Beauty Review: L’Oreal HiP’s Color Presso

Greetings gorgeous people!

If there is one thing I love….it’s innovative beauty. New ideas, concepts, technologically beauty operated stuffs and ultra cool packing. It excites me and shows that as the world progresses…so does the world of beauty!

L’Oreal HiP’s Color Presso thingies are like….so…totally cool!

I mean, look at it.

That’s Sally Hansen’s Night Lily on the nails, by the way

That’s a sexy lip gloss, uh? I purchased (782) Ritzy Color Presso from Wal-greens for $12.99. Now normally I wouldn’t purchase L’Oreal HiP regular price because drugstores usually have Buy 1, Get 1 sales but I just had to share this with my family….that would be yall.

ALERT: L’Oreal is on sale at CVS: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!! Check the ad here.

Per L’Oreal’s website:

“Grab Hold of Endless Color Combinations
Press one side for a single shade
Press two sides to mix and blend hundreds more
Press to Express”

Well, I don’t know about “hundreds” but I see what you’re gettin’ at, Lo HiP. This is such a cool product. The packaging is just so much fun. And look how funny it looks when you squeeze both tubes.

Ha! That just tickles me.

And you can even wear it as an accessory!

Okay, I’m kidding about that last bit but it’s one product that has endless uses. It is a little on the pricey side being a few dollars short of some higher end brands.

What I DON’T like about this product is that the gloss factor doesn’t last as long as I would like for it to. I’ve encountered this with many Lo HiP lip products. Granted this is better than most but it still is almost non-existent after an hour or so. Boo to that.

Check out my video review (warning: I’m a mess)

Actually, L’Oreal HiP has a ton of goodies in store for us. Look what I caught on Crackberry:

Ah haaaa….

I think I’ll wait for BOGO before I purchase any thing else.

What do you think? Have you tried this? Want to? Not interested?

Don’t act like you’re too cute to be shoppin’ in the drugstore, girl!


  • Askmewhats

    LOL on your last photo! i can’t stop smiling! and I thought you were serious!!! hahahha even that as an earring makes you look HAWT! How dare you for being so pretty!

    I am a drugstore girl!!! sad to say no HIP line down here and I’m saying it again and again to L’oreal Philippines, BRING HIP Line down here!!!!

  • Amina

    hey: )
    i really need to try HIP products.. I have a mile long list thanks to Suzie…
    this is an innovative product…..
    i like the vimeo video :)

  • ButterflyDiary

    Love it! Thanks for letting me know about it. Agree, they are the Steve Jobs of the cosmetics innovation truck :)

  • ShanSoPink

    I must be the only person on the planet not impressed by these things :/

    oh well, great post though :)

  • Kim-Black Beauty Central

    I love love love the HIP line! I’m a fan of bold color, so it really does it for me. Have you tried their cream eyeliner? Love it!

  • NaturallyAlise

    I have every single HIP eyeshadow, pigment, and eyeliner, but never have tried their lip products…. I’ll catch CVS with my discount and a sale. By the way CVS has a sale on the Stiletto mascara right now…

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh, you’re gorgeous!
    L’oreal HIP is not available in Europe, boooo to that!

  • rmcandlelight

    I saw these lip glosses in walgreens. Refuse to pay $12.99. I will have to wait for bogo. You know loreal hip products haven’t went bogo for a while now. Whats going on? I was thinking you can use that lip gloss as a key ring. Loreal hip also have some new powder glittery eyeliners for about the same price and same type packaging. When I saw your picture I said hey is she showing off the lip gloss or her nails. (lol)

  • B

    Nikki–> I knew you would the gloss as an earring. If it weren't so heavy, I would probably try to rock it! Just for fun, of course. :) Mannn, Lo HiP is trippin'! They sooo need to make it to Manila and surrounding areas.

    Amina–> You've never tried Lo HiP items? Mannn….better hop to it, babes! But only during BOGO. And Suzie….she's a true model for Lo HiP!

    ButterflyDiary–> Thanks for strollin' through! I would love to know what you think about them.

    ShanSoPink–> Now what is your problem, missy? LOL. These things are mad cool….you have to admit that you've never seen anything like this. Admit it… 😉

    Kim-Black-Beauty–> Yes! I love the cream liners. I have one in black and blue and the blue is the perfect pop when I don't feel like wearing much–which is often. Thank you so much for visiting CoM.

    NaturallyAlise–> Daaaang, you are obsessed. I used to have almost all of their shadows until I gave them away. *sigh* Don't ask! Thanks for the Stiletto plug!

    Anon–> Thank you, mamacita. Another fist at Lo HiP and their unavailability internationally. Ugh!!

    rmcandlelight–> I've realized that!! I haven't seen Lo HiP gone BOGO in a while either. Thought it was just me. I saw the glitter liners but passed on those. I may go back for them during BOGO and you know meeee. Nails, nails, nails. LOL!!

  • Stasha

    I’m not crazy about it. I would wait for the BOGO sale also. But I do love their eyeshadows. I only have Playful, but I will be starting my collection also. I am a makeup newbie, I am looking to try NYX eyeshadows because I’m on a budget. I hear people compare them to MAC alot. B and everyone, What do you guys think NYX makeup as well as the E.L.F. makeup?

  • Wes

    That’s a really pretty color… Oh boy, looks like I’ll be lurking inside around the drugstore on my lunch break, lol. It doesn’t help that its basically inside the building I work in neither. I don’t even have to put on a coat! lol

  • yummy411

    you are so silly. i can’t see the vid but i assume that’s the gloss you have on in the earring shot..

    nope still haven’t seen this in my area cvs’s… only suzie has at her secret CVS (or was that target?)in her part of DC.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Britt, Its Shavonda. Im glad you did a review on this. I went to ULTA yesterday during my lunch break and saw it. Thought about you when I saw it and to my surprise you reviewed it. Amazingly telepathinc you are! So all the girls and guys can pick it up at ULTA as well.

  • Alyssia

    i haven’t seen these at my local CVS or Walgreens or Rite Aid yet (lol) Detroit is so slow….haven’t checked Ulta yet maybe I’ll find them there!

    And u r too silly!

  • B

    Stasha–> OMG, you came just on time with that NYX bit. Stay tuned. I have a surprise for you on Monday. :) And to answer your question I would totally compare MAC to NYX. To be so affordable, I think that NYX shadows are amazing!!

    Wes–> You're kidding me, right? I'd be so poor if I was within walking distance of a drugstore. Do yo thang, girl!!

    Yums–> You know my silly tail is wearing the earring. And uhh….Imma need for DC to get right!!

    Shavonda–> Hey babes…we are always on the same wavelength. Eerie but kinda cool. LOL…of course they'd be at Ulta. Forgot to mention that. Thanks for havin' my back!

    Alyssia–> Detroit is on that slow collection bit like DC, uh? Goodness gracious.

  • itzzzkimmm

    The nail polish you have on is cuuute!! Where did you get it from?

  • SuzieC

    I’m waiting for a BOGO to try these. I’m really interested in the khol liners.

  • rmcandlelight

    I love youtube better. Youtube videos give a better close up shot to me.

  • What does bogo sale mean?

    • Brittany

      Buy One Get One.