Mascara Monday: Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara

Okay, is it just me or does it seem like Christmas was just a week or so ago? Why is it already almost mid-February?! That is crazy to me. Before you know it, it will be summer time and yours truly will be flying away to my favorite spots in Hawaii. Or if I can’t afford it, I’ll settle for Daytona or Clearwater beaches here in Florida.

Speaking of “not being able to afford it”….that’s really how I feel about this mascara. I don’t know what it is about me, but I’ve gotten extremely cheap with my make-up purchasing. If I’m going to spend almost $30, I better get more than a measly mascara. And the mascara better be AWESOME!

How did DiorShow Iconic stand up for me? A waste of money or a wonderful investment?

Dior Diorshow
Iconic Mascara

Price: 1 out of 5 ($27 is a bit steep, fam. I’m just sayin’…. )
Packaging (Brush Wand): 4 out of 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

What it claims: “A mascara with an innovative oblique brush that curls and defines lashes.” (source)

The truth: I’m just thrilled that it’s not anything like the original Diorshow.

What I loved about it: Wow….I mean, my lashes really looked….almost false! And the wand is pretty groovy. Dior gets 10 points from me for the innovative wand design.

What I didn’t like: This mascara had me residing in Clump City, USA.

Overall: I have been asked to review this mascara ever since it came out. And while I love makin’ yall happy, I just couldn’t allow myself to spend so much on a mascara. Sure, I’ve done it before but times have certainly changed econonmically—as if yall didn’t know.

I felt a little better spending $27 on this baby since it came with a little goody.

As a Sephora Exclusive, the Diorshow Iconic mascara comes in a cute little bag with a mini Addict High shine lipstick. Makes purchasing it not soooo bad.

One of my biggest frustrations with the original Diorshow was the crazy amount of clumps it gave me. I didn’t see why the mascara was so popular when all it gave me was a hot mess of clumps after the 2nd coat.

But Iconic is different; because the wand is different. Which helps with the clump factor a bit, but not tremendously. I think I’m okay with getting away with two coats of mascara with this baby here. And because it’s a “high drama mascara”, I definitely wouldn’t not wear it to work every day.

But does it do its job? I would say so! I managed to get a good amount of curl and length. And of course, volume. I wish Dior would do something with that “gooby-ness” that is their formula, though. It’s just so thick.

But it is still a good mascara and a lot better than the original.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 3 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Only if you can afford it. If not, I highly recommend L’Oreal Volumnious or Max Factor Volume Couture for great black volumized lashes.

What do you think? Have you ever tried this mascara or the original Diorshow? Think it’s overpriced or is it worth it?

Here is my review of the original Diorshow mascara.


This Day in Black History:
1952-Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” wins the
National Book Award.

(photo source)

  • Askmewhats

    I’m same with you B, I am trying not to spend so much on a single beauty product especially mascaras!I would only be willing if it comes with a lovely pouch or a nice free gift :) Wonderful review!

  • umbreons

    Beware this one, it clumps so bad after a while. The wand gets caked up with mascara and it makes terrible clumps, but yeah, the effect is pretty awesome at first.

    Awesome review! <3 I must check out that book, I need a new read. Thanks, B!

  • Jamila

    I can sooo pass on this one! yay! My already empty wallet thanks you!

  • Bella

    Like Jamila said: I can soooooo pass on this one. 27?!?!?! Goodness!!!
    Thanks for the review hermana, you are awesome!

  • Tashina

    Invisible Man is such a great book. I read it last year in one of my lit classes. Excellent read. Not really “black” history, but I highly recommend “Bread Givers,” another book I read last semester.

    Anyhow, while I do love the color on your waterline, I’d forsake this mascara. The last review you did looked so much better. Like you said, clump city.

  • Kiarah C. W.

    Idk….I’m still on my Victoria Secret mascara and it does fine day to day for just $10….but I can do fine with a regular old drugstore cover girl…I’m so cheap.

  • The Lush List

    I tried it and took it back. I just thought the clump factor was out the roof. It looks good on you, but on me it just looked like I coated my lashes 100 times with some cheapie mascara!
    I’m loving good but cheap mascaras right now, and your Mascara Mondays are really helping me with that! I’ve vowed to never buy a $30 mascara again…

  • Fashion’s Darling

    haha 27 is kinda steep nowadays. well..everyay lol I’m still a fan of it though. I probably wouldn’t re purchase it simply because of the price.

  • sabrina

    I just bought this….I thought you were reading my mind! I used it for the first time today and I like it so far…

  • Glamouricious

    I wouldn’t spend that much on a mascara either (usually).

    Wow I can’t help but wonder what you do with so many mascara’s after reviewing? I have 2 and am in need of a new one. I’ll definitly go with one of your other top recommendations.
    For me drugstore brands work GREAT, specially when combining seperating+volumizing mascaras.

    You must have like 25?:)

  • Erica

    Even though I love Dior mascara, I find that it dries out too fast and the tube has to be replaced quite frequently.

  • The Girl600 Show

    I found Diorshow on Sephora last year, didn’t wanna pay over $7, but I did it. First I bought the purple one, not a good idea, then bought the black because of the awesome reviews. Love it, the best looking lashes I’ve ever had. BUT I did buy a new gold lash curler at Target, the kind with springs and that joker made my lashes hot. I went back and bought another one for good measure. Just found your blog today while Googling Mineralize Skinfinish, I like that you are also NW45. I wear that and NC45. Later

  • Urbangirl

    @ Erica,I totally agree with you it really does dry out too fast. For $28 bucks (which is what I paid) it did not include a freebee! I must have bought this stuff in like September and even though it is sort of dry I still use it because I want to get my $28 worth! In the begging it was great I was singing the praises of this stuff and honestly I would buy it again I just think the price is kinda steep!

  • Emmi

    Hi B!
    I'm from Finland and I just gotta tell you something. You know, it's kinda funny how you're all like omg 27$ for a mascara. Well, in Finland, Diorshow Iconic costs 36 EUROS. Which would be… 50$. Oh yes, FIFTY BUCKS. No I am NOT kidding. I'd really like to try this mascara but I'm not paying 50$for it. So I'm just saying, I'd gladly pay the 27$