Beauty Review: Dr. Susan Taylor Rx for Brown Skin’s Skin Brightener

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I love when I can safely brag about MANY products from a particular skincare line. Oftentimes I may like the cleanser but not the moisturizer. Or the other way around. Truthfully, I don’t have many negatives about about any of the products I have tested from the Rx for Brown Skin line. Here’s another product that delivers!

Dr. Susan Taylor’s Naturally Flawless
Advanced Botanical Brightener

Hyperpigmentation, without a doubt is an issue that ALL women deal with but it seems to be more prevalent among women of color. I remember having an issue with hyperpigmentation at a very young age. It didn’t bother me too much until fairly recently and I am glad that I ran into this product at this point in my life.

Honestly….it either works or I’m seeing things. I would argue that it is the former simply because I KNOW my skin. I analyze it daily and know every spot, blemish and imperfection. So I KNOW that this product is working for me.

What it is “supposed” to do:

  • Gently brightens brown skin with natural ingredients
  • Helps to promote uniform skintone
  • Is Hydroquinone-free


You are supposed to apply a little in the a.m. and p.m. and then follow up with your regular moisturizer. I have been doing this for a little over 3 weeks and I have noticed a HUGE improvement of the dark spots on my face. They are slowly fading away. Might I add that these dark spots are fairly new. Not ones that I have had for years.

The brightener goes on like any moisturizer.

….a few swipes and it’s gone.

At $36.00 for a 1.5 oz, I can’t say that it is the cheapest little product but I’ve never been the one to NOT buy a skincare product because of its high price. Taking care of your skin is an investment so I’m not complaining!

What do you use to get rid of those dark spots? I’ve will always hail cocoa butter but this brightener is the truth! In 5 months, I’m thinking that ALL of the dark spots on my face will be gone. How great would that be?

Con Amor,

  • Valerie

    Hyperpigmentation has been a problem of mine for a few years now and I’ve tried a lot of products. Some of my spots have gone away but not all and I’ve been looking for something new. I’ll have to try this out and see if it helps more than others.

  • Anonymous

    what is the DIFFERENCE between a skin brightener and a skin lightener? Its absolutely amazing that we, black women, especially the ones with chocolate hued skin are sold “brighteners” that are really “lighteners..” I can understand trying to alleviate and treat dark spots from acne but seriously speaking…what is the difference…I love your blog and would appreciate your( and other readers’) insight.

    God Bless.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I need to try this rx for dark skin line

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I’ve been using Ambi for my issues w/hyperpigmentation for about 5 months. I’ve had decent results. I grade it about a “B”. It’s old school, not very expensive and it works. :)

  • Anonymous

    The Rx for brown skin line does work, I've tried the bright and even and like only the toner 'cos it's very gentle and not harsh. For now my routine for dark spots is clearasil and clean & clear cream cleansers, aveeno skin relief lotion w/ cooling menthol, dickinson's witch hazel toner and nadinola. Since starting this regimen, my skin has markedly improved, feels soft and looks more even.

    From a dry skin sista!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I do enjoy the RX line, so I’m glad this is working for you.

  • Kiarah C. W.

    this is interesting. i have to do some more research but i would love to get rid of these spots on my face and loss of pigmentation elsewhere. I just want one healthy, even tone but I don’t want to change my skin color.

  • Mocha

    How does this compare to the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum?

  • quietstorm34

    @ Anonymous 4:22
    I believe the difference btwn this product and a lightener is the hydroquinone. The brightener is just for hyperpigmentation. When your spots go away, your skin looks (is) more even and brighter. I’m sure the moisturizers and natural ingredients help too. A lightener would actually change the color of your face.

  • Coco

    You can safely praise this product! I use it too and it is amazing. And no, you aren’t seeing things, this really does what it claims to. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Also, brighteners are not just marketed towards women of color. Brightening refers to bright glowing skin as opposed to dull skin. As perviously stated brighteners help even skin, and most often work by speeding up the exfoliation process which helps the uneven hyper-pigmentation spots go away faster, leaves the live layers visible and gets rid of the dull dry dead skin layers. Lighteners actually mess with your melatonin production, lightening your skin.

  • Anonymous

    Do you get this product from a dermatologist or froma particular store I have been looking for a product like this for a long time and everything that I have dealt with is for lighter complexions!!! PLEASE HELP

  • Brown Skin Beauty

    You can get Rx for Brown Skin at Sephora – if you go online they can tell you the stores, as it ‘s not in every single store. You can also buy it online at or I LOVE the line…I use the Brightener everyday, and the other powerhouse for helping get rid of dark marks is the Absolute Radiance Exfoliating Serum. I use them together a couple of times a week as a night treatment, and my skin looks amazing (Serum then brightener, no rinsing). I would recommend it to anyone, for dark marks, or even if you just want that renewed, healthy looking glow. It’s good stuff. I get so many more compliments on my skin than I ever have since I started with this.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Taylor is my personal dermatologist and has been for years. She’s so sweet and the staff at her office is all female (dont know if its on purpose or not) and they’re mostly women of color. Black, Latina, and so on. There are also a few other women of color there who are female derms and their really sweet too. Anyway…on to the review. Let’s be REAL…this stuff burns! That is, when mized with prescripton meds. The issue I have with the staff here is that I always feel like they are selling you Dr. Taylors line at every turn. I mean the nurses, front desk, etc. The whole staff is always talking about how good the line is. Well…I got the Bright and Healthy line from Sephora…about 60 bucks (and you CAN return stuff to Sephora if you dont like it within 30 days), I took it home, followed the regimine she gave me, and my face was ON FIRE!! I washed it, put on some aveeno light hydrocortisone and a freezing cold cloth to calm my already DRY (can you imagine!) skin. I was near tears, and my poor husband didnt know what to do! Anyway,I switched up the regimine myself and called into the office to request some changes to the prescription and we shall see what happens from there. As an aside, everyone in that office has great skin! Not sure if they’re using this line, or if that’s a general rule for all employees, lol! Wish me luck! As I type this right now, my face is so irritated :(

  • jamilla

    just ordered this product and i have really oily skin and bad pigemination and acné hope his actually works dont want to waste mY cash paid $19.95

  • RJackson

    Please let me know if this works because we are having the same problems. I have acne and the pimples leave dark spots!!


    • i had dark pimples and it in 3 weeks there where gone no joke!!!

    • i had this pimple that was so big and deep underneath the skin and i was thinking omg the is going to leave a ugly mark and what i did was treat the pimple and using RX brown skin at the same time and i notice it look like the pimple was spreading and i freak im like whats wrong but then in 2 days after the spreading of the dark area it was gone so im a believer!!!

  • Meyahlove

    I’ve been looking for a product that actually works… And I want to try this line.iI’ve been suffering from malasma(pregnancy mask) and dark acne marks for about two years now. I wonder if rx will work for me..

  • RX for brown is nothing but the truth i started to used it back in august and my skin looks so dewy, bright and fresh im so hooked can’t go a day without a customer for life!!!