Beauty Review: MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster

Introducing product #3 that I purchased from the MAC Hello Kitty collection.

I justified purchasing this for several reasons; one being that I simply adore MAC’s lip conditioners and two because I could re-use that darling Hello Kitty case over and over again.

But seriously, I love MAC’s lip conditioners. I have only purchased one. And that means something…your $14.50 will last a LEAST a year. So yes, I know that almost $15 on a balm is a stretch but it will really last you some time. I use my religiously…every day and every night following my skincare regimes. That’s right conditioning your lips is just as important as taking care of your skin.

But yall knew that right?

I figured MAC’s Tinted lip conditioner in Popster would be the best of both world’s. The wonderful conditioning formula that I’m used to with a nice subtle flush of color on the lips.

The packaging is indeed quite darling. A friend of mine goes, “Wow B…..aren’t you too old for Hello Kitty products?” I didn’t jump on him, yall. He clearly doesn’t understand. Plus what am I? 79? Geez.

MAC defines Popster as “lively coral pink”. I guess that’s pretty accurate. What do you think?

At first glance, the darker skinned woman of color may think this color is far too intimidating for her brown skin, but it’s not. This lip conditioner is rather sheer but build-able at the same time. That means if you want to go subtle at work you can do that. If you are headed to Happy Hour later, you apply a little more and BAM….you’ve got a bright lip. Perfect!

How it looks on me?

Subtle. Just like how I like it for work. When I am running errands and want a little more “pop” I line my lips with my beloved MAC Nightmoth lip liner and I am good to go. And I wasn’t trying to be cute with the finger on my chin. I actually have a horrific pimple there and didn’t want to scare yall.

Popster is currently sold out on the MAC website. I’m not lying….see HERE. I know….”they trippin'” as I would say. Check your local MAC stores or counters to see if they are still available.

Have you ever tried MAC’s lip conditioners?

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  • Amina

    I should have gotten it!!!aargh

  • Askmewhats

    Cute packaging — Check!
    Lovely color — Check!!!
    Pretty on lips — Double Check! :)

    Love it!

  • izumi

    what a cute color! arrgh, i need my paycheck so i can snag me one :)

  • Talisa

    Popster is also my first lip conditioner and I loooove it! I tend to wear it pretty bold in the evening and sheer for an everyday color. The smell is pretty nice like a butterscotch candy or something. I mainly got it for the packaging but ive fallen in love with it! Have you tried Pink Fish?

  • Product Junkie Diva

    Looks great B. Yes, I like the Mac lip conditioners.
    What nail polish shade are you wearing? looks familiar :-).

  • B

    Amina–> And it's sold out everywhere here! I actually purchased it online before the collection dropped.

    Nikki–> Fab, uh?

    izumi–> I do think it's a must have. :)

    Talisa–> I have not tried Pink Fish yet. What do you think? Is it better?

    PJD–> Yes ma'am! Oh yeah…you know that color. Unfortunately I still think it looks like dirty mop water on me. It's such a unflattering color of my nails. Yuck!

  • Rai

    I have it & I love it.
    It's such a pretty color on my lips
    and it keeps them soft.

  • Kiarah C. W.

    very nice

  • Stasha

    I like the color and the packaging. I’ll have to snag me one when they are back in stock.

  • Tigress or Tame?

    I know a lot of dark skinned women are scared to wear the coraly colors but it actually compliments the skin tone very nicely if done properly. Looks great on you! I am dying to get this but I have actually refrained from buying ANYTHING from the HK collection! This is amazing considering that I used to own a HK television, toaster, telephone, alarm clock, microwave, entire bedroom set and entire car set. Just to mention a few lol =)

  • Mirtika

    I like the subtle color on you, and I appreciate the pic, too. I wanted Popster, but it was sold out when I checked last weekend, both on the site and at my local MAC. Bummer. And I’m not gonna pay crazy ebay prices, either. Instead, I just ordered Gentle Coral, figured I’d give it a try. :)


  • Talisa

    Umm, unfortunately Pink Fish was a bit too cool on my NC45 skintone so it looked a but chalky looking lol. If i blended it in more it may have looked good but Popster is so quick and easy to use which I think is the purpose of a lip conditioner!

  • The Lush List

    Yessss! I tried a mac lip conditioner on whim at the mac counter for the first time about three days ago…and fell in love, man! texture is good, smell is wonderful. and i’m into anything that has the word “tint.” So.

  • Blkbderfly

    Thanks B, I picked it up yesterday and you are so right about this product!