Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual review

Beauty bloggers have been buzzing over Bobbi Brown’s newest publication. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is full of information for everyone. The teenager new to skincare and make-up, the professional make-up artist and every one in between. So what do I think?

Um, I love it! Granted it is my first make-up book ever but it contains a ton of information for newbies and pros-alike. Since I am more on the newbie side, let me take you on a photo journey of my expressions of some of the things I saw in the book.

I am going to try this! Per page 72: “Using two shades of blush, apply your natural color and then add a pop of brighter color on top. The natural shade looks great at first, but often fades easily. The brighter shade alone is often great for evening, but too much of a contrast for every day. This layering technique offers natural brightness.”

I learned that “very dark skin looks best with yellow-based foundation that has warm cinnamon tones.” (page 62)

I was a little embarrased at how BAD I was about taking care of my brushes. Per page 18, “Clean your brushes everyone month or two. For a quick cleaning in between washings, use a spray brush cleaner.”

Per page 128 “Some dark skin looks best with no blush”. Whaaaat?! I’m sorry, but I definitely can not co-sign on that one. I think that a dab of blush looks beautiful on any one. Especially those with dark skin. But what do I know? I’m a clearly not the professional. LOL!

Page 106 gave a photo tutorial of how to do a smoky eye. Yeeep, I still don’t get it.

I learned some tips on for long-lasting color on page 84. Here’s one, “Use pencil on top of lipstick to create a waxy barrier.” Ahh haaa!!

The book is split up in two sections: Basics and Artistry. The Basics focuses on Skin, Face, Lips, Eyes, Guides and Special Makeup Applications.

Artistry focuses on Essential Equipment for the Professional, Advanced makeup applications and Memorable Makeup Moments & Legends.

So see!! There is something for everyone. It details for $32.00 but I got it a lot less at

Does this seem like something you would purchase? What’s your favorite make-up book?

Read uuuup,

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  • Fashion’s Darling

    LMAOOOOO!!!! You are too funny with these pictures lol. Great review. I’ve been hesitant about getting it only because I don’t know if it’s worth my money.

    dark skin-no blush..wrong-o! I love my blush and intend on getting more!

  • Marsadie

    Bobbi Brown may be a “pro”… But she’s no authority on dark skin IMO. Her tips on dark skin are always so limited.

    Love your review, though!! You make everything fun/entertaining.

  • Askmewhats

    B! You are too funny and cute!!! Those are great tips and I love your expressions!

    I would love to purchase the book and see how much it is down here :)

    Thanks for the book review!

  • prettybeautiful

    hahahahhaha u look so cute in the pics =)

    p/s: i am never a book person, but i recently bought a small handbook for nail art tho. hehe

  • antithesis

    u have inspired me to go ahead and make that purchase. i didnt know if it was worth it either and i was trying to win it or get it for the low. since you got it for a little cheaper at amazon, i’ll try them. especially if i can use Ebates.

  • Lavendar

    Love your review! I just got the book and I’m really enjoying it.

  • Product Junkie Diva

    LOL this is a really fun post. i’m glad you like the book.

  • Rebecca

    I have the book. There are so good tips, but the AA info is very limited. A lot of the information for women of other colors can be used for AA women.

  • Katee "e-polishblog"

    Great post!! Cute pics:) I probably would not buy this just because I feel I can get all of the make up related info I need at blogs like yours.

  • PBW

    Hey! Dangit! How come I don’t look that cute reading my Bobbi book!?!?!

  • Amina

    cuute pictures !!
    I also love the make up manual!
    don’t you find that some were wearing too much blush??

  • Bella

    You are the BESTESTTTT hermana!!! Love the pics and as usual your review is FAB.
    I am in queue at the public library for the book, but have no plans to buy it.

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    You are too cute reading that book!

    I need to learn how to do a decent eye. I don’t feel like I’m all that skilled in that area, but I want to get better. Blog it out, B! :)

  • Beauty Maintenance

    Looks/sounds pretty good! I’m horrible about cleaing my brushes too but want to get better this year!

    I’ve been wearing a lip liner pencil over my lipstick for ever (under too) but always did it to alter the color and make it last longer, I never thought about it being a barrier. Good to know! :)

    You may have sold me on this book!

  • Milan

    LOL! Your pics are hilarious. I got this book for Christmas and I love it. Lots of useful tips and I love the pictures.

  • B

    Thank yall very much! I’m a mess, I know. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Your pictures are sooooo funny and entertaining…I really enjoy reading your blog…much love!

  • Jai

    My favorite makeup books are Kevyn Aucoin’s “Face Forward” and “Making Faces”. I especially recommend “Face Forward”, as it contains tons of great makeup tips for women of all ethnicities and skin tones, in addition to awesomely inspiring pictures. Aucoin (rest his soul) is my favorite makeup artist of all time….and unlike Bobbi Brown, he highly recommended blush for black women. :)

  • zatilaqmar

    thank you for the review!!am going to get it soon :)
    the pictures are entertaining too,btw.:)

    keep it up!

  • sami

    hey! i came across this looking for a review of the bobbi brown manual, this is the cutest entry i've come across in a long time. thanks for a fantastic read :D!

  • B

    Sami–> Thank you so much!