Brown & Blushin': Smashbox’s O-Glow Cheek color

It’s the series all about brown ladies and blushes! Here’s a product that I have had for almost 6 months and I am just now sharing it with the family. Please excuse the delay. Pero better late than never. I remember when I first heard about Smashbox’s O-Glow Intuitive Cheek color. I HAD to have.

This silicone-based clear gel is infused with vitamins for the skin.

Now the question that I’m sure most of my brown girls are asking is, “Does it really work for us?”


It goes on like a gel….

And after a few seconds, you get a nice “flush” of raspberry pink.

Can you see it? While it works, I have a problem with putting it on. How do you do it? With fingers? A brush? I find that neither is effective–hence why I have never really used the product. So while Smashbox gets an A+ from me in the innovative department, I will have to give them a D- on usability.

Have you ever tried this product? Or would you be interested in trying it? Any tricks of how I can get it to work? Tell me!!

Cuz I’m brown and can still blush,

  • Askmewhats

    I have tried the testers and it works "cute" on me, it is indeed a glow effect, BUT, I did not purchase it as it's best to be used using your fingers as the warmth of your skin and fingers from rubbing cause the product to turn into a hint of raspberry, <– that's according to the SA. I'm lazy to wash my hands again! LOL

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I dont have this product mainly because I don’t wear anything on my cheeks but it looks pretty on your hand…..

  • lynettepleasant

    It looks nice on your hand but I find Smashbox to be way overpriced. :( The Avon brand mark. has the exact same thing, I think for less than ten dollars.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about the usability of the blush. I like the color, but I always have issues with application. If I put it on over powder or foundation with a brush or my fingers, it takes off the powder or foundation. If I put it on under everything, I have issues with only using my fingers. I figured I can’t win. I do like the lip gloss though — no problems with applying that!

  • Renata

    Gosh, I thought I was the only one that couldn’t apply it. I really like the color on me but I think that was a waste of money cuz I don’t use it at all…=/ I prefer powder…so much easier and faster.

  • Katee

    I love this stuff! I have it too. Great stuff.

  • Audrey

    I saw xsparkage do a video where she used it. she squeezed the product directly on her cheeks and then blended it out with her 187 brush. it looked really pretty when she was done!

  • safiyabeauty

    This is an interesting product. It definitely gives a nice glow but I see what you mean about the usability. Thanks for the review!


  • Toma

    I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for this! I carried it around in my purse forever before trying and when I did I instantly declared it a “hot mess”! It didn’t spread over my cheeks and kinda left me looking like Raggedy Ann, with her red circle cheeks.

  • Amina

    i’ve never tried smashbox but i loove gel blushes. I’ve had a good experience with stila and mac :)

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I hate gels or anything non powder simply because
    a) it ruins my foundation (or i’m doing it wrong)
    b) i’m oily and the shine factor is unbelievable

  • Apasara

    Easier to apply mixed with a tad of Avon Magix or SmashBox PhotoFinish…or with those products on the cheek first.

    The Avon $10 tube of colourless Magix is amazing on anyone’s skin colour before product…especially for photos or when you want to look flawless. HTH!