MAC’s SugarSweet collection….I hate it!

All has been quiet on the Southern front when it comes to MAC Cosmetics for me. It has been quite a while since I’ve indulged in any of the collections. In fact…I think the last one was Cult of Cherry. But since then I’ve been a little….


But that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited with each NEW collection. I get excited. I just don’t purchase. After doing some blog hopping over the weekend, I came across a Risser‘s blog displaying MAC’s SugarSweet collection. I’m not sure when it will come out but here is the promo ad for it.

Just what in the hell is this? Exactly how is this sista’s features being accentuated? Where is the beauty in this? If you ask me….this may be why a lot of Black women fear wearing make-up. Fear of looking like this.

I hate it. I hate it. And I will never purchase another MAC Cosmetics product again if this indeed is the promo for this collection. I’m not even kidding. —or maybe I am. LOL!

Am I being overly sensitive? Women of color, I would love to hear your thoughts about this promo ad.

When is it ever okay for a darker sister to ever wear an extremely pink pale lip?

Or bright pink shadow allll the way up to the brow? Would you rock it?

Hmm……speak on it!

[EDIT]: I’m not offended per se but I don’t think that this particular ad is flattering for the woman. This is not make me want to run out and purchase the products. Hmm….lovin’ the thoughts and comments, family. Keep them coming!

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  • Aurélie

    Wow, peace out. Indeed, you’re over reacting. Mac promo pics are always over the edge, sometimes just plain ugly, but it’s supposed to be artistic. Pics from Cult of Cherry were just as awful for white women.

  • Wes

    I don’t think it’s cute by far… I wasn’t really offended by it b/c I know MAC usually likes to go OVER the edge sometimes… lol
    I can’t say whether or not you’re exaggerating b/c it’s purely based on one’s own personal opinion. What you see from that ad may not be what I see, and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of think the stylist for this project is a bit angry at women. It’s not really edgy, just garish. I say not art, just ugly.
    What woman in her right mind would be inspired to wear a product that portrays women this way. I’m insulted as a woman and as an artist.

  • Trecia

    I’m going to agree with you B. i find it offensive as well. mad weird… u could even tell the model is embarrassed… wait am i going over board with that? they paying her for this hot-mess right? well i guess we will find out soon if its real or no real

  • Amina

    don’t take it personally!
    MAC always goes over the top when it comes to promo pics..
    this collection reminds me of one of sweetcakes, something like that…it came out 3 years ago and had lipglosses that were called petit fours…very pretty actually


    Seriously… this has to be a joke!! Nah, they can’t be serious…

  • Anonymous


    I’m not a woman of color, but I had a similar reaction as you did. I mean, I will continue to buy MAC, but I thought this looked terrible. I think any woman can speak to BAD unflattering makeup. I know MAC likes to go over the top with their color story pics but COME ON! Are you trying to sell this collection or scare people away? The model does look sad (I would be too) and even worse, they dressed her in an outdated printed blazer. Boo for MAC. I think MAC needs to be reminded that they are a business and color story prints should sell the product, not make some sort of ridiculous avant garde statement that doesn’t resonate with its consumers.

  • Anonymous

    oh my, I totally agree with you on this one…I mean eeeww, r they serious, gosh…I’m a WOC and this is most definitely a no-go…my goodness…it’s a ridiculous hot mess

  • Bsquared86

    I don’t see it as offensive, at all because I know that MAC would not try to offend and alienate a part of their consumer base like that. Their promo shots are always a bit daring and shocking.

    I guess the model is supposed to be a bit “oompa loompa-ish” to go along with the sugar sweet, candy feel of the new collection. Perhaps the look they gave this model should have been thought out a bit more but I can’t really knock them for it. The only think I don’t like is the pasty pink lipstick . . . everything else is okay.

    If you feel offended then by all means . . . be offended, lol. But, I dont know if this one set of promos is enough to cause you to stop using MAC products.

  • Izar

    This one kind of comes across as MAC desperately trying to be original and failing spectacularly… I know they’re usually over the edge and all, but shouldn’t those promo pics be at least a little bit attractive? Hey, it’s their promo and their profits, so whatever… I’d probably still buy products from this new collection if they turned out to be any good, but I totally get your point. To be quite honest, this whole “makeup” (if you can call it that…) would look just as bad on a white woman.

  • Gangstarr Girl

    You’re not being sensitive. Those pink lips are hideous. That shade makes her look like those stereotypical Black Face cartoons with the big pink lips, from the 30s.

