Newsflash for nail polish obsessed Twitter users!

Thanks to my girl Katee over at E-Polish blog, I discovered that Zoya was on Twitter.

I was elated simply because I love Zoya and thought that by following them, I could stay abreast of the new collections and happenings over in the Zoya/Qtica world.

But following them is like following a slow walking old lady who is holding $10,000 in her hand with a sign on her head that says, “Take this money”.

I’m not even kidding. Zoya on Twitter has sales/specials exclusively for the people that follow them.

You see! Follow Zoya_NailPolish today to start a savin’.

Yall know I be lookin’ out for you. *wink*

Now back to your regularly scheduled posts
  • Product Junkie Diva

    Thanks so much…must follow Zoya…even though I don’t even know where I can purchase this brand!

  • Princess Mina

    I love Zoya! Thanks for the tip.

  • Nessa

    I love Zoya, and I’m so mad I didn’t take advantage of that deal yesterday! Did you?

  • B

    PJD—> I know you're not on Twitter and didn't tell me. LOL!

    Princess Mina—> No problem. :)

    Nessa–> Noooo, I didn't. Uggghh! And that was a GREAT deal. I hope that one comes around again.

  • Ms. Katee/e-polishblog

    eek! I was going to ask if you took advantage of the deal yesterday but I see you did not. I ordered 3 colors that I have been lemming big time! Gaia, Lael and Pasha. Woo hoo! Only $6.96 can’t beat that. Can’t wait to get them.