Brown & Blushin': The best ever!

It’s no surprise that I love blushes. After all…I have a series dedicated to them! My belief is that women of color CAN wear blushes. And beautifully. For a long time I didn’t think that blushes were for ladies with darker hues. What was I thinking? It is! Toya from Life of a Ladybug and I are collaborating to bring you our favorite blushes and bronzers. You ready?

NARS Dolce Vita

I’ve already done an extensive review of this blush here. I can’t put it down! Because it is a matte the color is richly intense and a little goes a long way. It is perfect for all occassions! I don’t have to worry about reapplying any on my foundation-less skin because it’s NARS…which means it is long-lasting. This is definitely my favorite blush of ALL time and is totally worth the $25 price tag. More about NARS’ blushes here.

Stila Convertible Color

I absolutely love Stila’s convertible colors! I mean with a passion. I actually have one in my purse right now. And there it stays. I find that it feels great on my cheeks–especially in these colder months. Not only that, but it doubles as a gloss, which I use quite often! Another steep price tag of $25 but you know I’m all about items with multi-uses so this is a splurge I can justify indulging in. More about Stila’s Convertible colors here.

MAC Petticoat

I also did a post on this baby here. Okay, words can not express how much I LOVE Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish. I don’t even understand WHY it is so beautiful. Just a sweep of a fluffly eyeshadow brush and I have achieved perfectly subtle cheekbones. It is the PERFECT highlight-enhancing my facial features. I’ve also been known to dust it only the lids too. Gosh B….$25 for this too? Yeeeep! More about Petticoat MSF here.

N.Y.C. Chroma Face Glow in Sunset

I did a review on this here. N.Y.C. ain’t lyin’ about this “glow”, ladies. It’s there and it is gorgeous! I also use this as a highlighter-especially on days when I don’t have too much time to do a ton of work on my cheeks. Like most blushes, a little goes a long way and gives my face instant illumination. Use too much, however, and you may get the “disco ball” effect. A fantatstic dupe for MAC’s MSF coming in at only $4.99.

CoverGirl’s Tanfastic Bronzer

“B….brown girls can’t wear bronzers!” To quote my cousins from the South, “You’se a lie!” Yes we can wear bronzers! I dedicated an entire post to them. I love them! Especially in the summer time. Golden bronzers look beautiful on brown skin. I have a friend that uses it all over and you know what? It works for her. I don’t think I would go that route as I am more brown than she is but the point is….bronzers work for us. For a nice subtle glow…scoop you up CoverGirl’s. It’s only $5.99.

Before I go….check out what I’ve been lusting after for a uh….hours.

From Givenchy’s Spring ’09 collection.

Sari Glow Iridescent Blush

How beautiful is that? This baby is $42 and is only at Sephora.

“$42 for a blush, B?!!!”

Insanity, I know…but isn’t it beautiful?

Don’t forget to check out Toya’s top blushes/bronzers.

What is your all time favorite blush? Tell me!!

Get yo glow on,

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  • Askmewhats

    Lucky you B to have found your HG blush, I still haven’t :) I guess it is difficult for me to look for a shade that really works …I’ve found a lot that works but on days, they’re just blah :) thanks for sharing yours :)

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I don’t wear blush but they look great on other people.

  • Brown Girl Gumbo

    That Givenchy blush looks beautiful! I'd love to try it out! Like you, I'm a sucker for blush & bronzers! :-)

  • ~PakKaramu~

    Pak Karamu visiting your blog

  • Bella

    Whomever told you women of color cannot use bronzers needs to chat with me! HA. We are lovely with it!!!

  • B

    Nikki–> You're kidding me, right? I've seen you with a lot of blushes on and you look amazing!!

    PJD–> I remember you telling me that. Don't make me come up to NYC and bully you into swiping on some blush, sis. You know I will. 😉

    BGG–> Ohmigoooodness, isn't it? It doesn't make any sense!!

    Bella–> Tu sabes, mija!!!

  • juvenescent

    Fab! I never use my BB shimmerbrick, I need to when I can figure out how to keep it from making me look like a shiny plastic ball.

    Great reviews!

  • NaturallyAlise

    My favorite blushes are Bare Escentuals and Maybelline Mineral Power…as you can see I love mineral makeup… I have always thought about using bronzer but never have, I may have to check some out next time there is a BOGO sale at CVS (that always meshes well with my discount, lol)

  • amynicola_ox

    i do love the nars blushes, but im a girl of colour toobut im light skinned, so maybe point out that it can be a little over whelming for those with a ligther complexion – a little goes a long way i think it’s better for darker skinned people. That being said, the Super Orgasm or Orgasm is the best bet for those lightskinned browngirls!

  • Ebony Intuition

    Cute brush, nice colour too.

  • Amina

    get it and splurge:)
    my fave blush….aargh..that’s a tough one..