Amor de Lacquer: Polish Storage

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Once upon a time, a few months ago, maybe….I didn’t have many nail polishes.

“B!! Surely, you jest.”

Noooope, it was until very recently when I have started collecting nail polishes. This time last year I had less than 15. Now I have over 100. Which I know is more than the average person’s but I bet my favorite nail bloggers have three times as many. Nonetheless, if you walk any where in my super neat room, you are bound to find a bottle of nail polish somewhere.

By the television…

On the night stand…

They are every where!! I am still storing them in a crate in my closet.

What a mess! And that’s just half of them. My accessories are cramped somewhere else and it’s getting a little frustrating. I am a neat freak and I can not stand clutter or an over-abundance of anything. So it looks like I will be giving away the colors that I don’t use/like. But in the meantime I have to figure out how to house them neatly. Any suggestions?

How many nail polishes do you have? Give me an average number…

ETA: I have sense changed my nail polish set-up. Check it out here.

Polish pretty,

  • Shrinky Inky

    I have about 30 or 40 and I keep them in a wire basket under my guest bathroom sink, along with my manicure products/tools. I try to weed out the old polishes periodically and make sure I don’t duplicate colors (especially reds). I really don’t wear anything but red, blue, black or a dark color. I occasionally wear green :) I’d love to find a nice solution like the racks the salons use, but behind a door or mirror so I can better see what I have.

  • Milan

    I have about 80-90 polishes and I keep them in a metal bucket that’s now overflowing. I have to find another way to store them as my collection gets bigger and bigger. I need some ideas too!

  • Glamouricious

    wowza.:o i only have about 20. these where mostly gifts, some i bought myself. i just store them in a box/case i got which held baby wipes lmao. but it’s begun to overflow.
    i want to buy some more, since the ones which where gifts aren’t really my fave colors. boo.
    but nail polishes tend to dry up and i alot of the ones i have are still un used.

  • Glamouricious

    oh yea and like shrinky inky said, i tend to stick with colors like blue, red, black, grey and yellow. i hate when my nail polish looks out of place with my outfit.
    i’ve actually left my whole set of nail polishes at a friends house so maybe they can get used up already.

    im such a cheapskate.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    wow! I’m seriously slacking lol

    I have *whispers* 10

    10 nail polishes to my name…surely I’m a newb lol

  • Colette

    I am actually in the process of organizing my stash of nail polish right now. I posted a pic of the mess just on Friday & it was much worse than yours! I am using some clear plastic shoeboxes which I decided on after seeing them as an option on several other blogs. They're easy to stack & cheap at around a dollar each.

    As for how many bottles of polish I have – I'm cataloging them in Excel as I box & I'm up to 249 so far. And I've still got about 1/3 of my dresser-top to go lol.

  • choozen1ne

    No Joke I have over 300

  • Askmewhats

    I have less than 50! You wouldn’t believe it! But gosh! I want to check out yours in person! :)

  • Elle*

    Index Card Boxes! Yup! Nowadays, you can go to office stores or the container store and get cool ones in pop colors and designs. They come in different sizes too, so the smaller ones can house smaller polishes such as Essie’s and L’oreals, and the bigger ones can fit the OPI’s and China Glazes, etc. This is what I do. It keeps them away from the light and extreme temps as well (which is isn’t good for prolonged periods of time). Then, you can just stack anywhere you like!

  • India’s World

    hahaha! i have like 1: clear. i have kids and just can’t do colors. they’d be a mess all the time.

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I have about 20 or so, but adding to the collection, since nail care is my new “just for me” thing this year. I love all kinds of colors and they don’t have to match anything at all. I used to keep them in a clear plastic box in the bathroom, but I moved them to a bin in my room. My daughter was borrowing and not returning, so I have to keep them close now.

  • Lish

    B what is that book in the background with the pencils on it?? is it a makeup book?? do tell lol.

  • The Asian Girl

    I can’t wait to the to the average nail blogger amount (but my credit card can, ha!). I found an old picture of all my bottles back in May, which was 14…as of today, I’m at 112. I’m very OCD about my nail polish storage; I have two desks in my room; one of which is strictly nail polish with two plastic storage boxes (about shoebox sized) full, a little rack with nine Chanels and my 2 Hard Candys, and an OPI train case as a centerpiece. if that’s not an addiction, i don’t know what is!

    PS…i’m very jealous that you got to go to DC for the inauguration!!! lucky!!!

  • rmcandlelight

    Wow!!! 100 nail polishes. I haven’t counted but I may have about 15 now. I’m really collecting nailpolishes now. Kinda put the makeup on the side now. There are several brands I want to try zoya, misa, lippman just to name a few. I but one of them large 3 tier plastic storage bins on wheels to store my nailpolish in. Its the same ones most use to store there makeup. Do you have the konad system? If so where did you purchase yours? In the past I remembering see them in the mall can’t remember where. I got to get konad.

  • Dwana

    I honestly have no idea. I just dumped (gave away) 90% so I can reup. What I did was kept them in a five drawer storage bin. They were paired by brand HOWEVER I used to (a prior dump) pair them (the drawers) by color.

  • Amina

    i have 0 nail polishes.
    you have a beautiful collection.
    Now how many oils do i have that’s another question..

  • AnyaPosh

    Maybe 15 I have or less

  • Tiera

    My nail stuff is currently in the 2nd to the bottom drawer of my dresser (which is now my vanity, as I have outgrown just about everything else!). I only have about 15-20 nail polishes, but that’s because I’ve only just started doing my nails myself instead of at the salon.

  • Anonymous

    Oh em gee.

    I have….

    TWO nail polishes=0

    However, I have a wish list of colors I want, and a subscription to a couple of nail blogs :)

    I’ll get there someday, b. 112, here I come lol