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I’ve been thinking about adding another SERIES here at Clumps of Mascara. No, not the fitness/health one. I’m still working on that bit. But a discussion series. Posts like this and this show me that Clumps of Mascara readers are affected by a lot (or not) and want to talk about it. What do you think? Let me know by voting on the poll. If you are reading via email or Google Reader, come on out for a second to cast your vote on the poll located in the left column of the page.

Here’s one to think about:

How much make-up is TOO much?

….I have 13 tubes of lipsticks and I feel terrible. I feel like I’ve wasted my money. Especially since I can probably part with more than half of them. I don’t want to be a make-up collector…I would much rather be a beauty obsessed lady with a modest collection of essentials. But that’s just me.

What are your thoughts on this?
Don’t mind your 49+ blushes?
Do you feel like waste money on products you probably won’t use again?

Tell me!!

Because Clumps of Mascara is OUR home,

  • Askmewhats

    I honestly buy on essentials, I mean, I am doing make-up for others and I buy what I think I need to be able to do various faces, but if I have enough lipstick shade, I honestly STOP purchasing as I’m not the type who buys so much and won’t be able to use it :) I think I’m more of a smart buyer 😀

  • Tigress or Tame?

    I definitely over purchase but it is not something that I am happy with! I definitely believe in frugality! My problem is that when there is a really good makeup sale, thats when I overstock! But hey, I am prepared for any look!

  • Kiarah C. W.

    I don’t have very much make-up. I keep the essentials stocked in my make-up case. After a few months I throw them away due to bacteria and I begin again. But once I fall in love with a particular mascara or e/s or w/e, I stick with it. I have one of everything I need to make a basic face and one of everything to make a night/party face. I like to keep it simple and organized.

  • Connie

    Although I have a more than average makeup collection, I ultimately only buy what I would use. For instance, I won’t buy 5 eyeshadow palettes just to have a completed collection. I also make it a point to use my makeup. If I don’t they might feel unloved. Safe to say that I’m not a makeup hoarder! *yet*

  • Tashina

    I have one tube of lip gloss and it’s clear. That is it. The funny thing is that I don’t even use it. I prefer to use the blue spf15 Chapstick. I stopped buying makeup because I wasn’t using it. I also felt…..”masked” if you know what I mean. (even when I was just wearing eye shadow or lipstick)

    Truthfully I get disgusted when I see those videos or posts about how someone has bought an entire collection or has 15 palettes etc. I’m not knocking whomever-it’s their prerogative. It’s just wow….there are kids starving in the world (again, not that they are responsible) and they know they aren’t going to use half of the makeup that they purchase. Gluttonous….

  • hi

    I would LOVE to see your collection Brit! But ppl are right, no one needs 500 eyeshadows or lipglosses.

  • Bsquared86

    Well . . . I have about 30+ MAC eye shadows right now and I only regret buying a few of them (Honesty, Trax, and Mineralized Duo Play on Plums). So, I think I’m good.

    Sometimes I do look at my traincase and start adding up how much everything costed and I just stop, lol, because I feel guilty. But then I go online to makeup forums and see other people’s HUGE collections of makeup and I feel better, lol.

  • Bella

    :cries: …. I was just thinking exactly that this morning B. Specially after my E.L.F. binge. I think that I will go back to only getting the essentials. By now I KNOW which shades work on me, and seriously, who needs 4 wine-colored lipsticks. **hangs head in shame**
    Besides hermana, remember that all makeup has a shelf life….

  • bk2va

    Just last night I looked on my dresser at my MAC lipsticks. After looking at the colors of the first 3, I was starting to wonder if I bought more than one of the same color! They were different, but all in the same color family. Then I internally justified why I needed them (this one is more subtle for work, this is more for a night out…lol)

    @ Bella – Glad to see I’m not the only one who goes on E.L.F. binges!! lol

  • Fall04Ace

    This is PRECISELY why I’m scared to buy makeup. I would hate to have a million tubes of lipstick and a box full of blushes – half of which I could probably say goodbye to. The essentials are great! But what are those essentials and will that color be discontinued next season? – MAC is evil with that.

    I’m already a hair product junkie (natural for two years). Can’t afford to be a lipstick junkie too.

  • Tam Tam

    I made it point a long time ago not to become a makeup/product junkie. I hate clutter and makeup is just extra clutter in my house I would rather avoid. I buy makeup that I know I will use. If I don’t use it…out it goes. I prefer eyeshadow palettes over eyeshadow singles (more compact).
    I love makeup as much as all the ladies here, but I can’t justify spending inordinate amounts of money on makeup when I need to save money for my daughter’s college, my rainy day fund, and a host of other things I want to do (and visit) in the future.
    Maybe I’m just a cheapskate and won’t admit it lol!!!

  • Glamouricious

    I love topics like this b.c I can really relate to these thoughts lol.
    I’m surprisingly not an over purchaser. And I love trying to share my “tips” with others as I hate watching people waste money the could spend so much better on.. let’s say a fancy dinner?:D

    Nail polishes I buy in limited amounts. We all know the entire bottle hardly EVER get’s used up. Or gets old before it does. I took my nail polishes to my friends and left them there so we can both finish them already, and she ddn’t need to buy new ones. (I wasnt using them all anyways).

