Barbie loves Stila

Oh….mi….goodness were the first words that I said when I saw this.

I immediately hit Twitter and asked my beauty bloggin’ Twitter fam if that was a brown skinned Barbie with an afro.

I got confirmation.

And then I got excited.

Stila Cosmetics (a line that has the BEST lip glosses to date…and don’t even get me started on their convertible colors…loves ’em!) has partnered up with Barbie to bring you “Decades of Beauty”. Wait—there’s more of them.

Jewel Barbie

Malibu Barbie

Ponytail Barbie

Each comes with 2 eyeshadow colors and a cheek color, a liner OR mascara and a lip color. A collector’s can and look book also comes with each. Stila is only producing around 10,000 for EACH Barbie so if you want them, giiiirl…you better hop to it.

They are pre-launching on on Wednesday, January 14 for $40. That’s today! So you better go snag them now. I know I’m gettin’ my girl with the fro.

Don’t judge me. I was a HUGE Barbie girl growing up. I still have them. See…

Oh yes…run, don’t walk to, chicks.

Because I’m foxy too,

[EDIT]: As of 9:00 a.m. EST all of the cans are”temporarily out of stock”. Check HERE. I don’t believe….how in the world? That quickly? This must be a joke.
Thanks Steph’s Closet

  • Tenia

    Girl!!! I have soo many freaking barbies and its not even funny! LOL I love love love Barbie. I am heading over there now to get me one!

  • Askmewhats

    Can I share?

    I so love love love love Barbie when I was younger but my parents are the type who would want to spend more on education rather than dolls! :( so sad to say, I never own any! :) So now that I’ve grown, I can probably settle on Barbie Stila! hahahah :)

  • Kieya

    my grandmother didn’t let me have barbies cuz they were all white. but i had a full sized black one. that sista barbie with the afro warms my heart! and that stila container looks like a collector’s item!

  • Wes

    I can't help but to think that Stila is implicating MAC's M.O.!!! (MAC & Hello Kitty… now Stila & Barbie)… It's MUCH too much for me, but it IS a good marketing ploy.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I just love Barbie with the fro…too cute.

  • Amina

    yes, i was also shocked when i saw that they’re already sold out.
    Like Suzie said, it’s Manish all over again

  • Milan

    I have that Barbie with an Afro. LOVE her! I kept all my Barbies from back in the day. So yeah I was super excited to log in this morning and grab my can…only to find out they were out of stock! WTH?! I get to work at 6:30am pst and it was a wrap already. I hope they restock so I can snag one.

  • Pixie

    Sigh. I really wanted the “Foxy” set. That’s a gorgeous barbie doll. I bet these sets will never reach Europe :(

  • Anonymous

    hey clumps,
    totally off topic but, have you seen this article yet about retailers giving away cosmetics to settle lawsuit?

  • Not Ur Sister

    Ummm Brittany that is my barbie and i have been looking for that doll for a mintue so if u could give me my doll back i would really like that thankz…

    i dont remember trading it..;

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    Before I leave this EARTH, I will have that Black Afro’d Barbie!! And the can and make up too! I love BARBIE!!

  • Shen

    I love the afro barbie and ponytail!! :) thanks for posting this!!

  • Bsquared86

    Too cute! I’m not surprised that the cans are soldout already. The blogworld is buzzing about it!

    I can’t even find my old barbies but I’m holding on tight to my Graduation Barbie (beautiul brown skin with pink cap and gown), lol. Thanks for reminding me to put that up for safe keeping!