But Black Women Can’t: Wear Bright Lipsticks

Hello family! Welcome to another But Black Women Can’t post. The purpose of this series to dispel the many myths and stereotypes that have haunted Black women for centuries. Colors we can’t wear, products we shouldn’t touch….it’s getting old. It’s time we start reclaiming our identities and defining our own beauties. Who’s with me?!! Email me your suggestions to Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com

Remember a few months back when I showcased MAC’s “Girl About Town”…a beautiful fuchsia lipstick? Per a reader’s question…I found another way to wear it beautifully.

Bright lipsticks can be intimidating, brown ladies. Trust me, I know. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that we can’t wear reds and hot pinks. Oh…so we are only supposed to wear boring golds and browns?

I don’t think so!!!

I find that by pairing Girl About Town with a burgundy plum-ish lip liner (like MAC’s Nightmoth) creates a more wearable lip color.

And because you are wearing such a bright lippie, it is important to keep everything else low-key. I opt for pretty shimmery lids and cheeks…..thank you Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Brownie <---don't go looking for that...it's discountined, kids.

So who says Black women can’t wear bright lipsticks?

Have you heard this before? How frustrating is this? Or are you one of those people who THINK this? It’s a new year so step out on a limb and rock a bright colored lippie. I challenge you!

Because gold, brown and burgundy lipsticks on Black women is getting so old! We must do better, ladies. What do you think?

Because gold is old,

  • Askmewhats

    you definitely look “HAWT” with bright lippie! I love!

  • Wes

    I happen to LOVE pinks… usually the pale or light pinks though. This color fits you, I like it!

  • yummy411

    you look gorgeous in that lippie! love the hair girlie!

  • Anonymous


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post…I feel more confident now… I will retire my brown and gold lipsticks from Fashion Fair…yes, I know, it is really old-fashioned Mommy makeup but they got some good eye shadows! Can you do a post on the different nail polish colors that black women can or cannot wear? Thanks.

    Stay blessed and beautiful!

  • Coco

    Because gold is old. LMAO! Nice lips and I love the locks so far.

  • jaffa

    Cute. cute. cute. Love the pink lips against the lovely brown complexion. I always advocate wear what you want.

  • Anonymous

    I think you look absolutely stunning, love it!

  • B

    Nikki–> Thank ya, sis!!

    Wes–> I haven't rocked a light pink in awhile. I think I may try! :)

    Jaffa–> Thank you…I go with that philosophy too. 😉

    Yums–> Thank youuu, Yums. That picture was taken a week ago so you don't even want to know what the locs are lookin' like right now.

    Anon–> Yes! I've got one! Very goood…and just for you I will start drafting a post for nail polish colors that Black women can/can't wear—but that's going to be hard for me b/c I love to wear everything!!

    Coco–> Thank you!!!

    Anon–> Thanks!

  • Moni

    I love brights, especially pinks and reds. Girl about town is one of my favorites. I also love Russian Red. As well as red mattene and lip gloss (don’t remember the names right now). Imo, there’s nothing we can’t wear!

  • Phyaflyjones

    Love this look on you. Since I don’t know much about make-up I usually rely on my lips to make a statement. I am a bright lipstick wearing fool. I just ordered some bright purples and pink. I am currently ISO the perfect red.


  • Product Junkie Diva

    YAY welcome back B. I think you look fab!!!!!!!!


  • Bsquared86

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about this color before. I copped that Girl About Town through Back to MAC and I wore it out the other day (paired with some diva shades because I felt sooooo fab!). I can’t wait to see the other colors you showcase!

  • Steph

    This should be labeled under: Black Women Can Totally Rock Bright Lipstick, girlfriend. The pink totally pops and looks fab :) Have you seen MAC’s Dame Edna lipsticks? I know they would look super hot on you.

  • PBW

    That pink looks lovely on you. And as always – YOUR HAIR ROCKS!!!!

  • Katee "e-polishblog"

    B, you can rock whatever the hell you want!! Rock on girlfriend.


  • Fabuless Beauty

    Thanks for debunking that myth. Anyone can wear bright lipstick, it’s just how you rock it.

  • janel

    hey b: happy new year (guess it counts since the yar is only six days old!) glad to see ya back–i’m back to my bloggin’ too. that being said, you go with those lips, girlie! i love reds, pinks, fuschias–all the bright stuff! also, LOVE THE LOCS!!! be blessed, hugs and peace…

  • Lish

    B stop being so Fab!!! scratch that just continue to dance! i tried the “G.A.T” shade at the cult of cherry party and they used current. I actually got enough nerve to purchase the shade last week and the girl “persuaded me” to buy some lip glass..MAC is evil!! well anyway …i felt weird about wearing it but imma have to find a drugstore version of current becuz i refuse after UD’s 24/7 to pay that much for a liner..lol.

