The Honey Pot: Giveaway for Newbies!

Ready to stick your hand in the Honey Pot?

It’s time for another giveaway! This time it’s from our dear friend Garfield.

“B…who is Garfield?”

You know….this guy…

G-Field with his honey, HK.

Yep, I love him. I watched all of his shows growing up and adore lasagna just like him. And don’t even get me started on vegetarian style lasagna. OMG!!

But we digresss…look the the giveaway that Garfield is sponsoring…

Milani Glimmer Stripes in Berry Glimmer
Studio Tools large Shadow brush
Maybelline XXL Curl Power mascara
InColor FabuLiner liquid eye liner
NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Cherrywood

Not sure where he got this load of generosity from but we are grateful! I’m assuming that while I was away at work he peeked in my make-up stash, saw my favorite drugstore items and then purchased dupes!

To win these goodies, simply leave me a comment telling me your favorite childhood memory, toy or television show. It helps if they are more dramatic/silly than mine..

Be sure to include your email address.

…although imagining that a stuffed cat actually purchased make-up is REALLY out there. This giveaway is open to my international sisters (and brothers) so yall enter too! You have until the end of the day on Wednesday, February 24, 2009 to enter.

Hop to it!

  • Askmewhats

    My favorite childhood memory is watching Woody Wood Pecker every Wednesday night here in PI. It’s my favorite as well to play teacher with complete set of textbooks, with blackboard and chalk! :)

  • Tamara

    Hello!! my favorite childhood character were the carebears and my little ponys! i couldnt stop watching the same movie over and over again, and every time it ended i would cry!! haha…
    i so hope i get this!!

  • Nina

    I used to remember when I was a kid that I loved to play with My Little Ponies!! I’d spend all afternoon playing with my sister inside our tent. I also remember playing with this kitchen set where the stove actually makes a sound and this McDonald’s set where we serve sundae cones with plastic fudge and soda with plastic ice cubes! Man, I do miss being a kid.

  • plugstrawberry

    my favorite childhood memory was playing with my brothers micro machines!! he had the whole deal, parking lot, car wash, and i would always leave aside my dolls for these colorful little cars!!

  • *V*

    My favortie childhood memory is “styling” my various dolls. Sometimes I would do so with my cousins but most of the time it was just a solo mish…I’d grab my mom’s sewing scissors and any hand me down makeup I had been given and paint away.

    My parents still have my little green suitcase of Barbies somewhere, I bet if we popped it open at least 80% of those dolls would have an original, Vanessa inspired look. LOL!

    Also, I had Rainbow Brite sheets! They were the coolest =]

  • Luxe Tips

    My favorite cartoon character as a child and still is Tom from Tom and Jerry. The poor cat tried so hard but just could not catch Jerry. Jerry was too smart and fast! It was loads of great fun growing up!

    Pick me please!

  • Carolyn G

    MY childhood memory is of waking up Saturday mornings and watching TV for hours. My favorite show to watch was the Looney Tunes hour. Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam, ELmer Fudd and my favorite, the Roadrunner!!!

  • Fall04Ace

    My favorite childhood memory is my sister and I playing “make up shop”. One particular day, we decided to go all out and she washed my hair in the toilet with a pint of milk (my mom kept those little cartons around) and then proceeded to put on my make up. She picked up some nail polish and put huge stripes across my hands. She used the entire bottle! She picked up another bottle of polish and painted my mouth shut with it. When my mom finally got a hold of us, my lips and hands were painted closed and I was covered in red lacquer. My mom says I was happy, and giggling through the paint. This is probably the explanation as to why it took me so long to get back into make up : )

    Kim (

  • Pixie

    I’ve always loved My Little Pony. I still keep a few of them around even though my boy friend tries to sneak them in the trash can at times :( Men!

    jinnzor AT gmail DOT com


    I absolutely LOVED Teddy Ruxpin (sp?) when I was a child. I thought that bear was alive when he would read stories to me. I would talk to him and everything :)

