Honey Pot: Winner and another giveaway….

Congratulations to Joy!!

She is the lucky winner of the Dazzle Dry giveaway.

Joy, you have 2 days to respond to the email I sent you or else I will have to put your Dazzle Dry System back in the Honey Pot.

…..as for everyone else:

Are you upset that you didn’t win?
Frustrated because you thought you won?
Annoyed at me?

Cool your jets, sister….I’ve got another giveaway coming up tomorrow and I promise you, you don’t want to miss this one.

Stay tuned!

  • Bella

    I did not enter this giveaway since I am lazy and get my nails done chica; but I will be here tomorrow; you know it!!!!

  • Tashina

    That’s all right B….I’ll just rub some of my shimmery chapstick on my lips lol

    Just kidding. I didn’t even enter. Congrats to Joy