  • Gangstarr Girl

    And that wig. Ugh. Not cute at all. MAC gets a FAIL for that one.

  • Morgan

    I totally agree that as a whole this look is atrocious! However, if they were to have done just the eyes or just the lips then I could see it looking good from an editorial view. I guess MAC does always go over the top, but this time was a real miss.

  • Tigress or Tame?

    Overreacting…yup I think so. But I can definitely see where u r coming from. Clearly this is intended to be artistic…but I think they really droppped the ball on this one. That promo would not inspire any race of women to purchase and sure as hell not a black woman! This pic is just plain ugly and not at all creative. Poor model….I hope they paid her good!

  • MsJLH

    Gotta have a little talk with Jesus about this one.

  • elle

    I’m with you on this one. It’s terrible for many reasons, but mostly because they’re not featuring their colors well. If you consider the model to be just a canvas upon which MAC is featuring their products, they did a POOR job of making them look desirable. If others are saying the campaign for Cult of Cherry was equally unflattering, then I’m going to step out and say MAC might want to holler at their marketing folks. Stat. Not offended, just…baffled. Is this supposed to…sell? To whom? For what?

  • Bella


    What the blip is that? It reminded of me of those old movies where Black men were played by white dudes with choco-makeup. NOT FREAKING COOL. OR what? We mujeres of color don’t know how to apply makeup. ARGHHHH.

    To be honest, I have found MAC to non-inclusive of women of color; and dominated by a Western idea of what beauty is.

    Bad campaign. Women of color are FAB. Whether MAC likes it or not.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t know?
    She is my complexion and the pic makes me want to try out that e/s, a color I would have never considered before, so I suppose it worked.

  • Jaimie

    I don’t really care for it either, but Idk if thats really mac. Those Lipglasses look suspicious yea?

  • Dwana

    B, This is absolutely disgusting. It reminds me of those old Tom and Jerry cartoons with the old nanny. Not only am I upset by this ad but the model embarrassed me. What the hell? You sell out just for a pay check?

    Now…I don’t know about a complete ban :@P but some actions must be made. I’m talking an all out war. More of us black, white, whom ever, needs to blog this.

    Without stopping there talk about it in any message board or community you can enter. Before stopping there, I think that MAC needs to know just how far they’ve crossed the line. Send them a letter of disgust!

    Lastly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a black (dark-skinned) person wearing any color. I’m sexual chocolate (LMBO :@D LMBO) and would bang the hell out of the brightest and make it look good! As far as the form her e/s is in…I don’t mind it. Some people don’t care for it but if you can do it, get er done! Preference is preference. Its not that serious to me.

  • Lakish

    This model is a mix between an overgrown oompa loompa and Black Face..not cool!

  • Felicia

    To be totally honest with you, RARELY, are MAC’s ad campaign models flattering! I take it as art and an extreme form of artistic expression. Just like the craziness you see on the runway that gets stripped down for “real life”. You can not take it literally. For example, the current MAC campaign for their new foundation – have you seen the model? If not, check out my site:

    You will find that the pic is not flattering nor does it make you want to go out and buy…the model looks like a corpse in fact…its extremely artistic and not meant to be taken literally. My $0.02 :-)


  • Witty

    She looks busted. I agree with you on that. I also agree that it’s a bit offensive given history and such. I also understand the gut reaction to discontinue your practice of buying MAC cosmetics.
    Over the top is one thing but there are a few ads that make you scratch your head because 2 out of 3 girls look fierce…that one? Usually, a darker skinned woman. I found this to be true with the Brunette, Blonde, Redhead, as well as a couple others that I can’t think of the names for.
    Will I stop buying MAC? Probably not. Will I think twice before buying it and maybe pen a letter to them? Probably.

  • Kiarah C. W.

    In their defense – They were making a character, hence the costume, and accentuating the colors of the new collection not necessarily the model. Sometimes fashion is about being wacky and the model rocking w/e they throw his/her way. It was about being fun and catching ur attention like many Mac ads…and NO I would not wear any of those colors esp not the GREEN HAIR!

  • Dye-A-Graham

    I’m not offended..but they are definitely not doing the sister any justice. True..they are always on the cutting edge of fashion, but for a woman of color new to make-up, would this make you want to buy from them?

  • Avartsy

    I don’t think it’s so much getting offended, I think it’s just a wrong look reminiscent of Black Face. For MAC, they totally cld’ve done muuuch better. True, their make-up is usu. extreme, but this time, it’s just yeeeeesh….definitely would not be buying this. The ‘naked honey collection’ however, is another thing, that I’ll be buying a few things…more of the body stuff…
    Which do u prefer…the xxl or lash stiletto…still on the fence on the latter, loving the former….lemme know!