  • Anonymous

    This is one story my parents (and I) would never forget.. :) I was around 4 years old then and my cousin was a year younger. They were staying at our home for the summer. One day, our parents were hanging out and left us kids to play by ourselves. After sometime, they noticed that we were missing. They then searched the entire house and found that we locked ourselves in one of the rooms. So they got the key, opened the room, and voila… the sight that greeted them was that of me with scissors in hand cutting my cousins hair in some criss-cross crooked sort of way. I’d cut her bangs so short they were barely an inch off her scalp. haha.. I guess that was my young self experimenting with hairdressing.. i guess makeup came soon after. anyway, my parents were laughing so hard they forgot about how mad they were. good thing my cousin was too young to realize how much i ruined her hair. haha :)

  • Shel

    The only pet my mother would let my sister and I have were gerbils. Being girls, we would pick them up by their tails because we were afraid they’d bite us. One day, I remember my 8 year old sister picking up one of the gerbils and she said “hey look!” and started swinging him by his tail. The next thing I knew, the gerbil was across the room and my little sister is holding the tail in her hand. We freaked and thought we killed the gerbil. We took him in the bathroom and patched his “stub” and Stubby, as he was then known, lived longer than any of our other gerbils (poor thing).

    My sister is 35 years old now, we still talk about this story and laugh.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  • eclairre

    My favorite childhood character was Hello Kitty. It still is to this day! I also used to collect Pound Puppies. I had a trillion My Little Ponies, and even the ones with fake lashes LOL. I was a sucker for animal cartoons, I guess!

  • Anonymous

    My fav show growing up was Fraggle Rock! I watched it all the time! I think it was the world underground and it had those cool clear shafts…and all the puppets had fly hair. I wish they would show some reruns or something. This generation of kids need to know!

  • trofie

    Hey B! This is easy!!!

    My favorite childhood memory is the kitchen set my father created in our basement. Every Chistmas, i would get a kitchen appliance for my "playhouse". I had the stove, the refrigerator, the countertop (inclusive of the cabinet for my playhouse pots & pans), the kitchen table and chairs…etc. All the girls on my block were into Barbie (my current obsession), but at 8 years old, Ms. Jasmin had the rockinest pretend playhouse on the block. I had the baby dolls to complete the ensemble. When I was not wishing my family was the Brady Bunch, I was recreating the latest episode in my basement. Thanks for taking me back to such great times so many years ago. I hope i win…

  • antithesis

    i liked care bears and i carried a powerpuff girls bookbag in high school.

    ashleya1002 at gmail dot com

  • Natasha

    One of my favorite memories from childhood was during a time that my sisters and I were given a “hand-me-down” Barbie and Ken Rock Band set. My older brother, who would normally laugh at us for playing with toys actually joined in on the fun. Well, we spent the entire day making the dolls practice for their performance (making up songs and ALL) and at the end of the day, when it was time for the show, my brother made his Ken doll start an argument with the rest of the group and QUIT! Right before the show! My sisters and I were so caught up in the pretend drama that we actually cried! Oh..those were the days of innocence..

  • GS

    First time doing this, fingers crossed!!

    My favorite childhood memory was waking up on weekends to watch the pink panther (I still love it!!) and having hot cocoa for breakfast.

  • tongueincheek

    My favorite memory was going around San Francisco with my sister. The two of us on weekends would take the bus and the BART train around by ourselves and eat Swenson’s candy cane ice cream, go to Chinatown, and go shopping in Union Square. One day, I was wearing a back pack and we were going through the BART turnstiles/gates. I guess I went through it too slowly, and the gate closed right between my backpack straps and my back! I was stuck! I couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go back, and since the gate was in my straps, I couldn’t wiggle out of them. When I realized I was stuck, I wailed out, “ADRRIIIEENNNNEEE! I’M STUUUUCKK!” My sister was laughing pretty hard, but managed to go around the other side and stick her ticket into the gate to let me go. To this day, we still laugh about it and I’ll yell out her name the same way. I also don’t particularly care for BART gates.

  • tongueincheek

    Sorry, dmleong at uci dot edu

  • Kiarah C. W.

    ooooooh I miss the ice cream truck! When I was little my mom never gave me change when the ice cream truck came. He would ring and ring and ring that bell and I wanted nothing more than to chase the truck and get some goodies! Well, one summer my favorite aunt let me come stay with her in New Jersey on the army base. They had this wonderful playground in the back. When I got there my cousin yelled when the ice cream truck came ringing and so did I. She told us to ask her husband and he gave us both some change. We ran to that truck and I got the ice cream I IDOLIZED – Mario Brothers ice cream with the red gum ball nose. I loved Mario. When we got back in the house, I stood by the door and licked it for the first time. It was so sweet. Don’t you know the whole head fell off the stick and onto the floor! I was crushed! All that hoping. Well, everyone laughed and I wanted to cry but it was okay becayse just about every week after that he bought us ice cream and I ate the mario brothers (carefully) until I was sick of it. Best summer ever!

