Beauty + Fitness: Wii Fit called me fat!

I have a confession.

I’m pretty obsessed with fitness. I think about it all the time. I am consciously always counting calories. And I have finally gotten to the point where I actually enjoy waking up in the morning to run my miles.

But nothing, I mean nothing beats my Wii Fit.

I got it for Christmas and can’t stop playing it.

The Wii Fit and I were good friends until it called me “overweight” *gasp* Imagine my horror! Apparently the Wii Fit didn’t know that I had already gone from 201 lbs to a little less than 180 lbs in the past 6 months. And surely the Fit didn’t know that my dangerously high blood pressure around 150 was dropped and stabalized to the normal 125-130 range. Yikes.

No worries. I continue to jump out of bed to run every morning and jump on the white board every night.

Fitness is beauty, family. Doesn’t matter how beautiful your gloss is. Or how “fab” your new boots are. High blood pressure doesn’t know that you massage your cuticles every night. Diabetes could care less if you spent $19 on that Make Up For Ever 92 eye shadow color (hehe). None of that matters.

THIS JUST IN: MUFE 92 can prevent anxiety/stress. Swatch it on your fingertip and see what I’m talkin’ about

We have to start taking better care of our bodies…not just on the outside, but on the inside, as well.

What do you think? Would you like to see more health related/weight loss posts on Clumps of Mascara? Do you think that health is relative to beauty or not so much?

I would love to know your thoughts. I also have a poll on the left hand side of the page. Vote por favor!

Stay beautiful but more importantly, stay healthy,

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  • Coco

    Right on. I am getting my fitness on myself.

  • Little Artemis

    I’m trying to stay fit as well. It’s really hard ( I’m the size you used to be, good job on losing the weight that helps me realize I can do this) It’s hard to keep things up.But you have a good point, my body wants to be healthy not just a pretty face.

  • rmcandlelight

    Yes, taking care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising is way more important than looking good with makeup products. Even as we get older we need to exercise. Hey, I love lifting weights. As you get older you lose muscle. I sure don’t want flabby arms. (lol) I would love to see post from you on fitness.

  • Anonymous

    I think you should definitely post about fitness too – you’re the one who says “Stay beautiful”, right? :)

  • B

    Coco–> Alright sis! Keep up the great work!

    Little Artemis–> It is veryyyy hard. Especially if you weren't active or into sports in the past (like me). Hang in there.

    rmcandlelight–> *sigh* I don't know what to say about those flabby arms. NOW I think that my arms are a little too muscular for a lady but I am dreading the flabby arm. Especially since my Grandmommy and Mommy have them. Yikes!! Little weights will definitely keep them in tight. I hope I can keep up with doing that in my 40's and up.

    Anon–> You're right! And being healthy is a way of "staying beautiful". Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, more fitness and health related posts please. As someone who has struggled with her weight and continues to do so, it’s nice to have a kindred spirit who not only loves makeup but knows that you can be fine as wine and dying inside. Also, when I’ve been at my most fit is when I’ve felt the most beautiful, the skin glows, we laugh more, we carry ourselves with more poise. It all counts!

  • LovelyBella73

    This is a wonderful post!! We all definitely have to stay on top of our health and fitness.

  • Wes

    Ughhh thanks for bringing me back to reality. I was supposed to start back my gym routine this week. Needless to say that failed. I HATE the gym but I know its something I have to do. Especially if I wanna keep the cellulite away. UGH!!

  • Katee "e-polishblog"

    Congrats on your weight loss! I think you look beautiful. But I hear you. Being fit is so important for our health, not for our vanity. I have gained so much weight in the past 2 years, I really need to get it off for health reasons. Thanks for the motivation :)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I voted YES YES YES, I certainly would appreciate more posts on health etc.
    B- I am soooooo not kidding when I tell you that last night I came across a fab little lady on youtube who lost a bunch of weight. I was tempted to post on it today but decided not to and now you have a health related post today. AMAZING!
    I NEED THE wii and the FIT program.
    Congrats on all your losing weight.

  • Jamila

    Wait… My MUFE 92 won’t ward off diabetes? Damn.

