Honey Pot Giveaway Reminder: Garfield’s Stash

Garfield has asked me to remind you all to enter his contest. He and I both are enjoying reading the entries. I can’t remember who wrote it but the reader that said she put her Barbie dolls on the ceiling fan and then flew them off and called it “Circus Barbies” had me rollin’.

And Garfield practically choked up a hairball laughing at the reader who posted the story about her sister painting her in red fingernail polish.

Ohhh, the memories.

Don’t forget to enter the contest HERE for your chance to snag a bundle of newbie goodies.

And if you have already submitted, head on back to read some of the childhood memories.

One of my fondest?
Forcing my little sister to take a huge bite out of deodorant.

Hilarity in its finest.

Enjoy your weekend, fam!

  • Da_Kween

    That reminds me of a friend who made her cousin smell a bottle of ammonia…which sent her flying backwards onto her ass. LOL

  • Tashina

    @ Da_Kween:

    I could not laugh at that. Inhaling ammonia can kill you.