  • Kiarah C. W. sorry forgot

  • Bella

    Hermana… Garfield is still my inspiration for housework: it won’t kill you, but why take the chance??????

  • L. Michelle

    My favorite childhood memory is waking up on Saturday morning early when everyone was still asleep, going into the kitchen, and getting my bowl of cereal and then retreating to the living room to watch the SMURFs in peace and solitude!!! The Smurfs were the absolute greatest and that Smurfette, I tell ya, she had those men wrapped around her little finger!! Just they way it should be!! LOL

  • Shayla P.

    My favorite chilhood television show was Punky Brewster… I used to rush home from school everyday to watch it…. I also loved Rainbow Brite and Jem… LOL

  • Valerie

    My fav childhood show was Sailor Moon, haha. I was obsessed. I still have the vhs and some of the comics (which are now out of print and hard to get) :-)
    KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  • hi

    It was def. Clifford the big red dog! My room was stocked with clifford books, posters, and clifford merchandise!! That dog was soo cute :)

  • Charmaine

    My best child hood memories have got to include Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock, and Sesame Street!!! I have a Big Bird Record Player (yes, I still have it and my records :O) with Rainbow Brite, The story about Big Bird, and even a record with all the little dances like doing the bunny hop, hokey pokey, etc…

    I used to STAN for Fraggle Rock!! I just loved them to death and my this day…wonders what I saw in them. LOL…ahhh, the memories.

    My Big Bird Player still works and I’m saving it for my daughter and hopefully we’ll keep it in the family. I might just put up a pic!

  • Kimberly Derting

    I’ll try this again…without the typos this time!!!

    I used to play “honeymooning” with my Barbie and Ken (you can guess some of the naughty things they would do)…until my mom caught me and took Ken away. But, duh, a flat-chested Skipper doll with a butch haircut passes as a pretty convincing boy doll! 😉

  • monique

    One of my favorite memories is watching the Smurfs and JEM – my sister and I would practice ignoring my brother while we watched both

  • Anonymous

    my favourite toy was my chocolate baby doll i carried the darn thing everywhere and eventually lost it when i was travelling to africa i cried so favourite shows were smurfs,flintstone,power rangers barney and friends and now i actually sit with my 4year old and watch cartoons..i’ll never be too old to enjoy

  • Camille

    My favorite memory growing up is mostly just being carefree and biking around everywhere. My favorite toy would’ve been my bike, it was just another part of me. lol. Favorite show would’ve been Bananas in Pajamas!

  • sphinx63

    My favorite childhood toy were my Breyer model horses. I played with them instead of dolls, much to my mother’s dismay, LOL! And Garfield was my favorite cartoon. I still have almost the whole collection of Garfield cartoon books. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    My mom told me this story:
    I was about 3-4 years old, and my mom had left me with my dad to go shopping with her girlfriends.

    My dad dozed off on the couch, and I made my way to my parents’ room. She had a bottle of bright red nail polish on her vanity, and I got a hold of it.

    Having seen my mother do her make up countless times, I knew all the right spots to apply a little bit of color.

    My mom came home much earlier than expected, and not only found nail polish all over the furniture, but red nail polish all over my face.

  • The Giveaway Diva

    my favorite tv show would be sailor moon! i always used to play it with all my friends on the playground at recess! good times!!


  • Neena

    My favorite show growing up is a show that very few people have even heard of. It was called Today’s Special and it was all about a mannequin that came to life as the store closed for the night. It was such a great imaginative show that I remember constantly trying to get lost in stores while shopping with my parents just so that I could see if store mannequins really did come to life. Ahhh the innocence of childhood.

  • The Pretty Brown Girl

    My fave childhood memories involve the ingenuity of my imagination.

    I spent many summers @ my grandparents house in the sticks of Cheraw, SC. My sister, little brother and I would stay there for 6 weeks every year when we were coming up. We left most of our toys @ home in DC, so we had to get creative with our play (which is absolutely essential for growing up “thinking children”).

