The Honey Pot: Giveaway for Newbies, last day!

You have one more day to enter the contest. The stories are hilarious! I know I did some crazy things in my childhood but some of yall take the cake.

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Another one of my fondest?
When I was in the 4th grade I was fascinated by rubber cement. Why this was even allowed in classrooms, I don’t know. We used it for a class project and when no one was looking, I put it in my bookbag. Only my teacher saw me. She ended up calling my parents. My Mother confronted me THAT evening and I lied. But my lying skills were never up to par and neither were my bottle tightening skills. My Mother could smell the rubber cement that I hid under my bed. My silly self forgot to tighten the top and it spilled all over the floor..ruining the carpet. I stole, lied and was a carper ruin-er. I won’t even tell yall how my parents handled that one but let’s just say I learned my lesson!


Happy Birthday, Jasmine!!!

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  • Eloquent Jen

    Lol. Sounds like when I was in the first grade and we would get our lunch delivered to class, and I really wanted to take home this chocolate milk but we weren’t allowed to. So I sneaked it into my drawer in class at play time. However, the carton wasn’t sealed tight so it spilled all in my drawer and ruined my assignments. My teacher was so upset cause it was leaking everyone. She made me clean it up,chastised me in front of the whole class, punished me with no recess, and called my mom. I was so sad. All in the name of milk!