The Makeup Show LA….will you be there?

Yours truly is going back to Cali for the Makeup Show LA-style!

I haven’t been back to California since I moved away from there this time last year and I am beyond excited. What is this Makeup Show I talk about?

Click on the images below to enlarge the press release:

I will be tweeting my way around the Show, attending classes and watching the professionals at work. I plan to soak up a ton of information and I will without a doubt be relaying it back to the Clumps family.

Anyone else think they are going to be in attendance?

Better hustle and purchase your tickets STAT!

Think you will be there? Let me know so we can meet-up and you can see just how much of a mess I am in person. *big grin*

For more information visit The Makeup Show LA website.
For meet-up arrangements email me at

See you on the West Coast!

  • T

    Oh, what a sweet adventure. This is awesome. There will probably be vendors there too, so you can stock up on neat stuff.

    *cries a little* Takes lots of pictures!

  • Product Junkie Diva

    I won’t be there but have fun for both of us!!! :-)
    I can’t wait to see your pics from the event.

  • Milan

    I live in LA and I really want to go but i’m not a makeup student or am I a professional. Can anyone buy tix? If so, i’m in!

  • Felicia

    Hey there! I’m going. I’m actually speaking on a panel. I hope we get to meet :)


  • Bella

    Do Twit, and Twit often… for us poor souls who are in the far NorthWest next to the Orca whales and don’t even get sun *cries*

  • slvrlips

    ok I have never been to Cali and I think I might want to attend kill two bird with one stone. Yay!! I better start looking for hotels and flights now.

  • Fabuless Beauty

    I’m going! =)