    Along w/our country living cousin, we built tents out of garbage bags in the woods by cutting them open and taping them to the trees w/duct tape. We’d take Big Mama’s fabric remnants and tie them around our necks and pretend to be the Super Friends from the cartoon show we watched EVERYDAY @ 4pm. We’d split into teams of two, hunker down in the ditches on either side of the road that ran in front of the house and play “War”, making missiles and such out of balls of mud and grass smashed together. Our game “Wild Kingdom” involved catching frogs and butterflies, and if they died in our custody, of course, we got the Bible and played “Funeral”. I was a weepy child, so I was always cast as “Inconsolable Mourner” like Wanda on “Good Times”.

    If it was rainy out, we stayed in and drew our own comic books, made clothes for the Barbies and had concerts w/them or used them to act out what we’d seen on Big Mama’s “stories”.

    With all this technology, I think MY children are missing out on using their imaginations to the fullest. I had such a wonderful and memorable childhood.

  • Miss Meadows

    My favorite childhood memory is me and all my friends used to cut up our barbies hair and clothes and make them stars on talk shows. We had troubled teens on Jenny Jones, and cheating boyfriends on Rikki Lake and fighting trailer trash on Jerry! We had so much fun until our parent caught us and made us stop the madness! lol

    Also hopscotch and jumping off the swing to see who could go the highest, sliding backwards, and just drawing everything in sidewalk chalk. I grew up on the Jersey shore so we used to write bad words in the sand and let the water wash them away! We were bad but it was the best!

  • Rai

    I have so many memories.
    But one that sticks out in my head is when I was around like 7 I saw
    this rainbow outside … and I decided to run towards the other end.

    lol. You know for the “Pot at the end of the rainbow” whole thing.
    Yet by the time I made it there
    the rainbow had disappeared.

  • Kat C.

    Here’s mine:

    When i was little, we lived near a river. And me and my playmates would always go wild running up and down makeshift bridges, and i would always fall.

    One time I came home with a gashing wound, to which my grandfather got a tobacco leaf, burned it and put it in the wound! hahahahaa

    It sure didn’t sound funny that time, but that stopped me from any more misadventures alright =)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  • ♥ Kendall ♥

    (I deleted the original b/c I forgot to put my email addy in the comment.)
    Hello Kitty! I still can't give her up!! Barbies, my bff & I used to put them on the ceiling fan than turn it on and they would shoot across the room. "Circus Barbies" we called it :)

  • LovelyBella73

    My favorite television show as a child was Fraggle Rock!! Oh man.. that was the best show. I would sing along with all the songs, that show had me glued to the television no matter what I was doing. I thought the fraggle’s looked like people I knew. Aww girl, you just don’t know I loooved that show.

    Let me stop reminiscing! You know my email me…

  • Grace

    My favorite childhood memory is playing on the play structure that was in my backyard. I remember bbq’s and eating loads of potato salad and burgers (which we still have today) and then all the kids would head down a little bit to where the play structure was. One year at 4th of july some of us climbed up on the structure and I managed to fall off of it and I broke my wrist and hurt my ankle. Not exactly the fondest memory but it’s funny when I look back at it because we were so excited that I fell off! 😛

    frostedcouture @ gmail dot com

  • Tigress or Tame?

    My fave show when I was a git was Alf. All my friends were all into barbies and stuff but I was all about Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, and Alf. So while normal girls were playing Barbie, I was making my mom drive halfway across Texas to collect all the Alf dolls from Burger Kings everywhere. Cause being girly is fun, but space aliens are the shizzzzz 😉

  • Erica D.

    My favorite childhood memory was when I use to stay with my grandma. She would cook chicken,cornbread,collard greens and barbecue(I’m from Texas…loves the BBQ!) We would sit and watch Ricki Lake, Maury, and of course Jerry Springer. It was one of my favorite memories of her.


  • elaine

    My favorite Tv show when I was a kid was The Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Show-watched it every Saturday afternoon!

    Elaine R

  • MaryJoyce

    i remember i love playing with Barbie dolls and paper dolls. I am very girly even back then.

