Skin Break-out Regimen

It’s that time again…..break-out season!

My skin and I have a love-hate relationship. Meaning I ALWAYS love it but it seems to hate me every now and then. For as long as I can remember I have always had break-outs. They are sporadic and usually….bad. I can go a few months without a breakout but when they come, they are AWFUL.

Lately I have been dealing with one of the worst. I’m talkin‘ oily T-zone and pimples galore on my cheeks and chin. Pimples alone are a hassle to deal with. If I’m not trying to prevent them, I am tackling them. If I’m not tackling them, I am dealing with the after effects…..those ugly dark post-pimple marks.


It’s a chore to say the least but if there is one thing I am dedicated to it is clear and healthy skin.

So what’s my break-out bustin‘ regimen? Glad you asked, kids!

First up is my beloved tea tree oil.

I can’t say enough about this essential oil. It truly is a pimple poppin‘ machine. A dab of this on my pimples at night and they are dried up by morn. No joke. It doesn’t smell pretty but this natural antiseptic will always be in my medicine cabinet. You can find out more about tea tree oil HERE.

[NOTE: Tea tree oil should NOT be used all over the face. A simple dab on a pimple should be enough. This is some powerful stuff, kids so if you do want to use it all over, use it with a carrier oil.]

So I’ve zapped the pimples but to keep my skin under control, I need a cleanser that gives me a squeaky clean. Ta da!

I absolutely ADORE Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soap in the liquid form. This castille soap in peppermint gives me a deep cleanse and the peppermint soothes my skin and gives me an extra tingle that I can feel in my pores. I also love that it is an all natural product that contains nothing but wonderful additivies. See….

Did I mention that I also use this AND tea tree oil for my hair? Multi-purpose all natural products? I love it!

So I’ve popped the pimples and am preventing future ones but how do I get rid of those nasty dark spots?

Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone corrector ($39.50…read more about it HERE). I actually just started using this product. I am reviewing it for Clinique’s Insider Club and am excited to see the results. Of course I will update the Clumps of Mascara family but I am already impressed at how smooth it leaves my skin. Getting rid of those dark spots during and shortly after a break-out will always be a part of my skin regime.

These products combined will help get my skin back on track and I will be back to sporting concealer and blush in no time.

How do you combat the break-outs?

…and if you say you don’t have any—I don’t like you.

LOL, yall know I’m kidding. But really, is your skin usually on its best behavior or does it stay on the trips like mine?

Tell me!

Clear skin to all and to all a good day,

Come back later today to see the latest contest winner. It could be YOU!

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  • Askmewhats

    I use tea tree oil to zap my zits too :) Thanks for sharing your regimen!

  • Amina

    I use neem oil on breaktouts….it helps so much!

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    I was thinking “I use those for my hair!” and then, BAM! LOL! They work wonders on my hair. My mom says she had to use Dr.Bronner’s peppermint soap on me as a baby because everything else broke me out. I used on Ike n’ Tina when they were small too.

    I don’t get too many break outs nowadays, thank goodness because my teen years were pure hell. My occasional break outs are usually hormone-related or due to stress. I just keep my face and hair clean and drink lots of water. If I do get some scars, Ambi cream clears it all up for me.

  • lizzie

    omgggg its breakout season for me too!!!! :(
    ill have to look into the tea tree oil…usually i use benzoil peroxide treatments, i.e. Oxy or Clearasil. But those are really drying. ugh i have a ton of scars from my recent breakouts….thank goodness for makeup!!!!

  • izumi

    i used to use tea tree oil.. then i ran out.. and never thought to get it again! i dunno why~ i guess i’ll have to look into it again :)

  • mzfoxydiva

    I used to have a problem with pimples around that time of the month. Now I use sulfur soap and it’s cleared up. I don’t have any pimples and if I do get one, the soap works wonders.

  • BVB

    This was really helpful Brittany! I have a huge breakout on my chin….it’s getting on my last nerves!

  • Kiarah C. W.

    I hate to use anything besides my Mary Kay because I don’t like using too many products but if the tea tree oil works I might have to grab a bottle. Thanks!

  • Courtney Elizabeth

    It’s so funny…
    I woke up this morning going…oh goodness…here we go again…lol. I bet you have the same feeling every few months.

    But basically…I’ve been using a sugar scrub to clean…and nothing to combat… I just try to keep my hands away and my face clean…

    So far so good.

    I’m interested in Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone corrector and the results that you receive. I hope you share! *somehow…I think you will. lol*


    PS. Great Blog!

  • Anonymous

    good information

  • Anonymous

    I love Bronners but the peppermint is too strong for my skin so I use the lavender soap… cleans w/o stripping or drying!


  • Miss Yaya

    I generally don’t break out but I have little buggers pop up from time to time and usually I just have to weather on and wait them out. They usually pop up when I do major cleaning and suffer a dust hurricane, if I lose sleep, or if I start eating loads of junk. Then again… I don’t wear much makeup other than mascara and lip gloss so I don’t think my skin should be complaining much.

  • Anonymous

    The Even Better Corrector is amazing. I started using it and it takes a little while to work, but it is AMAZING


    I always get a breakout when its that time of the month and it always shows up in the same spot.(What I lack in number is made up in size) Either a bump on my chin, one bump in the middle of my forehead, or on my right jaw a little ways away from my nose. Everything I tried previously failed to rid me of them so I decided to just let them run their course, after about a week and a half they would go away. But Thanks for sharing the tea tree gig. Maybe it will make them junts go away faster.

  • Acne warrior

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    Try “Niapads” (it contains Niacinamide) for controlling your acne. It’s Simple for Pimple(C). One step process provides exfoliation, skin lightening, pore cleansing and prevention of acne.
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  • Tashina

    I have no idea how to deal with breakouts. I am trying to develop a new skin care routine, so I am trolling comments right now.

  • Anonymous

    Proactive..period. you don’t have to live with pimples, dark marks..not nice and as you age it will only look worse so take action now Proactive.. cause good skin is the one thing you can’t fake…

  • Karyn

    For on the spot treatments, I use Burt Bees Blemish Stick. It a roll-on oil treatment that’s very strong and usually does the trick!

  • Kim @ A Life of Style

    Great post. I’ve been using a tea tree regimen too. It’s done wonders!

  • Anonymous

    oil cleansing method has cleared up my long time acne and hyperpigmentation. I use a castor oil/coconut oil mix instead of castor oil/evoo. Skin loves it! I spot treat w/ lemon juice mixed w/ aloe vera gel. Every once in a while, Bentonite clay or charcoal masks (Origins) give a deep clean to make pores disappear :) Hope that helps someone!

  • Nicole

    After almost 10 years of battling acne and using almost every OTC and Rx acne treatment, I decided to go the natural route. Drinking more water, increasing my veggie and fruit intake, exercising more and using tea tree oil as a zit zapper and Desert Essence Thouroughly Clean Face Wash. I can't began to tell how amazing this has been, especially with the Tea Tree Oil! I just dap it on any pimple, even the ones I feel coming in and most haven't come to a head! It has also started to clear old blemishes from years ago! After YEARS of wering makeup, heavy makeup to hide my blemishes, I can now go out with just a light dusting of foudnation. No more pore clogging concealers for me!

  • I get horrendous breakouts at that time of the month – unfortunately I’m allergic to the smell of tea tree (it gives me asthma attacks). So I’m trying to use salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide right now. But I may try tea tree (if I just use a teeny bit on the spot and hold my breath, hopefully it’ll be OK!)