FOTD Friday: Lavender Lips

Happy Friday, everyone! What’s everybody doing this weekend? Notice I said “this weekend” and not Valentine’s Day. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually don’t have a problem with Valentine’s Day but it gets a little annoying, you know? So NO, I won’t torture yall with a “Valentine’s Day” look.

But I still love you, family!

Movin’ on….so for the first time….in a long time, I made a MAC purchase. I trotted in the Orlando PRO store to check out the Hello Kitty collection. One of my favorite artists grabs my hand and shows me the stand for the Cremesheen collection. I didn’t show much interest because I have honestly gotten to the point where…I feel like I have enough.


I don’t have any lavender/lilac lipsticks.

Lavender Whip ($14) lipstick and Ever So Rich Cremesheen ($18…WTF!) are new to the MAC crew. I am pretty much in LOVE with Lavender Whip. Alone it is quite scary but when paired with MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner, it is wonderfully unique and fun.

Ever So Rich on the other hand…I’m on the fence about. Alone it looks like this.

“Like what, B?”

I know….nothing. If I’m going to spend $18 on a lipgloss I need to see something other than a shimmer-less creamy color. I’m just sayin’….

I decided to play around with purples on the lids as well. I tried to do a smokey look but it didn’t come out exactly like how I wanted. I’ll perfect it tomorrow when I head out to celebrate my girl’s birthday.

I’ve got some weird gaze goin’ on in my eyes in the next picture.
But it shows how good LavWhip looks. But it also shows how well I have NOT blended.

Yes, I’m showing yall pictures of my errors. This is how we learn, mkay?

I didn’t blend well enough on the corners of my lip. Next time, next time.

No Flash

Nada–my face has been crazy oily for a few weeks so I haven’t been wearing anything on it. Just moisturizer. The brows are un-touched too.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NARS Albatross highlighter
Coastal Scents eyeshadow lavender–I named it Frosty Grape
Coastal Scents eyeshadow black –I named it Inclusive
Make Up For Ever #92 eyeshadow
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero
A mascara I haven’t reviewed yet–it’s a surprise!

MAC lipliner in Nightmoth
MAC lipstick in Lavender Whip
MAC Cremesheen in Ever So Rich

Who would have thought that a lavender lipstick could be so magnificent? It’s subtle but just…wonderful. I can dig it.

What do you think? Would you rock a light purple lippie? I just checked and Lavender Whip lipstick is currently sold out online so apparently people knew this was a diamond in the rough. Check your MAC stores and counters and get this one before it disappears in the black abyss.

Have a grand ole’ weekend,

This Day in Black History:

1923-The first Black professional basketball team
“The Renaissance” is organized.

  • Connie

    the lavender lippy look great on you! I don’t think I can pull that color off :(

  • Amina

    you are rocking it!!
    I don’t think i can pull it off!
    Erin looves it though!
    the only purplish lippie i wore was zig zag lipglass, discontinued

  • Askmewhats

    love your make up girl! :) I love it !!!!

  • The Lush List

    fab. i like how you snuck in the blissful MUFE #92.

  • Shefali

    Love it!! I TOTES bought both of these and I absolutely ADORE the combo. It is so much wearable than what it looks like in the tube. Awesome awesome,awesome FOTD. Thanks for the idea for the eye look. I think I’m going to do something like this for Valentine’s Day dinner with hubs.

  • Pumps And Gloss

    You are too cute for words. You and the LavWhip are on very good speaking terms. 😀

  • Milan

    You are ROCKIN’ it! I have this combo and I love it. It looks so good…

  • Angie

    Well…I wouldn’t rock a lavender LIPSTICK but I’ll do a lipgloss. Since last week I’m in loooove with Diorkiss Lychee Rose, which has a subtle creamy lavender color. LOVE IT!! My BF was horrified! LOL

    Since I’m in the lavender mood I also purchased a MUFE Glossy Full Couleur Lip gloss #5 which is more purple. But is beautiful!!

  • Marsadie

    I am loving the lilac lippies! They suit you well.

  • Renaldo

    You Go Girl!!!!!!

    Might be strange commenting as a guy but its a hot look I did notice the face.. Was wondering would you have flared the eyes lids with a bit of purple or slight prime

  • slvrlips

    I love it!!! I purchased Lavendar whip and thought vino or nightmouth are going to look fab on us WOC and its so true. Very pretty lip and eye combo:)

  • T

    I am really liking the lavender lips. I love the FOTD too, everything ties in beautifully!

  • trofie

    you better work it chile!

  • B

    Connie–> Girl puhleeease, I definitely think you could rock this.

    Amina–> And you can too. It's all about being "subtle".

    Nikki–> Thank you, darling!

    Lush–> Ah yes…that is definitely my favorite eyeshadow color EVER!!

    Shefali–> I think this would be a great Valentine's Day look. Better than the traditional red and pink, uh? I agree…LavWhip scared me at first but now I truly love it!

    P&G–> Thanks sis! Yes, LavWhip and I have somethin' goin' on. see how I've already given him a pet name. HA!

    Milan–> Thanks! Glad you got it and love it too. It is awesome.

    Angie–> Ohmigoodness, those lippies sound divine. I'll have to go check those out. Especially the one from MUFE. If their glosses are anything like their shadows then I am in love already!

    Marsadie–> Thank you so much, sis!

    Renaldo–> It's a guuyyyyy!!! Okay, you've made my day. I knew there were fellas readin' Clumps. Thanks for coming out of hiding. LOL! Tell me what you mean about "flare the eye lids"…that sounds a little too technical for me, homie. LOL!

    Slvrlips–> I knew you would snag it. Girl…*pops tongue* We gon be lookin' oh so fly.

    T & Trofie–> Thanks fam! I appreciate it. :)

  • Tee

    I am SICK that I lavender whip sold out before I got my hands on it!! I can’t find it anywhere. It’s looks fabulous on you hun!! I’M SO JEALOUS

  • rmcandlelight

    That lipstick looks great on you. Now I want it!

  • Alyssia

    Okay sooo every person I’ve seen rocking this combo looks great…no matter their skin tone…I was afriad of it at first but I think i might grab this!! I might rock it Valentines Day! gorgeous

  • Angie


    I know…that MUFE lippy has just the right balance..not too thick..not to thin. Also check out the new GLOSSY FULL COULEUR NUDE COLLECTION. Hope it’s much cheaper in the US! I paid 21 EURO’s :S whick is around $ 25,16! :S

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ you giving the Coastal Scents eyeshadows names. I was just thinking someone needs to give all these colors names or numbers or something!!