  • Nina

    I am so sorry I forgot to leave my email!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    *this is the same Nina who commented after Tamara (3rd comment)

  • izumi

    my absolutely favorite cartoon ever to be produced on the planet is angry beevers!! i adore the love-hate relationship. i would camp in front of my TV and watch all the cartoons before and after.. JUST to make sure i caught the ENTIRE episode. why after? i don’t know :\ i was a weird kid, hahaha.

    oh and i love garfield too 😀 i have a couple of his comic books.. and i would read and reread them.. and would ALWAYS crave lasagna. and whenever i see lasagna or even the word lasagna, i become a little happy.


  • Deanna

    My favorite childhood memory is driving around in Hollywood with my dad and brother and seeing the celebrities’ houses! :)

  • Deanna

    Oh sorry email’s in my profile!

  • Halifax

    I jumped when I saw what you have in the HOney pot this time. Garfield is my favorite animal ever. I just love him. For my childhood memory, it’d probably be the bedtime stories my parents read to me when I was young. 1001 Arabian Nights, that was.

    juan_hurrican (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • chris

    My favorite memory of childhood was getting up early on Saturday mornings and watching Scooby Doo. There were 5 of us so whoever got up first got dibs on the TV. I got up before dawn a few times and would take my blanket and pillow and camp out on the floor in front of the tv until everyone else got up.

    I havent thought about that in years…thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • Anonymous

    I love looking great with low maintenance! This sounds perfect!! Simple enough for all day, anywhere wear. And enough pop to go out! Running out to get some :o) Btw, LOVE Garfield!!

  • Stasha

    I use to have this Alvin doll from Alvin and the Chipmunks that when you pulled the string he would sing “Alvin, Simon, Theodore do do do”…(Y’all know the song) I loved that doll.

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!! He was my fave. My sister and I used to dash in the house after school and pop in a tape and start the singing and dancing. ***Standing outside with my mouth open wide, ah, ah, ah , ah , ah , ah, ah , ah ,ah,ah. If all the rain drops were ….and gum drops oh what a rain that would beeeeeeeeeee*** I forgot some of the words but BARNEY will always be my fave. I still have the tapes tucked away under my bed. HEHE

  • Mrs.Young_fashion

    I forgot to leave my email…

  • Kimberly

    I loved watching the smurfs on
    Saturday mornings, & eating breakfast in front of the tv.

  • Heather

    My husband and I (seperately!) used to watch a morning show out of Chicago called Bozo the clown. I wanted so desperately to be on that show and try to win a bike!

  • Tisa

    My favorite childhood show was Bewitched! How I wished I could could be a witch and wiggle my nose to get what I wanted! ~ :)

  • Jocelyn

    I loved Jem!!!

  • Marina

    I remember really liking the carousel at the mall. That was really fun and its not there anymore.

  • Annie

    This is going to show my age!!

    One of my favourite memories from childhood was when we got rid of our black and white tv and went a bought a new snazzy COLOUR tv!! Woo Hoo

    I cannot tell you the thrill I got when we turned it on and I saw the Tazmanian Devil and he was brown, not gray as I believed him to be!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • zoe

    One of my favorite childhood memories is of playing with my cousin and our cats. We made bridal gowns for the cats out of old sheets and pretended that they were getting married. We also pretended to be teachers and the cats were our students. We could never get the cats to stay awake during class though! lol

  • zoe

    Sorry, forgot my address: glamourfan at hotmail dot com

  • privledgednotspoiled

    My favorite childhood memory is ding my dolls hair. I would get Barbie dolls, do thier hair,a nd then pop off their heads…good fun…

  • Michelle

    One of my favorite childhood memories was when I was playing with a hand-me-down dollhouse with a family of dolls. My favorite one particularly was the Mom doll because I idolized my mom. One day, I saw my mom put on foundation, so I decided to put some on my Mom doll after my mom left for work. I was disappointed because it didn’t look nice, so I washed it off, but the doll’s face washed out to be really blotchy and discolored. I started crying and I told my mom when she got home, she was angry at me for using her makeup, but soon she laughed it off and bought me a cute new doll. :]

  • Rachel

    Two words: Cookie Monster!

