Amor de Lacquer: China Glaze’s Summer Days

| March 31, 2009 | 9 Comments

It’s Amor de Lacquer week!!!! All posts will be related to nail polish and nail care!


Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas at

Okay honestly….I give up with trying to find the BEST Summer 2009 nail polish collection. That’s right, you heard me. No more comparing the collections. They are all simply amazing.

I have been a China Glaze fan before I even got serious about nail polish/care. Their colors always made my eyes boogle and the Summer Days collection is no exception. Even the promo is fierce!!

I was tempted to lick my fingers too when I first tried on my polishes. Out of the six, I purchased three.

Strawberry Fields

I have plenty of pink polishes but this one is probably one of my favorites. The gold glitter has an amazing pop that simply radiates in any light. I wore this color three days straight when I first got it. That says a lot!

Grape Juice

First of all, I absolutely LOVE grape juice, the actual drink. Don’t tell my Mom, fam….but when I was younger I actually looked forward to communion just so I can get a sip of that delicious grape juice. Of course now I know the real meaning but I can’t help but get excited every time I even think of grape juice. I, of course, purchased this polish because it is purple. Instead of having gold glitter, Grape Juice has silver. I don’t like it as much as I thought I would but it is a beautiful little addition to my Family of Purple Polishes.

Orange Marmalade

WOW! If this doesn’t scream, “Paint your toes with me, pleeeease!” I don’t know what polish does. This is a beautiful pedicure color. It screams for attention and looks crazy bling-y when the sun hits it. It has gold glitter and is my favorite out of the bunch.

All polishes applied perfectly and I only used 2 coats for each. I didn’t come across any problems. Grape Juice was a little streaky the first time around but achieved bottle color by the second coat. These polishes have a beautiful jelly-like consistency that don’t even need a top coat.

I got them from for only $2.99. I know for a fact that they are hard to find at Sally’s Beauty Supply’s so just do yourself a favor and get them online. They are cheaper and Head2ToeBeauty ships quickly!

So what do you think? Are these not the best summer colors ever?

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  1. Fall04Ace says:

    That orange marmalade is calling my name! And my toes! It is crazy cute on brown skin! Thanks for the update :)

  2. Lachelle says:

    I want to try those new China Glaze polishes soooo bad! I want Strawberry Fields and Grape Juice. They are really cute. I havent ordered from Head 2 Toe Beauty yet, how long did they take to come. Was the shipping expensive?

  3. B says:

    Fall04Ace–> Simply put….you need it, darlin'. Like…you should have had it yesterday. LOL!!

    Lachelle—> I proooomise you that you won't have any issues ordering from Head2Toe beauty. I get my polishes in at least 2 days. 3 at max. Shipping is a good $5-$7….which I think is okay since the polishes are already heavily discounted. I know most are weary about ordering online but take a risk with them. You won't be disappointed. I promise!

  4. Product Junkie Diva says:

    The colors look really pretty on you!
    And I see you with your hand on your tiny wasit…you better go girl!!!

  5. Miss Yaya says:

    hellooooo grape juice… as soon as mama finds you… she got you! excuse me as i begin the hunt…

  6. Fashion's Darling says:

    I’m not much of a nail polish buff. I get so annoyed ‘cuz my nails chip within a day. But I did see China Glaze in CVS for $1.99 so I
    ll buy it. Paying $8 for nail polish is not my thang lol

  7. Milan Angel says:

    I’ve developed quite a nailpolish obsession in the past few months. I need that purple…I have lots of purple…but I need that one. LMAO! I’ve been rocking shades from Barielle lately. Have you tried them? They have a pretty purple called Grape Escape.

  8. Mo says:

    that orange marmalade POPS. i am such a fan. and of course i absolutely co sign with purple

  9. B says:

    PJD–> Okayyyy, you see me? LOL!

    Miss Yaya—> Uh oh, she's on the hunt. I know you'll find it in 3.2 days.

    FD—> I used to be the SAME way about polish but now I gringe when I see my nails bare.

    Milan—> I LOVE Shades by Barielle. I'll be featuring some of their polishes in the coming posts.

    Mo—> Beautiful, aren't they? :)

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