  • Milan

    Your “just what in the hell is this?!” sent me over the edge. LMAO! Too funny. Okay now I hate the promo pic as well. I saw it over the weekend and was slightly offended by it and then I had to look at the context and take a step back for a minute. I kinda get what they’re doing with the skin color and the colors used. Basically accentuating the makeup and the idea of the whole sugar sweet thing (not to mention her lips look like she sucked on a light pink powdered donut…she may as well be named Pookie). Anyway…I don’t think the promo pic is flattering but it’s making the MAKEUP standout and that’s what they’re selling. Plus, I had to remember that I see this kind of stuff on black models on high fashion runways all the time. It’s what most industry people call…”editorial” right? Eh…

  • Miss JoJo

    It’s one thing to use colors that are not traditionally thought of as wearable on Black women, but this is just a mess from the top to the bottom.
    I can appreciate a good fashion editorial when I see one and I don’t see anything but foolery when I look at this.
    Please help me to understand.

  • juvenescent

    I saw your tweet and forgot to comment. I’m not offended. I think all of MAC’s adds are super ugly including this one. I think the Cult of Cherry ad was one of the scariest I’d ever seen. LOL

  • sharon

    B EZ Brit! It's artistic, I'm not in love with the promo pic either but mac has to be one of, if not the most woman of color friendly lines and I don't think they mean to be culturally insensitve with this image. We have to admit that mac does more right than wrong… so let's give them a pass on this one. <3

  • Kamika

    It’s rather sambo-ish if you ask me. The wig really doesn’t do the picture justice. All I can see is a black woman with a crazy wig, big pink watermelon lips, walking around all day and posing for pics in pajamas. I know MAC loves to be edgy but they should have tweaked out some of those stereotypes. Way too many in one picture.

  • izumi

    mac’s promos are usually very.. out there. there are some particular collections where it’s just downright–strange! but it’s supposed to at least make the model look good–appeal to people. “this is how the collection will look, this is how you look when you purchase things from this collection”.. they’re supposed to SELL the product, not give the models monster make-up which will make people who are less into makeup.. RUN. i wouldn’t walk into a MAC store if that was their promo, but it is ALSO the company’s job to make it eye catching.. BUT.. in this particular instance, i think they went totally overboard into the plain.. ugly.

  • IvyTrini

    Yeah I have heard other WoC complain about the promo pics. I don’t think that people should be offended. For one MAC does a good job in using a lot of different kind of women (and men!) in their promos. While the look is not particularly flattering, it was not supposed to. Its whimsical, candy caned themed and bold. It makes you notice the promo with the potential to go out and look at the collection. MAC has stayed true to their mantra of being for all races, ages, sexes, everyone. It would be a shame to miss out on some potentially amazing products because of the promo. Of course everyone wants to look good, but MAC makes you think outside of box, step out of boundries. That pink lipglass toned down may look fabulous on dark skin!

  • Tashina

    I showed my mother this. Her eyes bugged out and then she busted up laughin’. I personally think the ad looks wack. The model has beautiful lips and I think this ad could’ve been done better to accentuate them in a more appealing way while still being edgy. And what the heck is up with that Madea wig she is sporting?

  • Tashina

    The MAC mammy collection….I’m just sayin’…..

  • Anonymous

    The promo picture is just plain ugly. But a number of MACs promos are ugly or artistic? At first glance, as an african american, it can appear to be mimicking the painful images of the past history of this country, it raises my defenses. But step back from that(which can sometimes be very personal and hard to do), and imagine this same promo with a white woman in the picture, we wouldn’t really be talking about it. It’s art, tacky art, but art just the same. I’m not going to stop purchasing from them, but it sure does leave me thinking about what in the devil kind of options are in this collection for a sistah! LOL

  • Anonymous

    And to add to my above comments 2/3 @ 1:55pm), I personally believe that if this comes out as the official promo picture, “everybody” is not going to be so open minded and see this as art.

  • Luvvie (aka Queen IG)

    Hey B! I agree with you. Tis promo ad is atrocious, and nothin about it makes me want to even loo t a MAC product. She looks straight foolish. Their advertising team need a stern lecture on what NOT to do.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion: this is just art, not meant to be offensive at all.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with one of the anonymous writers – stepping back and looking objectively at the picture, yes is garish and reminiscent of back in the day but it’s effective in that you don’t just look away. Everything about the picture draws you in for whatever reason, be it being offended or just trying to understand the motivation behind the picture.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the best photo yeah, but why is it offensive to you?