  • Eloquent Jen

    OMG! One of my favorite childhood memories was an embarrassing one but also fun one! Lol. I was in the 5th grade and I was part of a tap dance group. We would have to wear leotards and tights and being a chubby chunk didnt help. lol. Well, we had a Christmas show in the cafeteria and we were tap dancing to “Jingle Bells.” Please tell me why when I did my shuffle I slipped and fell on stage in front of the entire school and parents. I was soooo embarrassed that I got up and walked away. Then to make matters worse, the next day on the morning announcements they played the clip of me busting my butt and zoomed in on my face. If that isn’t bad then I dont know what is. But in all bad there comes good, because everybody recognized me as the girl on tv and they all wanted to be my friend. I guess I became an instant celebrity! After that I was one of the popular kids. Cool, I know :) (

  • MinSun

    i loved watching dexter on cartoon network.

  • Lucy

    I have so many good memories. I grew up in Philadelphia. During the summer a school bus with the ride “the whip” inside would come down the street. You would pay your money and then get on the ride and whip around. It was so much fun. I’ve never heard of this ride anywhere else. I would be hysterical if I missed that whip bus. I also loved watching the Sally Starr show in the morning before school. She always had on cartoons and the Three Stooges. She wore a beautiful cowgirl outfit and she was so pretty with her long blond ponytail.

  • Katie Mack

    My favorite memory is a toss up btw 2 actually. I was about 4 yrs old in daycare and I’d always take everyones pencils home with me and my mom would be like why do u have all of these pencils and I would just look at her. She always made me give them back the next day at school. And the 2nd was (same age) one day my parents had went food shopping and my mom had got me one of those huge bags of cheese doodles and I was in the back seat munching holding on to my bag for dear life and my dad asked if he could have one and I started to cry bc I didn’t want to share and my mom just told him to leave me be. The selfishness has stuck with me bc I do NOT share my food! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Ok so my favorite toy memory is my cabbage patch dolls. My baby sister used to watch a lot of cartoons and one thing we noticed was that when characters got punched in the eye it turned into a black circle so we thought it would be fun to to the same to our brand new cabbage patch dolls. We took a black PERMANENT marker, yes permanent and drew a big circle around one eye, made them fight and punch each other in the eye and was pretty happy about it until we realized it couldn’t wash off. Oh we cried so hard then threw the dolls at the top of the closet in th back and never touched them again. We also NEVER told my mom or she would have given US a black eye. LOL


  • rmcandlelight

    One of my childhood memories was watching cartoons Fat Albert early Saturday mornings:)

  • Miss Yaya

    I remember when I was in my sewing mode (oh I was a fancy four year old thank you very much) and I decided to dress my Barbie and Arbies (you know the ones from the dollar store – their poor legs are squeezable because they’re hollow?). So the only dilemma was that I didn’t have fabric, and little miss yaya (really – I was 4) couldn’t go to Mood in NY, so she went to the living room and cut up some fabric for free (talk about freebies). Made a whole curtain for the dolls to change behind and get dressed. Even my momma liked it and said it was mighty pretty. Then she went into the living room and saw the missing holes in the curtains. Now THAT sight? No no it was NOT pretty. I caught a beating so hard I thought it’d last forever… (it didn’t so don’t go running to call ACS!)

  • Da_Kween

    One of my weirdest childhood memories was being at a birthday party where I didn’t know ANY one…and this one lil girl had a really huge “outie”. All the kids were looking and pointing and dared me to press it. When I did, she pooped on herself. LMAO I was like 8…

  • Da_Kween
  • nickwah22

    So, one of the memories I can actually remember…
    Back in the day we were really broke. REALLY. The whole family lived together in a 4 bedroom house and all of the kids used to entertain themselves by playing stupid games. My favorite was “Bucket.” We’d sit on the porch and watch cars go by and whose ever turn it was would call out bucket if the car that drove by was hideous and we didn’t want to drive it when we would actually be able to drive.

    Such a silly game but I really enjoyed it at the time? HAHA. BUCKET!! I guess you just had to be there :)

  • mbeek

    My favorite show when I was in the first grade was “Here Come the Brides”. Of course, I had the biggest crush on Bobby Sherman. My best friend Tina and I also had a toy called a “Footsie” It was a ball attached to a ring that you put around your foot and you jumped over it. We got into a huge fight about Bobby Sherman being in my Footsie…no MY Footsie and didn’t speak for a week. Silly now, but not to two 6 year old girls who wanted Bobby Sherman for themselves!