    Lol! Great post! I think it’s good to include fitness in CoM. Beauty isn’t just skin deep!

  • yummy411

    the nay sayer that could! hahha! i’m so happy you love the wii fit! now my faith in it is affirmed and i shall have it in my life in the very near future!

    are you hating our our mufe 92 revolution that you were a part of!? i kid! you put us to shame on twitter about our fitness.. i guess you can slap us with reality here on the blog too 😉 do your thang girl.

  • Amina

    congrats on your weight loss.
    yes please post more health related posts…i am also trying to get back to being fit and lose weight. Some
    helpful posts will be with food: healthy breakfasts/snacks, etc…

  • Shefali

    I’m in full weight loss mode right now because I believe that health is part of beauty. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by April 1. I’ve been really good so far and would love posts here about health. It would be totally motivating!

  • B

    Anon–> That is so true!! And it isn't the bronzer that is making you glow..but your health. Loves that!

    LB–> Thank you, sis!

    Wes–> I used to haaaate the gym. Like BAD. I've never been athletic and even hated sweating but after doing it for awhile, it became the norm. Now I hate NOT going to the gym.

    Katee–> Thank you, darling. That's right, girl…get fit!

    PJD–> Thanks sis. And blog about it!! I don't see why we can't mix beauty and health. I think they go hand in hand and am glad to see people are thinkin' the same thing. Yessss. And girl, get that Wii Fit in your life. It is the greatest!

    J–> You see that addition I put in the post for yo crazy behind? LOL!

    Yums–> What…are yall attacking me? LMAO! I put that addition in there for you too, silly billy.

    Amina–> *scribbles in invisible notebook with invisible pen* You got it!!

    Shefali–> 15 lbs by April? You can totally do it!!! The first few pounds are the easiest to get off so go go goooo!!

  • infojunkiegrl

    i am getting on the new workout plan..mind body and soul workout…
    get on it ladies! only way to be fab from 23 to 93!


  • Missy

    You said it best…health IS beauty! Keep it coming!

  • Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual

    As a recently (Nov 2007) converted gym rat, I am crazy about being healthy. I have to be. The writing is on the wall. My dad has diabetes, HBP and high cholesterol. My mom’s inactivity caused her to gain weight that is putting undue stress on her joints. This is my family history, but it SHALL NOT be my legacy.

    But I still love food. I just realized that my love of food and my love of fitness can co-exist, but there must be a balance.

    I would love to see more fitness inspired entries and congratualations on your accomplishment!! Keeping it going girlfriend. The more peeps on this party train, the more fun it is!!!

    And boo on your Wii Fit for bullying you. If it calls you overweight I don’t even want to THINK of what it would call me.

  • Nessa

    I would love to see something about fitness. I was thinking about following a fitness blog, but I don’t want an overload on it. I think if you have the time for it with all the other posts you do, it would be great!

  • jasmineleann

    I agree 100%!!! I have just started eating healthy and could not have felt any better along with the exercise. The black community needs a wake up call! Our loved ones are rapidly dying due to weight associated diseases! I would love to read more health/ weight related posts! And kudos to you and your healthy weight loss!!!!

  • Tashina

    That wii game looks fun. It reminds me of the power pad. I wish nintendo would make an update of the power pad. I remember having so much fun with my cousins, and there were lots of us. We would all gather round and have competitions to see who could outrun the rabbit. I know I’m not the only one who loved that game…….

  • Apasara

    Beauty inside and out. Yay! I think adding fitness and wellness to CoM would be super. Wiiiiii!!!!

  • Fashion’s Darling

    yep health is beauty hun! Congrats on the weight loss…keep doing ya thang!

    I must be the only person in america trying to gain weight lol. the Wii is fun tho…idk about the wii fit lol

  • Suddenly slimmer

    I’m totally agree with you. Beauty and health should come together. Great post.

  • Annastashia

    LOL my coworker came in this morning mad bc his Wii Fit called him overweight! Funny :)

    Your earlier posts about getting fit motivated me to do tha same but I can’t stop eating Popeyes! Lol :)

    Congrats on your weight loss though!

  • The Legal Maven

    excellent post and I agree that fitness is essential to beauty. Good luck on your weight loss journey.