find it to be clumpalicious. Have you tried any of these mascaras? What do you think?

Check out 1-rating mascaras and stay tuned for 3-rating mascaras tomorrow!

Enjoy the last few days of ’08,

  • Kimboo

    You’re right about that Maybelline Define-A-Lash, but my daughter like it.

  • AJ

    when I first got diorshow i loved it. maybe it was the way my eyelashes looked, maybe it was the packaging, maybe it was the looks of envy in the bathroom at work when I flashed my 25 dollar bottle of mascara. those thoughts have long worn off. for one thing, while my eyelashes look good the first hour, by the time i get home, I can’t tell that I’m wearing anything. for two, i know it isn’t waterproof, but even if im not crying, it starts to smudge and run around my eyes, and I look like a raccoon. i can deal with the black mascara tears when im crying (im a sucker for the dramatic anyway), but if a piece of sand hits my eye and it waters a tiny bit and now i look like i have on last saturday’s eye make up, it’s soooo not cool. ive gone back to lashblast, waterproof for now. i have my fingers crossed for givenchy!

  • liz

    funny u put the maybelline define-a-lash as only a 2-star….personally it’s been my absolute FAV for a good 2 years or so, since it came out. and trust me im ALL about the mascara, lol i get excited and buy each new one that comes out. yet none can ever replace my trusty green maybelline define a lash lol. great blog btw, i discovered via e-polishblog. im gonna bookmark it.