    Lipsticks I have about 4. Thank god b/c I feel lipstick makes me look older.

    I buy bronzers and blushers only when I finish them. I never got why people have 5 blushers or 10 bronzers and highlighters..

  • Zmaga

    I used to have a million lipglosses, but then I realized I don’t really use each and every one of them, so I kept my favorites. I still love lip balms, though! Not too shiny, great smell, take care of your lips… :)

    And now I’m facing the problem of too many green eyeshadows – but that ain’t my fault! People just presume, because of my green eyes, that I should wear that colour. Okaaay, but that’s not it, right?!

  • Tiera

    As a makeup artist, I understand that it is my responsibility to continuously build up my kit. As a total beauty-addict, I use it as an excuse to justify purchasing everything that catches my eye! Bad Tiera, bad, bad, bad! It’s only within the last couple of months that I’ve started to *grow up* and be smarter when it comes to shopping (and holding back!).

  • Urbangirl

    In the past (as in 2 months ago!Lol) I would make excuses for why I needed this e/s or that lip gloss but now (as in the past 2 weeks) I buy things I know that I am going to use. Lord knows that it’s not mandatory that I buy anything from the MAC Hello Kitty collection but my excuse is that “Having makeup with the HK logo feeds my obssesion, and after that I’m done” My good friend looked at my train case and said “That is so stupid” I asked why he said that and he said “you only have 1 face!” So I guess I do have too much make-up.

  • Erinnn

    I think there is always a limit especially with makeup which can get really pricey. While I stock up on essentials, I personally like to collect colored eyeliners. But yeah, some people on youtube just overdo it and its insane how much money they spend on makeup, which they might not even use.

  • slvrlips

    Hey CoM, my name is Silver Lips aka Kia and i’m a collector. I know it is a problem and I’m working on it. Serioulsy lol There is a limit to spending but I think that’s with everything. I know I know for a fact I buy makeup to relieve stress. I have curbed my appetite for makeup a little bit but for some reason I have to have stuff in my collection even if I never use it. I’m into swapping so if you want let me know lol

  • izumi

    HMM.. that’s real hard. you tend to collect when you’re trying to find a perfect shade.. then after you get that shade.. do you stop? then do you keep the shades you don’t use.. or do you sell them? i think that’s what most people do.. realize they have TOO MUCH stuff, stuff they aren’t using, aren’t touching. it’s the same for clothes, etc.. except people tend to give the clothes away without really thinking about it, but somehow it becomes a real mindful when you consider giving away makeup. but why not sell if you’re going to continue collecting? gives other people a chance to collect and gives you more money :)

  • Tammy M

    Um, I am one of those people who have a ton of products… I can admit it! Generally, I will “recycle” my unused stuff to friends and co-workers and such. I mean, I do have about 50 lipglosses!

    On the other hand, this is my one vice/hobby, I work really hard and have a stressful job, so “playing” in my makeup is a definate stress reliever! Plus I am not “addicted” to the point where I don’t pay my bills and such.

    I guess each to their own.

  • GS

    Ever since I started reading beauty blogs, watching YT tutorials and reading Makeupalley, my makeup collection have doubled, I´ve spent more money in the last six months than I´ve done ever since I started wearing makeup and even though my collection is small and I still need a few basics I can´t help but feeling guilty for havin´ the amount of makeup I have, when you consider that I don´t even use half of it, most of the thing I buy is because “it looks pretty” or “I like it” or “I HAVE to have purple liner!”… but I won´t stop buying makeup any time soon. I love it! I love to hoard it, it´s my only vice (well no, chocolate is my vice… and mags)

  • PBW

    I get mad at myself because I have so many lipsticks, yet often find myself out in public with bare lips.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Wow reading some of these comments I kinda feel ashamed at my makeup collection. Girl you got 14 tubes of lipstick…try my 20 AND I have way more lipglosses. Most of them in pinks lol…and I bought one today lol. Sometime though I look at my makeup and wonder why do I spend so much money on it. Especially in times like this where money is tight and spending has to be watched with a close eye. But makeup makes me happy as ridiculous as that sounds to some. Makeup and fashion magazines. Sounds superficial or whatever but its true.

    I do feel guilty when I see products that haven’t been touched ore than once or twice but that won’t stop me.

    There aren’t many things that make me happy-more of a personal thing- so when I walk home with that lipgloss or that blue/green eyeshadow it makes me feel good. Hell I deserve it lol

  • Amanda

    This is such a good post. I’ve been doing inventory on my products and I realize how much makeup I have that I barely use. A lot of is high quality, some is drugstore, and my only problem is I keep buying more just to have one more pretty shade. I’m especially bad with bronzers, I have way too many to count. I’ve thrown away makeup before, or given away to friends, but at a certain point, I’m tired of wasting money for the garbage bin! I’m really trying to get more conservative with what I buy, products I’ll use to the last drop. And also using up what I own , lol cause I have enough for the next few years.

  • bigshell123

    Enough is never enough… It becomes a problem when you have 3 of the same items and you really dont even use them. When you buy something and you say to yourself “I can use this later”, dont even leave the store with it.