Beauty Review: CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain

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Before we get on with the review, just giving you a heads up of the new “review format”. Instead of just a looooong article with pictures about the products, I will now break it down much like the mascara review. Should make it a lot easier for you to decide if you are interested in the product or not. Okay?



CoverGirl’s Outlast Lip Stain

Price: 4 out of 5 (shouldn’t be more than $7)
Packaging: I haven’t decided if I really like using a pen for lip color application.
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “A lightweight flush of color that lasts for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick.” (source)

The truth: Well shucks….that’s a pretty accurate claim.

What I loved about it:
It looks cool! Yall know I’m all about “innovative beauty”. Using products that don’t look like their previous predecessors is such fun to me. I liked the idea of using a marker-looking product to apply a lip color. I am a fan of lipstick stains so I knew that I would like this.

And look, Mom! It really does look like a marker!

CoverGirl gets a good 10 points in the smell/taste department. The pen has a pleasant smell and doesn’t turn my stomach upside down if I accidentally lick my lips.

I found that it DOES last for quite awhile. Will it last for 12 hours? Probably not….but I don’t keep lip colors on that long anyway so that’s not important to me. I found that it did well while drinking my 3 bottles of water over a span of 5 hours. I got 425 (not sure of the color) and it goes on pretty well…

What I didn’t like: My goodness, it’s drying!! This product will not work well if you already have dry chapped lips…which I think is a great deal of us with the winter season is full swing.

Okay, so what if I live in Florida….it got down to 40 degrees here a few days and my lips were feeling every bit of it! This product provides ZERO moisture. And should you decide to use a balm or chapstick under it, guess what? It will defeat the purpose of it being a stain. It will look like a regular ole’ gloss. Boooo….

Overall: So it’s not a bad product. But I find that it is really hard to work on my dry lips. And we won’t even talk about how unforgiving this is if you have some lines in your lippies. Oh man…..exhibit A.

Not baaaad but not good either.

I find that throwing a lip gloss on top alleviates the problem but then it looks like a regular gloss. Hmm….see the issue?

Would I recommend it?: Only if you have perfectly smooth lips that don’t need much moisture. If you are like me and have slight imperfections and suffer from dry lips, then this may not work so much. But it is still worth a try as it is a fun product to use!


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  • Amina

    i hate lip stains because i find them to be sooo drying! i had one by stila and 2 others ones from meet mark…i ended up tossing them b/c it was sooo drying!!

  • Meagan Elizabeth Alday

    I have this lip stain! Before I put it on I exfoliate my lips to remove any dry areas, and after I put it on, I apply a lip balm like softlips so they won’t be really dry.

  • Askmewhats

    I wasn’t born with smooth lips :( so this is no go for me :) Thanks for the review

  • Tiera

    “Only if you have perfectly smooth lips”… I guess I’m out!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I am glad it worked better for you than it did for me B. Your nails look fab.

  • Fashion’s Darling

    Yeah I don’t do stains much neither. They are way too drying even when I exfoliate. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m so used to glossy lips

  • Bella

    I have never done the stain thing. I am too much of a lipstick junkie hermana. AND I need moisture in the lips!!!
    Great review, as usual B!!

  • GS

    That´s the downside of stains they might be long lasting but they´re drying like nothing else!

  • Hippo_Lee_toe

    hmm..thanks for the info..its super pretty tho!

  • Suzie

    Not for me. My lips are so dry, living in NYC. I buff and moisturize but my the next day there chapped again. What to do?

  • ButterflyDiary

    Yes, you definitely have to exfoliate before applying this. But the colors are so rich! Wow, like jewels.

  • Teri

    I can never keep up lipgloss or lipstick and i always feel like i'm not allowed to talk or eat when I'm wearing it so I was so excited when this came out. I just bought it in coy coral and it looks great on my tiny lips and I love the precision you get from the fine tip (who needs lipliner?). I agree it dries out a bit but I find lipstick does the same, if not more so. I give it a 4/5…

  • Anonymous

    I tried this lip stain and it didn't work well at all. It did not stay on!!! I tried a brownish color, maybe it's just that color, but it was licked off in minutes!

  • Anonymous

    This works best for me — to treat the lip stain similar to the Outlast lipcolors. Put the stain on top of lips with NO moisturizer of any kind (exfoliated is best, as previously mentioned). When completely dry, you can add a clear gloss when you need moisutre. You still get a much longer wearing color than a regular gloss, and it gives a more shear effect than the original Outlast lipcolors. It doesn't last forever, but I get it to last a few hours, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Also, the stick itself dries out quick–for me, mine only lasted a couple weeks, then dried out… It's just like a cheap marker.

  • Anonymous

    actually i think the shade looks good on u. I had 400 (i think tha everblook) but the color didn't match my complexion and looked really deep like i was putting a lot of makeup. I was hoping for a light wash of color that looked like I sucked on red lollipop, But urs turned out good