  • Amina

    i need to try that!! i’ve always felt like i can’t wear bright lipstick, i might look like a clown…

  • Fashion’s Darling

    I’m so happy you posted this. I hate hearing that black women can’t wear brights. Every time I do my friends go gaga. I’m a fan of hot pinks. I love MAC’s Cremesheen in Speak Louder and Dame Edna in Gladiola. Love them. I often pair it with Dior Addict lipgloss in 577 only because I love glossy lips and lipstick is often too matte. And he gloss kind of takes away any intensity for those who are shy only b/c its a bit paler…I actually posted about this lol

  • Anonymous

    I think black women can wear almost any color, but as you said, the way to make them more wearable is to tone them down with a darker lip liner. I use MAC’s Chestnut on colors that typically won’t look good on me if I wore them alone and that works wonders.

  • Beauty Maintenance

    I’ve always thought that bright lip colors looked great on darker skin tones. I’d never heard black women shouldn’t wear bright colors. I think this lip combo looks amazing on you!

  • Fall04Ace

    B – do you use a lip brush?

  • ishtastic

    I love that color on you! I’ve decided I’m going to start wearing lipstick again and it’s been so long since that much color has been on my face that it’s weird to see myself in the mirror now w/lipstick.

    BTW, this may sound weird but I love your nose. I always hated my nose, but yours is cute as all get out!

    ’till next time…

  • Christina

    I stumbled across your blog on accident, and I realized you looked familiar – I follow you on youtube! haha

    I'm not a black woman, but I SO agree with you! I have seen black chicks rockin' pink and red lipstick, but I have NEVER understood why the majority generally stick to plums and browns. Anyone can wear any color – as long as it's suited to their skin tone. Sometimes I see a color, I try it at the MAC counter and I look like a clown, lol! Just go to a MAC counter (or whatever you use) and try the color. If you like how you look, more power to you!

    But I do want to say that gold eyeshadow layered on black skin (depending on how intense you want the color) looks GORGEOUS. My friend looks so amazing and so beautiful with gold eyeshadow, so don't knock the gold look too much! 😛

    By the way, you look so hawt in your pics, keep it up. :)

  • B

    Christina—> Thanks a ton for the support!!

  • Anonymous

    1 word beautiful….black women need 2 stand out :)

  • Anonymous

    We come in all colors, shades and varieties so, it's ridiculous to subscribe to those old stereotypes!I personally LOVE the color fuchsia it's very playful as well as feminine and ALL women can wear it. Women of color can also wear light colors on their lips such as a cream or pearl which looks very fresh and clean for everyday. I do!
    Girl, you look good! lol

  • What’s The Rage

    Ah! I love this color! As a woman of color I am so happy you agree! I did a post about it on my blog too a while ago.

  • ak

    Yes I totally agree with everything said in this post. I just don't like restrictive, 'boxing in', 'policing'/nazi-type sayings, language, posturing etc. of any form, and certainly not when I want to dress up in my own way.

    I'm an NC45 and I do like the light and bright non-nude lipsticks out there too myself. I'm now obsessed with very cool-toned or dead-looking lip colors that look too wrong against my very warm-toned skin. Why? Because I don't like the word 'don't'. LOL

  • omolola

    love it and the hair. i kept reading all this funny articles about what not to wear. it is good to see we can rock it

  • Angela Bankhead

    I have that bright colors are definitely for us. I actually have the same color you are wearing and I complimented it with a magenta lipliner and low-key everywhere else as you stated. Love it and got good compliments. Love yours too.

    • Angela Bankhead

      *I meant I heard bright colors where not for us. *

  • AmbiVictoria

    Thank You so much for this much needed article! I am milk chocolate brown and I love wearing shiny hot pink lipstick and glosses.

    • Brittany


  • Amy

    I think that you are absolutely beautiful and also my official new role model…honestly, what goes better with pink than brown???

  • Honestly, I’ve never heard that black women can’t rock brights, simply because ANYONE in the fashion world, or who looks at a color palette will know that black women do neons better, whereas, paler-skinned women rock pastels better. Both types of colors are “brights”, we just need to make sure we’re talking about “hues” (in which case, no, dark women shouldn’t wear lighter hues)). Although, bright gold lipstick is beautiful.