  • Jenn

    Hmmm…wouldn’t necessarily call this my *favorite* childhood memory but it is something that is weirdly imprinted in my brain. When I was little I used to spend summers in Spokane. I distinctly remember walking to the grocery store and buying Snowballs (the Hostess snack!).

    It seems like such a non-event but for some reason I have nostalgic feelings every time I see snowballs at the store. I even bought some once, trying to recapture that moment perhaps?…sadly they weren’t quite as good as I remembered 😀

    As for favorite toys..there was huge range. I liked to draw, play with Barbies (I had this little pink carrying case thing that I jammed all my dolls into), and TNMT! Legos were cool too.

    Anyhoo this looks like a great giveaway! Does Garfield come with it ;P

    jelichi at yahoo dot com

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  • yours truly

    Aww i just love that Garfield. He is so cute. 😀

    One of my memories that really stands out is my days of watching PBS as a child. In my country, back then, my parents weren’t paying for cable TV which meant you couldn’t get American channels/programming at all unless it was a show that aired on a local channel. Then one day word got out that you could catch PBS if you put on the VCR and switched it to channel 18. Once i found out that, nobody could tell me NOTHING, lol. I got to catch Lamb Chop, Arthur, the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye: The Science Guy anytime i wanted to. But an afternoon I came home to watch PBS as usual and only got a blue screen. I was so sad the day that trick stopped working, LOL. But it was great while it lasted.

  • Tashina

    My favorite memory, toy, or television show……what to choose…what to choose…

    I think I shall go with memory.

    I used to live at AAFB in MD (:-P), and every once in a while there was the threat of tornadoes looming from the Atlantic Ocean. Anyhow, in our house there was no basement, so every time the emergency alarm sounded my mother would cut off most of the lights and whatnot. Then she would gather some candles and bring my siblings and myself to the top of the first flight of stairs to sit and play UNO by the candlelight… the middle of tropical weather……while sitting right by a window.

    I know that might sound a little bit nuts, but we actually had a lot of fun, and God protected us from out foolishness. Looking back it makes me laugh that every single time there was a threat of tropical weather all we did was play UNO on the stairs.

    I’m not entering the contest. I just felt like telling that story. Now if you want to bust out some China Glaze or some Oyin Handmade I have a million more stories to tell 😛

    LOL @ “G-Field” Now I can’t get the theme song out of my head. Isn’t it funny how some things you can remember for sooo long

    *Come on in come to the place where fun never ends……* 😛

  • xluckybx

    Honestly, besides our first names and love of makeup garfield was my favorite too! When I was in elementary I read every comic book, watched every movie special, and on Valentine’s day I demanded the chocolate box with the plush garfield! I even have a suction cup garfield that sticks on vanity mirror!

  • tammy

    my favorite child memory is when i was little i always wanted to be like my mom. so one day when she was taking a nap, i went through her MAKE UP BAG!so i put on all this make upp on my face, looking like a mess. my mom used those barrel coms, to curl her hair, and i wanted that. so when i tried it, my hair got STUCK. long story short. i had cut off a big chunk of hair, cause i couldnt get the comb off.

  • tsslug

    Cabbage Patch dolls were my thing
    God bless

  • Jaimie

    My favorite childhood memory was the game that my mom and I used to play; it was called best friends. I would use the cupboard doors as my mom’s (aka my best friend’s) front door. The game was just calling each other best friends and knocking on each others “doors”. We would play this game for hours.

  • Elle

    my favorite memory from childhood is going to the park with my mom.

  • Kim

    One of the childhood memories that i love to reminisce was rushing home from school just to watch ‘Days of our lives’. yaa, crazy much. haha. until we realised the extent of the drama of the show, then we switched to watching power rangers. =D

  • Godiva Goddess

    My most found child memory is when I was five years old I had a vivid imagination and use to play on this big leather couch in the patio.My step father gave me keys and I would sit on top of the couch and pretend it was a car.I took to the next level and stuck the keys in the socket.My mom had just pressed my hair and when I stuck those keys in my imaginary ingintion real electricity came out and gave me the shock of my life and my hair.

