Amor de Lacquer: MAC’s Hello Kitty Something About Pink

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Beauty bloggers, make-up enthusiasts and Hello Kitty fans (I am all of the above, HA!) alike have been lemming after MAC’s Hello Kitty collection for quite some time. While I was quiet in my thoughts about the collection before the launch, I went from 0 to 193 when I saw the collection in person this past Monday.

I am sure you have heard much about it but if not visit HERE and HERE. Some of my favorite beauty bloggers have already tackled the collection, details and all. I have decided not to do a complete run down of the collection because I am far too lazy to do all of that AND I’m cheap. I only purchased 3 items. HA!

Enough of my rambling…let’s get to chattin‘ about one of the highlights of this collection.

Something About Pink nail polish

Ah yes…$11 for a bottle of polish. Definitely out of my price range considering I usually don’t spend more than $4/bottle on average but this was definitely a MUST have.

Yes, this cream looks perfectly pink in the picture but in real life it is a loud pink poppin‘ polish. And do I love it? Hells yea!

I wish I could, but I simply can not take credit for the beautiful application of it on my nails. If they look better than usual, it’s because I had a pro do them! My friend, Curls is a professional in the spa business and he actually doesn’t mind doing my nails. *gasp* I know, he’s great. His application was perfect despite the fact that SAP was a little thick.

“It drags a little bit at the cuticles,” he said.

2 coats and a clean-up later and I had a masterpiece. I had a serious photo shoot with this polish so don’t mind the artistic shots. LOL!

I know those watermarks are just horrific but there are some nail polish photo-swippinmofos on the net. It’s ridiculous. I can’t stop people from jackin‘ me but they’ll be doing some Clumps advertising too. HA!

You can get Something About Pink at any MAC store, counter and at for as long as supplies last. Which probably won’t be long since this is a serious coveted item!

Polish Pretty,

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  • Lucy

    Love the color on you! You have such nice nails, long nail beds. I have short stubs. Just came across your blog and will have to read all your posts. I bought the same Hello Kitty polish, a lipstick, eye shadow set and a blush. I forget what colors. Can’t wait till I get them.

  • Amina

    the color looks amazing on you!!

  • Ms. Katee/e-polishblog

    That pink looks so fabulous on you!!

  • B

    Lucy–> Welcome to the Clumps of Mascara family! Thanks for strolling by. I am just now starting to love my long nail beds. I use to think I was some sort of freak or something when I was younger. HA!

    Amina & Katee–> Thanks loves!

  • Rai

    That’s such a pretty color!

  • Lish

    yea…i love pink polish i think its my inner flo jo! i absolutely love this color but its sold out on and im too lazy to travel to the city today lol….i’ll just have to find a dupe!

  • rmcandlelight

    B, I’m going right after work to the Millenia Mall. I sure hope they don’t run out of the polishes. Thats all I want from the HK collection:)

  • rmcandlelight

    Oh…and the polish looks great on you. You are making me want this pink. Did you also get the gray?

  • The Asian Girl

    AHH!!! I can’t wait to get SAP in the mail!!! Is SAP a dupe for Essie Short Shorts? Short Shorts is my fave neon pink; I just can’t find it locally anymore :(

  • Not Ur Sister


  • Kiarah C. W.

    oooh I just love it! I gotta grab me a pink now 😀

  • Urbangirl

    I just have three words…..Fa…. bu….lous!!!!

  • Tigress or Tame?

    love the artistic photoshoot lol