Beauty Review: Sea Breeze Fresh-Clean

‘ello family!!

Okay, so what’s the number one skin annoyance in your book? Is it scarring from previous pimples? What about hyper pigmentation? Your dessert dry skin? T-zone turmoil?

What say you? While you are thinking–let me tell you mine.

Breakouts!! And not just any kind of breakouts. The kind of breakouts that don’t even make sense.

For example..mira este foto:

This was when I was living in the City of Angels almost a year ago. My face went crazy! But it made sense. I was going through some changes.

-Different climate.
-Smog-alicious L.A.
-My diet changed (left the world of vegetarianism).
-I was teaching and around kids. Kids=germs.
-Stress. Post grad nerves, a big move, no money, wowsers!

So it almost makes sense as to why my face reacted the way it did. I can’t blame it.

Lately, however, I’ve been getting some mad crazy pimples on my left cheek and I can NOT understand where they are coming from.

“B, what are you doing differently?”

Nada! I’m serious. My diet/work-out regime in the same. I drink a ton of water. I take my multi-vitamins daily. I change my pillow cases. I change my wash clothes. I don’t touch my face with dirty hands nor do I press my face up against my cell phone. So what is it?

The world may never know. Add that mystery next to “Where is my left sock?” file.

But I have finally combated these massive thugged out pimples.

Good ole’ Sea Breeze Astringent . I grew up with this stuff in the house but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago until I became BFFs with it again. Don’t know what I was thinking! A cotton ball soaked with Sea Breeze every morning and night on my left cheek is doing the trick. When I tell you my pimples are gone…they are gone! says:

“Oil control formula that treats and prevents breakouts. “

Great stuff, sisters and brothers. Of course it comes in a Sensitive Skin formula. I meant to pick that up but I am glad that the original isn’t giving me any problems. You can buy it at all drug and grocery stores and online at for only $4.99.

The pimples are gone. Next step: getting rid of scarring. *sigh* It never ends.

Have you used Sea Breeze before? A fan? Hate it? How do you get rid of breakouts or pimples?

I mean besides using toothpaste. And I know I’m not the only one who does that.

Pimple poppin’ (not with my fingers of course) and proud,

  • Dwana

    I use Sea Breeze for my hair. I only get pimples when my Aunt stops by. Generally, I treat the pimple differently than my face. Someone recommended toothpaste. Believe it or not the stuff worked.
    I’ve heard of the ice method but don’t recall the details.
    Benzoyl peroxide (like in ProActive) breaks me out something terrible. The only reason I bought the treatments were because I kept hearing about it. BAD idea. There was no reason for me to have it and I later paid for my curiosity. For a lot of people (like myself) their product do the exact opposite. I always recommend salicylic acid.
    My sister uses fresh lemon juice.
    Good Luck

  • Askmewhats

    I use tea tree oil for zits! I have to try toothpaste soon :)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I am really glad this worked for you. Sea breeze kicked my butt when I used it years ago. I think it is just too strong for me but I’m glad it’s doing the trick for you.

  • Wes

    I’ve never head a problem w/ breakouts (thank God) but whenever I feel something coming on I use St. Ive’s Apricot scrub to clean deep down inside my pores… This usually works for me.

  • B

    Dwana–> I use it for my scalp too and it feels good!! I wish the smell was better though. Fresh lemon juice sounds ideal!!

    Nikki–> I looooooove tea tree oil. I just purchased some this past weekend. That and lavender oil are stables for me.

    PJD–> Yeah, it definitely isn't for everyone. I can see how it is a little harsh. It tinkles like maaaad.

    Wes–> I loooove that scrub. Some say it's a little too abrasive for the skin but it works perfectly for me too.

  • NaturallyAlise

    Are you going to do a post about the scarring part?…. i have wicked acne scars that need some TLC….

    Like someone upthread, I also used it on my scalp when I had locs between washings… wonderful!

  • Alyssia

    LOL @ that face. Girl u r the “ish” (lets keep it clean for blogspot lol) i love u!

    but yeah.. You got me thinking…I’ve been having this one pimple on my cheek forEVER and it won’t flippin go away! BUT it is the side i hold my phone on and i do rest the phone on my cheek from time to time…..I have fat cheeks what can i say?! But im definitely gonna stay cognizant of that and see if it clears up!

    Nice post, girlie!

  • Stasha

    Ahhh..Good ‘ol Sea Breeze was my friend back in the day. I think we should reconnect again. Thanks Brit. I have the T-ZOne shiny thing going on bad. Do you have any suggestions of a daily face wash to use. I was thinking about Clinque, Juice Beauty, Korres, or Origins. Has anyone tried any of these products or should I go to Aveeno or Cetaphil.

  • Brickhouse

    Wow. Seabreeze? Who knew? I never tried it, but now I might have to look into it. When I was a teen I thought that pink Clinique liquid was the bomb-diggety. Turns out it’s mostly witch hazel. I could’ve bought that for a dollar at the time from the drugstore, lol. Ya live, ya learn.

  • The Joy

    oh gurrrrl, i use sea breeze for my face, my excemz and my hair!!! i have really dry skin and it has been a LIFE saver!!!! unfortunately my lil’ brother has excema too and he got to it, used it all and now i’m out! so i’ve been walking around here looking like a ashy bashy bimbo! lol

  • Dara

    Waaaay too much alcohol for me! How about a BHA. I use Paula’s Choice 1% BHA and have my friends and family using it as well. Her products have never failed me. She also rates all the other cosmetics line.

  • Apasara

    The only thng that faded my acne brown spots and kept zits aways is Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Gel. Magical stuff. Hard to find.

  • Anonymous

    I get hyper-pigmentation post zit and I found Clinique Even Better skin tone corrector works really well. I start using it when the zit is on its way out and the darkness goes away in about a week. I also only use it where I’m getting zits, not all over. Seems more cost effective.

  • lilone

    i got my acne/hyperpigmentation beauty secret right from Shawnta’s youtube vids [lol] I started using the oil cleansing method (coconut oil and castor oil instead of evoo and castor) and i moisturize with raw shea butter. It has worked wonders! Its only been a month and my skin hasn’t been this clear since probably middle school. Sometimes we’re extra oily because we dry our skin out with all these acne combatting products that are actually causing us to produce more oil, hence more breakouts

  • AJinVA

    I am feelin you on the Sea Breeze!! I bought the Sea Breeze Naturals for sensitive skin (the astringent & the mild skin cleaner). I don't go to bed without using this stuff!! It's no where as strong as the regular one. On top of that, I found it in the most unlikely of places – Dollar Tree (where everything is $1)!!! They think I'm crazy 'cause everytime I go in there I buy like 5 of each (just in case I go back one day and its My mother recently started using the SB Naturals astringent as well. I went to NY for Christmas and I saw it in her bathroom. I thought she was trying to jack me (lol) when she said "that stuff is great! When did they start selling Sea Breeze in Dollar Tree?" LOL

  • Ebony

    Definitely use Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is an anti-irritant and antibacterial. I learned extra gentle cleanser and godd moisturizers make a great difference. I moisturize twice a day and it made a great immediate difference. Also for acne scarring try a baking soda scrub or aspirin mask. I put baking soda in my hand and add little water then scrub my face with it. Afterwards your skin will look almost as if you just had a microdermabrasion. After some time your scars will fade just like mine. But remember to use sunscreen everyday. Sorry if this is a long post.

  • Tammy M

    SeaBreeze, bringing back memories! Pimples on the left side of your face? Did you check your cell or phone at work??? Make sure you clean it frequently…I had the same problem for a while and once i started cleaning (clorox wipes) my work phone, no more pimples! Just a thought…