  • Tonisha

    I don’t know how many people remember this toy, but my favorite toy as a child growing up was called the “Skip It”. When I finally mastered it me and the neighborhood kids would have little skip offs every Saturday after chores were done and cartoons were watched to see who could keep it going the longest. So much fun!! I miss those days…

  • Makeup by ReRe

    One of my favorite weird memories is when I was probably 3 years old and I was trying to help my mom put away groceries. A few days later we smelled this hideous smell in the whole house that smelled ROTTEN and we couldn’t figure out where it came from. After a few days of our whole family searching the house, we found a pack of raw meat that I had put under the cabinet with the pots and pans when I had been trying to help with groceries!

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  • The Asian Girl

    When I was about 4 years old, I had an irrational fear of the backs of puzzle pieces. You know, the empty cardboard space on the back? …Yeah. My sister (younger by 20 months) realized this weakness and decided to exploit it by scattering puzzle pieces (back-side up, of course) on the staircase to keep me away.

    askanasiangirl at gmail dot com

  • Ashley

    Ooh, you have awesome taste! er, I mean, Garfield does…ahem. I love Milani! I miss their old quads, can’t seem to find those anymore. Anyway, here is my story:

    When I was about 3 or 4 years old I had a serious fear of Animal from the Muppets. I loved watching the Muppets, Miss Piggy was stylish and sassy, I knew that before I was even potty trained. Everytime Animal came on tv though, I ran like a bat out of hell and hid underneath the kitchen table and refused to come out, even for milk and cookies. I also had a strange fear of David Lee Roth from that one music video where he asks for a donut “to goooooo”, and refused to let anyone watch MTV (but thats another story!). So anyway, here I am 4 years old, at my aunt’s house playing with my two older cousins. They say “lets play a game” and 4 yr old me is like “sweet! lets play”. So we played hide and go seek, I found my own cousin, and couldnt seem to find the other, so the one cousin (who was in the on evil plans you are soon to find out about) coaxed me into looking behind the headboard in one of the bedrooms…I screamed in terror and ran out of the room! What was it you ask? A freaking Muppets Animal plush toy! I took one look at that crazy eyed orange fuzzy creature and dashed outta the room never to return. I’m an adult now, but you know, still to this day…I get a lil nervous when I see that drum pounding muppet.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway, I hope reliving my Muppet fear is story-enough for ya! 😉

    ashley at lipstickncandy dot com

  • Eema-le

    My favorite memory is of reading in our backyard. We had tons of fruit trees, and I just loved hanging out on the patio and reading in the sun.

  • Penze

    ONE of my favourite childhood memories included me getting my bike. I would ride that bike every minute I was at home. I got very adventurous and decided to ride my bike down our hill. 5 minutes later I was at the bottom of the hill below my dad’s jeep and the bike was somewhere at the middle of the hill. I quietly went to bed after that. My bike stayed in the garage for years.

  • Rosanna

    sugar dot lemon93 at gmail dot com
    I loved watching the show “the big comfy couch”, that was the best show ever! I was always thinking that the girl who did the splits to show the clock hour and minute hands had the easiest job. Until I tried it out….

  • Jane

    yee (underscore) family (underscore) information (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I loved playing pirates in our house or lava or whatever it’s called now. It’s the game where you can’t touch the carpet at certain places. It was so much fun since our carpet was actually reddish!

  • Joanne

    My favorite memory was sitting on the staircase. It was right in between floors of our basement and middle floor so I’d just sit there and since there were no railings because it was only four steps, I would sit and do my homework there. We had a t.v. right in front of it and I’d watch it from there. I’d eat there too! forevertwentyfour (@) inbox (dot) com

  • reana

    My favorite memory or there first one I can think of right now was when it was 4th of July. We had lotus fireworks (I think they’re called that) or they’re blooming flowers or something. Well they look like a fire cracker, they spin around and make pretty colors. Well, we once lit one since I loved them, until it started spinning towards me and it happened to have chased me. I half way around the house screaming! ry2011 (@) mail (.) com

  • Jana

    My favorite memory, my kids do it now, is watching Saved By the Bell. It’s still on and my kids watch it every Saturday morning for an hour. It was a great show!

  • Stasha

    I posted on the 19th, but I didn’t leave my email here it is: BTW I would love to have this make up I am a newbie and I LOOVVVVVVVVVEEE Garfield use to watch him back in the day and Heathcliff…remember that cartoon.