Beauty Bee-haviors: Leaving the house without make-up on.

Welcome to another post from the Beauty Bee-haviors series. In this series we have open discussions about any and everything in the beauty world and beyond.

So….can you leave the house without make-up on? Be honest.

I can. I usually do. Don’t think for one second that just because I am a beauty editor and enthusiast that I WEAR make-up allllll the time.

The most I will do on an average day is eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara. And that’s on a good day!

I am always rushing to work in the morning and never have time to “play” in my make-up.

What about you?

Yay or nay to leaving the house without make-up on.
Do you feel “different” without it on?

Tell me your thoughts!

  • PBW

    LOL! I almost NEVER have any on, despite having a truckload of fricking make-up.

    Either I forget or get too busy to put it on.

  • Amina

    same like PBW! I can go weeks without wearing make up then I feel bad I am not wearing

  • Connie

    I have no problems at all going out without makeup on. However, when I’m given the opportunity to put makeup on, I would, even if I don’t have to (eg. for school). I just love playing with my makeup and I figured that if I don’t use them, they’ll expire and go to waste. I get to blog about FOTDs too so that’s a plus.

  • Chanel

    I am so glad to hear this coming from you. I look at these blogs and youtube vids and think…why does everyone else have time to look flawless everyday but me? Now I know the truth…lol
    No makeup, makeup, its all okay by me.

  • princessvalecia

    I try to normally have something on but there are days when sheesh my face just needs a break and on those days I go au naturale at best Ill do some lip gloss

  • Luvvie (aka Queen IG)

    I never wear makeup during the day. Like EVER. B/c well, I could sleep for those extra 10 mins. Only times I rock makeup is when I’m goin out at night. And even then, its very minimal. Some subtle eyeshadow and lipgloss.

  • Maya A.D.

    i don’t wear make-up everyday. when i do wear make-up, i’m like you — eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss.

    i used to wear make-up everyday — foundation, concealer, eyeshadow (the works) but skin care maintenance and preventative measures began taking up too much of my time, so i scaled down.

  • Kristin

    i’m always wearing makeup unless i’m asleep, lol. Now, part of it is to cover blemishes… the other part, is that i love what we can with it.. i love being able to accentuate my favorite features and bring more color to my face. Guess its kind of an addiction, lol. but if i had to have one, this would be it!

  • Zmaga

    I have no problem with leaving the house without make-up. But when I do it wear it, I feel kinda special and it makes my day in a way.
    I don’t think you need make-up all the time. You should let your skin breathe

  • BVB

    I never have any time to play in my makeup so leaving the house without makeup on is a normal part of my hectic routine!

  • nastasha

    i usually leave the house with just lipgloss or carmex on

  • Hijabi Apprentice

    I would say I have makeup on 90% of the time! Even with a busy schedule and a 5 month old I like to put on something. It’s just fun to me.

  • Da Jadedpoet

    Since I never do my brows I fill them in a little to make them look done LOL. I’ll wear lipstick or gloss when I go out though, I don’t wear anything on my actual facial skin, i’m to acne prone LOL.

  • Kiarah C. W.

    I usually did not wear it. I started getting better in 2009. I noticed a difference in my attitude. I felt more confident and prettier with make-up on. I recently broke out because my foundation was really old and probably full of bacteria. So I stopped using it and got a new one. As soon my face clears back up I’m going to get back into putting it on. It only takes me about 10 minutes. So it’s not a big deal. I love it.

  • My Fashion Frenzy

    I don’t wear makeup all the time. But when I do – I feel great! But normally, I’m a simple gal … lip gloss and mascara.

  • Askmewhats’s ok to leave home without make up, but I really need to put on a bit of powder or lipbalm just to feel “protected ” hahahah I felt I’m mean to my bareface if I left home without anything 😀

  • Alycia’s Hot Spot!

    I am so glad that I am not the only one who is always rushed in the morning. I almost never wear makeup during the week, because I just don’t have the time. Now on the weekend, I do try to play in my makeup. My friends always tell me it is a shame for you to have all that makeup and only wear it on the weekends.

  • Phyrra

    I can leave the house without makeup, but I rarely do.
    I usually at least like to have my mineral foundation on, mascara or eyeliner, and a lip gloss.

  • GS

    Yes, I usually don´t wear any makeup unless I´m going to a job interview or somewhere fancy,when I worked, somedays (well almost everyday) I would not wear makeup at all only lipbalm. Now, however, I have to do my brows whenever I´m going out, I got a little too excited plucking and now have almost nothing, and some chapstick.

  • ShanSoPink

    I don’t wear makeup everyday because I absolutely friggin’ REFUSE to get up early to do anything, this includes eating breakfast, picking out cute outfit AND putting on makeup!

    Even when I do wear makeup its hardly ever a full face, I just put on foundation for the first time in months a few wks ago and I just washed it off :/

    I am super cute so no makeup works for me 😀

  • Shannis

    a clean face and some nude lip gloss is my everyday look. this is new to me, i use to work in a high power very superficial office and i had to make sure I always looked the part, then 8 months ago i decided on to change and i can be more natural now, i love it. i still put on make up when i go out and on the week ends but never anymore when i come to work. I love make up and i have tons, i love experimenting with colors and styles but i like the simplicity of not wearing any as well. and i find i had to get use to finding myself beautiful without make up, and that shouldn’t be the case

  • Miss Yaya

    I barely wear makeup though I happen to enlarge my collection by the minute. Lipgloss makes the cut because my lips scream out for it or my bf requests it (chapped kisses – no thank you). Whenever I have nothing to do for lunch though, I scamper over to Sephora and go nuts and TRY not to buy anything else. :)

  • Earthtoned Glamgirl

    I ALWAYS wear makeup when I’m leaving the house. Especially with my hair as short as it is. I always fear looking like a lil boy, so I have to glam it up as much as possible. Plus since I do makeup as my side hustle I look at my face as the initial business card. I wouldn’t go to a stylist with there hair looking a mess, so I don’t think someone would use me as a makeup artist if I didn’t look the part. Great blog topic.

  • NuBeauti

    I definitely go out all the time without makeup. By the time I get the kids together to leave out the door, I don’t feel like putting on any makeup. Now if I am going out with my girls then I definitely glam up.

    Now I use to be the type that would not leave home without it, but I am glad that I have come to love myself enough to accept me without the makeup all the time.

  • Anonymous

    i won’t leave the house without these must-haves: cover girl lash blast mascara, sally hansen natural beauty luminizing face primer and jouer lip conditioner. looks like no makeup, but it’s a cheat!