FDA Approved Drug for Longer Lashes

….not quite but it could be coming soon

What do you think? What if you could walk into your doctor’s office and requested a prescription for longer and fuller lashes. Would do you do?

Check out this article that a reader sent me (thanks Suzie from NYC!!!). Peep that part that talks about how much we spend on mascaras annually. Wowsers!! Could this be the end to mascara purchasing?

Tell me your thoughts after you finish reading.

  • Anonymous

    FDA approved drug for longer lashes…Well, first of all, you have to ask yourself how many drugs have been recalled by the FDA because they contained carcinogens, blindness, etc? There are so many articles about how the FDA doesn’t really regulate the cosmetic industry and in some cases expects it to self-regulate.( For example,nail polish companies can use phalates, plastics that cause harm to the fetus and cause respiratory problems in mothers and give men low sperm count, etc). Are you really going to trust something so close to your eyes??? Also, there has been a news article about how some mascaras have mercury, another harmful agent like lead, that causes a lot of problems such as neurological damage ( BRAIN DAMAGE!) By the way, the FDA is supposed to be responsible in STOPPING this…

    Check out the article at

  • DeeDee

    It’s funny that you are discussing this topic, because my eye doctor and I were just discussing this yesterday during my appointment. She said the product is actually used for patients with glaucoma and one of the odd but welcome side effects is that patients eyelashes become longer. She suggested that I wait a few months for all of the buzz about this new product to die down and wait for feedback from users of the new treatment before trying it.

  • Katee

    I have wimpy lashes and will kind of try anything to make them look longer and fuller. But at the same time, comments like the one from anonymous make me weary about stuff like this. Like DeeDee, I’ll probably wait 6 months to a year for the buzz to die down and see what people really think.

  • Anonymous

    You should check out lollipop26 on youtube. I know she has been using some of these products for ages and has some reviews. They work wonders apparently…she looks like she has on fake eyelashes 24/7

  • PBW

    No for me.

    All drugs have side effects. So I wouldn’t want to grow long lashes and a third eyeball.

  • Christine C

    Nah… I’d rather be a mascara addict than a drug addict :)