FOTD Friday: Throwback Edition

It’s Friday! Got any weekend plans? I am going to link up with one of my best darlings from undergrad and then on Sunday some of us beauty bloggers in the Tampa/Orlando area will hook up and head out to MAC Pro and talk beauty. If there are any readers and other bloggers out there that would like to link up with us, please let me know!

This past week my face has been attacking me like crazy. I mean, pimple galore! For 3 months I will be fine. But for a month and half, I will have to endure crazy acne spells. *tears* I didn’t get around to doing a FOTD this week simply because I haven’t been wearing any make-up as to give my skin a break. This is essential to do every now and then.

I decided to do a throwback edition of FOTD Friday. How crazy is it that my hair is different in EACH picture? And can you see the weight loss from the last picture when comparing it to the first?

Yall better say, “yes”.

Just jivin’, fam!

No really, can you? LOL!

June 2007

August 2007

January 2008

May 2008

October 2008

January 2009

Change is good. Change is good. I had to type it twice to convince myself. Have you gone through any changes in the past few years of your life? In these photos alone I was dealing with having just graduated, moving across the country, loosing weight, growing locs, getting my first real job….I’ve had a lot of changes. Both good and bad. I would love to know yours.

Tell me!

It’s the weeeeekend!

This Day in Black History:
1991African Americans win eight Grammys

  • Askmewhats

    I hope I can send you magical potion to make your breakout goes “KAPUT” forever! :)

    thank for the photos from the past, I love it! You are one versatile lady, you look good in any looks and colors!

  • The Asian Girl

    Change is awesome :) Nice to see the evolution <3

  • izumi

    i adore your aug07 look :) and yes, you can see the weight loss happening! congrats 😀 sounds like you’ve gone through quite a bit of an evolution in life, woohoo!

  • PBW

    I definitely see the weight loss. You’re looking sleeker, sophisticated and gorgeous.

  • .:Trecia:.

    The first pic.. 2 darn cute! love your process.. if u didn’t know been following you for over a year!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I see the weight loss for sure, you look awesome. I like that superhero pic, too cute.
    Have a great weekend
    P.S. My skin has been going crazy recently too….oh well.

  • Tigress or Tame?

    I think you look hot in all the pics! But I can definitely see that you’re face is looking slimmer =) Love the hair flower, I loooove wearing them!

  • Bella

    Hermana – you always look FAB!!!!
    Have fun @ MAC Pro!!!

  • GS

    Do you remember what you used for the Aug. 2007 look, they´re all pretty but this is my fav of all.