CoM’s Take on the 5 Best Mascaras…

Clumps of Mascara veterans, where yall at? Riddle me this….do you think you could guess at least one of my top 5 mascaras on the market right now?

No seriously….I know I review a lot and love a lot but what’s one of my favorite?

Leave your answer in the comments.

…..oh and then go and check out my article at A Few Goody GumDrops. It is there where you will find the answer, my darlings!

Peace and cupcakes,

  • *gg*

    Can I get a Lash Stiletto up in here plz?

    I don’t know if its one of your absolute favorites right now but it’s one of mine and I picked up it up all because of your review!


  • Anonymous

    Too Faced Lash Injection. By far. Next would be MAX Volume Couture. I heart volume. I love Lash Stiletto, and Max 2000 Caolrie. But Too Faced Lash Injection is worth all $18. When I found it, I found love okay honey! Yes! Loves i!

  • Dwana

    OMG CG LashBlast hands down!

  • ShanSoPink

    uhh…fiberwig…duh! :-)

  • Bella

    As I posted today, I’m all about the Lash Blast lately – BUT would not mind to try the Two Faced Injection, he he he he.

  • xluckybx

    I know someone already said it but I was gonna guess volume couture, but my second guess would be Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara.

  • Meagan Elizabeth Alday

    I know somebody already said it, but Imju Fiberwig!!!

  • Sugar.lemon93

    cg lash blast! maybe in waterproof.. not sure about that part.

  • Sugar.lemon93

    Max Factor Volume Couture

    sorry for the two posts

  • Anonymous

    Just finished reading your post on Goody Gumdrops! Loved it and you really nailed the top five mascaras.


    Loved your review of all the mascara’s on my site. My reader’s loved your excellent selection, too! Thanks for the great post, Brittany!