    I don’t understand how it can be mimicking to black people today when THEY NEVER EXPERIENCED THE PAIN ON HAND?Where in this picture does it mimic black people?Minstrel shows?I don’t think so.What about Fafi characters?I mean she draws girls with the darkest skin and the lightest lips.I think most of you need to get over it.Black women need not to be scared of color or pushing things over the edge and get out this racist mentality!

  • Anonymous

    I def think that’s an overreaction! I agree that it does look terrible in every way but have you seen some of the other models, especially the one cult of cherry? Bright green eyeshadow, super pale skin, and burgundy lipstick! She looked like a corpse! Most of their ads don’t make me want to go buy their products but I already know they’re great so I don’t need an ad to convince me. What about Dame Edna? It’s obviously a man dressed as a woman! I certainly don’t want to look like that! Nor have I heard anyone be offended by the ad. Bottom line is MAC just goes a little overboard. I look at it like the crazy clothes you see on runway models. Nobody would ever wear that stuff but it’s cool to look at!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a disappointment to read. If only you knew the beauty of inspiration behind the collections M.A.C chooses. The ads are supposed to be enticing, edgy, sexy, and just this.. intriguing. Just because the picture depicts a dramatized display of the colors does not mean it is supposed to be taken literally. If you actually left room to believe this, you would understand the true beauty, and the exciting adventure behind this collection. I’ve handled the collection myself and it’s a wonderful, and most definitely multi-faceted one, useful for many different looks, and styles. This collection is absolutely gorgeous, and inspired behind the deliciousness and delicateness of the french Patisserie; fun, playful, and most definitely pretty in color. What sounds more delightful than that? I highly recommend everyone one here to give this collection a chance, because I promise you, you won’t be let down 😉

  • Dawn Davenport

    you know nothing about the fashion industry. You like to just go around spewing hate speak, don’t you? First off, M.A.C’s motto is “all ages, all races, all sexes” and originally was started for woman, men and human beings of color( or no color lol) who couldn’t find their foundation shade. Way to shit on something beautiful. Second, M.A.C also was meant for makeup artists ( Makeup Art Cosmetics) and these people primarily work in the fashion industry and do editorial work (which this is). Please understand that editorial is and will always be over the top because it’s made for people that understand art.
    If you don’t like the launch, you don’t have to buy it. M.A.C and makeup artists everywhere are not saying that it should be worn this way. In fact, the printed facecharts and have these looks available in the store and online when the product launches.

    Stop spreading hate, there is beauty all around you (even in this photo and the makeup in it).

  • B

    Dawn–> How am I spewing "hate"? I voiced my distaste in this particular promo pic. That is my opinion and this is my blog and thanks to having Freedom of Speech I can do what I very well please, thank you. I will not purchase from this collection and that's my perogative. I'm sure my "not purchasing" ways will not hurt MAC. Thanks and stay beautiful.

  • Luca

    i never like any of mac’s promo ads – i thought the hello kitty ones were cute but i didn’t like ANY of the colors and i didn’t buy a single thing from that collection.

    have you gone onto specktra and seen teh actual products and swatches? i’d say it’s mac’s best collection yet – very unique color combos (especially the 3 colored lipglasses!) and it may be the first collection where i’ll buy a considerable amount.

  • Lauren

    Have you checked out Temptalia’s updated promo pic? The pastel pink lipstick isn’t as chalky. I have to be honest with you…I’m so excited for this collection!

  • Anonymous


    I’m from the UK and here our fashion can be very “out there” and extreme but I or no one else blinks an eyelid as you are use to seeing allsorts every day.

    I tried the colours today at the counter and I would say they are very wearable for black skin. I intend on buying a lot!

    I see the photo as art and not to be taken too seriously, in the context it’s meant to be sticky sweet, her hair reminds me of candy floss and the pastel colours she has on remind me of being in a candy, threes something nostalgic about what she’s wearing too and traditional. I think they just wanted imagery to go with the overall theme of the collection and when you see the model next to the promo flyer with the cupcakes and products it makes sense.

    Mac works with loads of black celebrities and we have seen how good Lil Kim, Mary J and Eve have looked doing VIVA glam. So it’s not a case of them not wanting the black girl to look good or to promote negative imagery. They just wanted an image to represent the collection and you either like it or not, but it’s just an image and there’s no need to read further into it! I think people have run away what it could mean and it’s simply just a picture!